Chapter 41: Excitement

Early in the next morning, Gu Xia was sent to the university by his father. After all, it was the last day off for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and he had to continue his classes from today.

Gu Xia got out of the car and said goodbye to his father, and then printed out the plan at the print shop at the university gate.

Gu Xia wanted to go to the dormitory and ask them to have breakfast together, but after thinking about it, he let it go. Maybe they hadn’t woken up yet, and there were still two hours until the classes began.

Gu Xia found a breakfast shop at the university gate, ordered two fried dough sticks, a bowl of soy milk, and a basket of Xiaolongbao. (G: Xiaolongbao = soup dumplings.)

He had heard that this breakfast shop has been open here for more than ten years. It was Gu Xia’s first time eating here as he used to eat in the cafeteria. The business in the shop was very hot at this part of the day.

Gu Xia took a bite of the fried dough sticks, um~ soft and crunchy, very good, much better than the fried dough sticks in many other shops. Unlike many fried dough sticks in other shops, this one wasn’t too soft or too hard, it had an authentic taste.

After Gu Xia finished eating breakfast, he touched his stomach contentedly, ‘Umm~ so full!’

It was still early, so Gu Xia rested for ten minutes, and then ran around the sportsground. The body was the vessel of the mind, so he had to exercise regularly. Not to mention, Gu Xia insisted on running every day, and his physical fitness had improved a lot. He had grown a bit more muscle, although he still looked very thin, but his physique was much better than before.

Gu Xia was going to wait until he earns some money, and also go to the gym to train properly. He was reluctant to spend his parent’s money like in his past life, and now he even had the experience when it came to earning money.

After becoming rich, Gu Xia wanted to experience things that he was reluctant to give up or had no money to experience in his previous life. Otherwise, what was the point of having money?

After running, Gu Xia returned to the dormitory. His roommates all got up by the time Gu Xia came out after a cold shower.

“Third bro, you’re so lucky, you can go home for the holidays, and the three of us can only eat out with Yiyi, sigh~.” Liu Shu said with envy.

“Yeah, I wanted to go back, but even if I went back by plane, it would be too rushed, so I simply didn’t go back, and my mother scolded me a lot.” Li Wen also said.

“Don’t fret about that, who told us to come this far away? There’s no way out now.” Wang Qun pouted.

“You guys! Didn’t you go back for National Day some time ago? You said you felt like not going home for several years.” Gu Xia said helplessly.

“That’s different. This is the Mid-Autumn Festival! It’s hard not to be able to go home and reunite on a family reunion day.” Wang Qun retorted.


Gu Xia squinted his eyes at him and sneered, “What about people who work in other provinces, they only come back once a year for the New Year, don’t they want to come back often? They want to earn more money, save some travel expenses. And, many people work for the sake of bringing more money when they go home during the New Year, and they usually live frugally. It’s not that they don’t want to go home, but they are reluctant to spend on travel expenses. They have it much worse than us who study, we get so many vacations a year, so be content!”

“That’s true. My cousin works in the capital and only goes home once during the New Year, and he said that he doesn’t earn much money a year. The rent there is expensive, food is expensive, and everything is expensive.” Liu Shu nodded and sighed.

“So we have to study hard, so that there will be a good way to live in the future.” Li Wen said.

“Okay, it’s almost time, let’s go get something to eat and go to class.”

“Let’s go.”


Gu Xia didn’t go with them. After all, he had already had his breakfast and came to the classroom much earlier than others. After arriving in the classroom, he noticed that there was already a person sitting in it. Gu Xia really couldn’t remember their name. After all, their seats are far away. And they usually didn’t speak.

Soon, the students came to the classroom one after another.

“You came so early?”

Xu Mengying put down her bag and asked.

“Well, I had nothing to do, so I care a little early.”


Soon the teacher came in, and the class officially began. Gu Xia listened carefully and took notes.

Gu Xia was very serious about learning every class,

Knowledge was the foundation. He never went to university in his previous life, but now he had the opportunity to do so. Gu Xia didn’t want to waste the four years of his university life. 

The time always passed quickly when one enjoyed somethin, and soon the morning class was over.

Gu Xia packed up the textbooks, and then hurriedly picked up the plan and walked to Grandpa Xu’s residence.

Along the way, Gu Xia’s mood was surging with excitement.

He kept organizing words in his mind so that he could make this plan more attractive to the latter. Although these two projects were very attractive in themselves, it still depended on what Gu Xia said. If he pitched it well, plus the project itself, then it would be foolproof.

When he arrived at the teacher’s dormitory area, Gu Xia looked at Grandpa Xu’s residence, took a deep breath, and walked towards the house that would change his destiny.

‘Yes, this will change my fate.’

Without the injection of a large amount of capital, Gu Xia would never be able to make his plans a reality. This required connections and energy, and if he wanted it to be effective in a short time, he needed a lot of money. Gu Xia had no funds, no connections to speak of, and he also had to spend a lot of time every day for class.

So all this has to be done in cooperation with others.

“Knock! Knock!”

“Come in!”

Gu Xia pushed open the door and went in, only to see Grandpa Xu and an elegant man in his thirties sitting on the sofa, chatting with each other. The man should be his grandson. In the kitchen, there was a girl in her twenties who was cooking the meal.

The elegant man was called Xu Fan. He had a shallow smile on his face, and his eyes were extraordinarily bright. When he saw Gu Xia coming in, his eyes began scrutinizing Gu Xia. Ordinary family background and ordinary person, but how could his grandpa accept such a person as his adoptive grandson?

When Xu Fan just came back yesterday, he heard his grandpa say that he had accepted a good grandson, and the first thing that came to his mind was that someone was deliberately approaching his grandpa. So, he immediately sent someone to check everything about the person. He had to do so, because although his grandpa was old, he had a lot of connections. His old comrades were not ordinary people, and Xu Fan just couldn’t figure out why this young man was accepted by his grandfather as his adoptive grandson.

“Gu Xia, come, this is my grandson Xu Fan.” Xu Tianxiang waved at Gu Xia.

“Hello, I’m Xu Fan, you must be the Gu Xia that Grandpa often keeps mentioning these two days! Well, you are quite the young man.” Xu Fan stretched out his hand and said with a smile.

“Brother Xu, hello.”

Gu Xia shook hands with Xu Fan, and then sat on the sofa as well.

“Gu Xia, show Xiao Fan the plan, and then you young people should have a good chat.”

After speaking, Xu Tianxiang went to the kitchen.

“Here, Brother Xu, here are the two plans I came up with, please take a look.” Gu Xia took out the plan from his backpack and handed it to Xu Fan.


Xu Fan first looked at the hired vehicle plan, and the more he read, the more startled he became. He originally promised his grandpa that no matter what Gu Xia showed him, as long as it wasn’t too absurd, he would agree to invest some money. As for how much? It would depend on his performance, it may be hundreds of thousands, or tens of thousands.

But he didn’t expect his plan to be so amazing, it was just like two pies that fell from the sky!

As long as they could operate it properly, those industries he had were just mud!

These two plans were enough to create two wealthy people who could play an important role in China’s economy!

‘And, I can also enter the top rich circles in the capital, and then…’

When Xu Fan thought about it, his whole body trembled with excitement.

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