Chapter 45: Li Jingjing’s arrival

Gu Xia looked at the pair of sweet couples and he’d be lying if he said that he did not feel any envy, but it was only that much.

Lovers did not need to be together every day, as long as their hearts were together that was enough.

‘I wonder what Sisi is doing today? I’ll just wait and give her a call! Is there winter in the US right now?’

Christmas abroad was just as lively as the Chinese New Year.

“Ring! Ring!”

Gu Xia took out his mobile phone and looked at it. It was Li Jingjing’s number.

“Hello, Jingjing! Why are you suddenly calling me today?” Gu Xia laughed.

“Why, if you don’t call me, can’t I call you?” Li Jingjing said begrudgingly.

“Hehe, how can that be? I’m just busy with my studies.” Gu Xia rubbed his nose and smiled bitterly.

“Brother Xiao Xia, where are you? I’m at the gate of your university, come quickly.”

“Ah! Why are you here, why didn’t you tell me in advance!” Gu Xia said in surprise.

“I wanted to give you a surprise. Come quickly… I’ll be waiting for you at the gate.”

“Okay, I’ll go right there.”

Gu Xia gave a wry smile, wondering why Li Jingjing came to see him so suddenly.

Gu Xia ran all the way to the gate of the school, and saw Li Jingjing wearing a white down jacket and boots, standing at the gate, constantly rubbing her hands.

The weather was already very cold. The weather forecast said that it would snow in two days. Today’s temperature was as low as 2 degrees. The weather in Jiangbei was like this. It was too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

Gu Xia ran over and said, “Jingjing, it’s so cold, why are you here?”

Seeing Gu Xia coming closer, Li Jingjing said with a big smile, “Isn’t it Christmas Eve today? I came to give you an apple!”

Gu Xia looked at Li Jingjing, whose face and hands were frozen red, and felt very uncomfortable. The weather was so cold, and this girl came so far, just to give him an apple!

Gu Xia smiled, touched her head and said, “Thank you Jingjing, aren’t you cold? Let’s go, your brother Xiao Xia will take you to eat hot pot.”

“I’m not cold, but you are wearing so little, don’t catch a cold.” Li Jingjing said softly.

Gu Xia looked at himself, it seemed okay to him. He was wearing autumn clothes, long pants, a wool sweater, and a woolen coat outside, and that was wearing quite a lot!

“I’m not cold, let’s go and buy you a roasted sweet potato to warm up.”

Gu Xia ran to the roasted sweet potato stall on the side and said to the old man, “Uncle, give me a roasted sweet potato, here’s the money.”

“Okay, lad, come here, I’ll give you a big one, be careful to not burn your mouth.”

“Thank you uncle.”

At this time period, the roasted sweet potato was only fifty cents a piece, and it was also quite big, not five yuan a piece for a small one like it will be in the future.

“Come eat! The roasted sweet potato is delicious and it can also warm your hands.” Gu Xia handed the roasted sweet potato to Li Jingjing and smiled.

He remembered when he was with Sisi before, back when she was not pregnant, and they both went to work. Gu Xia would get off work early, and Tu Sisi worked in a newspaper office. He would buy a roasted sweet potato, put it in his arms and wait in front of Tu Sisi’s company. When she got off work, he would take it out for her to eat. The roasted sweet potato would still remain hot. At that time, even a roasted sweet potato could make Tu Sisi very satisfied.

“Thank you, brother Xiao Xia. Auh~ it’s so hot!”

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to eat hot pot.”

“Thank you, Brother Xiao Xia.” Li Jingjing said sweetly.


Gu Xia took Li Jingjing to the old Chuanshu hot pot restaurant where he went last time.

“Brother Xiao Xia, this place is very expensive!”

Li Jingjing saw the decoration inside, it looked quite high-end, much higher-end than the hot pot restaurants in their newly built district. She was a little worried that it would be too expensive.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry, it’s about the same price as our area.” Gu Xia laughed. “Come on, take a look and order what you want to eat.”

Gu Xia ordered a pork belly, mutton rolls, beef rolls and a small bottle of liquor for himself, and then handed the menu to Li Jingjing.

“Ah! You call this not expensive!? A mutton roll is 88 yuan! In our district it’s only 58 yuan.” Li Jingjing said with a frown.

“Hehe~ It’s okay, this is an urban area after all, you can order whatever you like. Your brother Xia will not get hurt with this amount of money.”

“Alright, fine then.”

After Li Jingjing finished ordering, Gu Xia took the menu and went to pay. When he saw what Li Jingjing ordered on the way, he couldn’t help letting out a laugh. The dishes that Li Jingjing ordered were all lettuce, enoki mushrooms, dumplings, potato chips and cheap things like that.

Gu Xia thought about it and added her favorite dish, fish head and shrimp slips in the order.

After paying the money, Gu Xia returned to his seat.

“Isn’t it cold in here?” Gu Xia asked, looking at Li Jingjing’s red face.

“It’s not cold, it’s warm in this hot pot restaurant.” Li Jingjing said softly.

“You came so far, aunt didn’t stop you?” Gu Xia asked with a smile.

“No, as soon as I told my mother that I was coming to visit you, she agreed.” Li Jingjing said with a smile.

“Alright. I’ll take you back after eating! You still have classes tomorrow.” Gu Xia nodded and said.

“Tomorrow is Saturday, there are no classes that day.” Li Jingjing said softly.

“Oh! that’s right, I’m all confused, mainly because the university sometimes has classes on Saturdays and Sundays.” Gu Xia touched his nose and smiled.

“Brother Xiao Xia, This is for this Christmas Eve.” Li Jingjing took out a beautifully packaged box from her backpack and handed it to Gu Xia.

Gu Xia didn’t need to look to know that there was an apple inside.

“You silly girl, why did you have to go buy this thing? It’s a waste of money, even if you want to buy it, I will buy it for you as your brother, so you don’t have to buy it for me.” Gu Xia said helplessly. (G: Very subtle Gu Xia. Good job!)

“What’s wrong with it? I haven’t seen you for a long time. I’m thinking of coming to see you because I don’t have class tomorrow.” Li Jingjing smiled sweetly.

“Hehe~ Come on, the food is here, eat it!” Gu Xia said with a smile.

“The food service here is so quick!”

“Well, that’s why I brought you here to eat. Unlike many restaurants, the service here is quite quick.” Gu Xia smiled.

“Hurry up and eat!”

“You eat too, brother Xiao Xia.”


After eating, Gu Xia and Li Jingjing walked out of the hot pot restaurant, and a cold wind blew, Gu Xia couldn’t help shivering.

“Let’s go, Jingjing, I’ll take you home.” Gu Xia rubbed his hands together.

“Brother Gu Xia, do you hate me? Why are you driving me away right after dinner?” Li Jingjing’s face looked like she was about to cry.

Gu Xia couldn’t help laughing bitterly, how could he drive her away! Seeing that her tears were about to fall, Gu Xia felt a huge headache, and hurriedly said, “Then I will send you back later, okay!”

“Okay! Then why don’t you accompany me to walk around your university?” Li Jingjing said with a smile that suddenly turned from cloudy to sunny.

Gu Xia looked at Li Jingjing who had a smile on her face, and couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Women, they could really turn their face faster than what it took to turn a book! The ancients never lie.

“Let’s go! Let’s go! I’m afraid you’ll catch a cold.”

Now that he had agreed, what more was there to be done? Gu Xia could only take her to the university.

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