Chapter 42: Reasons for drinking

‘Wait!’ Xu Fan calmed down a bit. ‘The launch of these two projects were related to mobile phone technology, but the 4G era has not yet come!’

He had talked about this with his friends some time ago, he learned that 4G technology would be implemented nationwide by the end of the year. And, the reason why the central government was implementing 4G ahead of schedule was that the project had achieved some explosive breakthroughs, otherwise 4G would at least be delayed for five or six years.

But how can a freshman write such a detailed plan, and it also involves 4G intelligence? How did he find out? Although everyone was saying that 4G was coming, no one knew exactly when it would come.

Even Xu Fan learned about it because of his grandfather’s relationship with some officials in the capital. Was this just a coincidence?

‘Forget it, what am I thinking so hard about? How could he know such a thing with his family background?’

‘Maybe he’s one of those geniuses or something.’

Xu Fan continued to look through the plans, the more he looked, the more shocked he was, and the more fascinated he became.

There was not only the core content, but also many details listed one by one. For example, for takeaway, one must find a clean and hygienic partner, takeaway itself must be clean and tidy… and many other details.

Gu Xia looked at Xu Fan with an uneasy face. Noticing that his expression was sometimes puzzled, sometimes shocked, and sometimes full of smiles, the big stone in Gu Xia’s heart finally fell. This matter was not a problem anymore, the next step was to discuss the specific operation and share distribution.

“Really… Gu Xia, you are the one that is sending me money!”

Xu Fan exclaimed in amazement after reading it all thoroughly.

“When you came in, I was honestly a little disdainful. I thought that what you wrote would be only subpar. It’s not that I look down on you university students, but that you people don’t understand the market at all except for theoretical knowledge, and you also don’t have any experience. But looking at it now, it was fortunate that I came here, and I must apologize to you.”

Gu Xia immediately waved his hand when he heard his words of apology, “Brother Xu, I can understand your thoughts. If I was in your position, my thoughts would be the same.”

“The thing is, I originally planned to go back to the capital in the afternoon, but now it seems that I can’t go back. I want to discuss these two plans with you, and try to make a feasible plan as soon as possible.” Xu Fan smiled.

“But, I still have classes in the afternoon.” Gu Xia wondered.

“It’s all right, I’m going to stay here for a few days, and I’ll bring my company’s finance and project manager here too. After all, we need to calculate how much money to invest and a lot of specific implementation plans.” Xu Fan said excitedly.

“Okay, so I will come here after classes these few days.” Gu Xia nodded.

“Okay, let’s eat first! The two of you should talk later, the dishes will be cold.”

Xu Tianxiang was sitting on the table and said with a smile. The dishes were ready long ago, but he didn’t bother to call them after seeing that they were chatting vigorously.

“Hehe, let’s go, Brother Gu Xia, let’s have a good drink today.” Xu Fan stood up and smiled.

He was really happy today, and he was also glad that he had come back for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Otherwise, would he come across these two projects?


Gu Xia was also very happy that his plan to earn money had finally begun.

And Xu Tianxiang’s granddaughter also walked out of the kitchen. She was dressed in professional clothes and wore black stockings, which men liked most, on her slender feet. Gu Xia learned that her name was Xu Jiayin, and she was studying at BeijingUniversity.

“Haha~ Come on, let’s drink.”

Xu Tianxiang said with a smile, he was also happy today, his work with his adoptive grandson has been resolved, and his own grandson would stay here for a few more days, so naturally Xu Tianxiang was very excited.

“Come on, grandpa, this grandson respects you.”

“This grandson also respects you.”


Xu Tianxiang smiled and drank again and again.

“Grandpa, drink less, you have high blood pressure.” Xu Jiayin said helplessly.

“It’s alright, grandpa knows what to do,

“When we were at war, we would drink wine that felt like 72-degree hot knives, and this amount of wine is nothing.” Xu Tianxiang waved his hand domineeringly.

“Xiao Yin, grandpa is happy today, you don’t have to worry about him, I won’t make grandpa drink too much.” Xu Fan also laughed.


After Gu Xia finished eating, he hurried to the classroom, jogging all the way. The weather was very hot, Gu Xia had just drank white wine, so his mouth felt dry and his face was flushed.

When he arrived in the classroom, he attracted everyone’s attention. In addition to that, he drank alcohol, and the smell of liquor quickly spread throughout the classroom.

“Did you drink?” Xu Mengying asked in surprise.

After all, there were still very few people who drank in the university at this time.

“Hmm… I drank a little.”

“You drank a little!? The whole classroom smells of alcohol, just wait for the teacher to scold you!” Xu Mengying sneered.

“Then I’ll just get scolded! I didn’t expect to drink this much as well.” Gu Xia said helplessly.

“I really don’t understand why you men like to drink so much. My dad is the same. He socializes here and there all day, and comes back home drunk every day. I hate men who drink the most.” Xu Mengying said with a frown.

“Actually, sometimes drinking is a last resort, it’s probably the same for your dad. If your dad doesn’t go out to socialize, how would he do his business? Would you be able to use Chanel then?”

“You can’t just look at only one side of things, of course, those who drink and do nothing are exceptions. No one wants to go home drunk to face their wives and children. They also want to go home early to eat and sleep, but sometimes there’s just no other way.”

Gu Xia had a deep understanding of this matter. Wasn’t he an example? Maybe he didn’t earn as much money as Xu Mengying’s father, but the nature was the same.

“What you said makes sense, but I still think drinking is not good.” Xu Mengying nodded.

“Hehe~ Everyone has different opinions!”

“You talk like a salesperson or a company owner. Is there no other entertainment at all? To socialize, do you have to go to drink at a bar?”

“If you don’t know how to drink, you will be sidelined at the table. Because Chinese people advocate the culture of the drinking table, so whether you are talking about business or making friends, it is mostly at the drinking table.”

Gu Xia shared some of his personal insights with Xu Mengying. He noticed Xu Mengying’s disgusted expression when she said that her father returned drunk every day. He hoped that his words would make her attitude towards her father improve a little.


Xu Mengying responded, then frowned and thought about Gu Xia’s words.

Soon the teacher came in. But his expression changed as soon as he came in, and he asked sharply, “Who drank alcohol? Why does the whole classroom smell of alcohol?”

All the people looked in the direction of Gu Xia, many people wanted to watch the fun, and some people were just indifferent…. Human nature was like this.

“Teacher, it’s me.”

Gu Xia ignored other people’s gazes, he stood up and spoke out. A man must be brave when he does something, admit it when he is wrong, and even more so he must admit his mistakes.

“Gu Xia, why were you drinking? Didn’t you know that there would be a class in the afternoon?”

“I know, I admit my mistake, it was my fault.” Gu Xia sincerely apologized to the teacher.

“As this is your first offense, I’ll forget it this time, but if there is a next time, I’ll deduct your credits, understand?”

“Understood, thank you teacher.” Gu Xia said gratefully. He thought that the teacher would reprimand him at least for a while, but he didn’t expect the teacher to let him go so easily.

“Well then… the students sitting by the windows should open them all, and the class will begin now.” 

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