Chapter 48: Tumultuous Events IV (part 2)

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Great. Everything went according to plan.”

“By now, that damn b1tch’s face must be as blue as her nickname, right?”

“Surely it will. Oh, who would have thought? That all the merchants gathered here at Benessa are working together to bring down the price.”

“No matter how skilled Bertina is, this time it won’t make any difference. She’ll have to pay the price for taking our connections lightly.”

The Merchant Alliance’s leaders expressed their joy openly, celebrating the success of their plan. 

Despite its immense power, the Uranus Merchant Company had become a target not just within the Empire but also for companies in other regions, due to its rapid growth and significant earnings from trade.

Of course, the fact that the Uranus Merchant Company would be earning a huge amount of money through the Eastern trade didn’t sit well with other giants in the commercial world.

The Merchant Alliance exploited the Uranus Merchant Company’s vulnerabilities and leveraged their vast connections across the continent to successfully manipulate the spice prices.

They persuaded commercial giants from various regions and smaller merchants under their influence to collaborate, resulting in a significant drop in spice prices from 100 Talets per box to a mere 20 Talets. (G: Talets are the currency of this world. I will be using it from now on.)

The collaboration was advantageous for buyers and allowed them to strike a painful blow to the Uranus Merchant Company, leaving them with no way out of the situation.

“The price of spices that cost 100 Talets per box has been tied to the 20 Talets line. Even if you benefit from this, it is certain that your stomach will be very bitter.”

“Even if you benefit from this, your victory will taste bitter. Plus, you’ll have to share profits with investors, so they might suffer losses too.”

“We should take this opportunity to put that arrogant woman in her place. This way, the Merchant Alliance can establish a strong foothold for resurgence.”

Despite Bertina’s skills, she couldn’t break the collusion of all the merchants. 

The Merchant Alliance’s leaders anticipated Uranus’ defeat, their cold smiles revealing their confidence.


“The Merchant Alliance… they really did this?”

“That’s right, Lady Bertina. Those schemers. It seems they’re quite determined this time.”

Tilda spoke with anger evident in her voice.

Bertina shared the anger but found it challenging to find a solution in the current situation. 

All the merchants in Benessa had formed a union, aiming not just to bring down the Uranus Merchant Company but also targeting numerous small and medium-sized companies of the Holy Empire who had invested in the venture.

“The Merchant Alliance…they’ve gone too far. I should have crushed them earlier.”

Grinding her teeth in frustration, Bertina scanned the surroundings, searching for the one person she could rely on in this dire situation. 

However, he was not by her side at that moment. 

Bertina waited impatiently for his return, closely monitoring the merchants’ movements and utilizing her personal connections as best as she could. 

For now, it was the only option available to her.


“Haahh… ”

Bahamut walked outside, feeling suffocated. 

Ophelia was with him, but his mind was preoccupied with finding a way out of the current situation.

‘How can I handle this? They are determined to lower the prices… but what strategy can I employ?’

Ophelia informed him that most colossi present were united in their stance, leaving Bahamut feeling frustrated and helpless. They had no alternative place to trade the goods; if they couldn’t resolve the situation in Benessa, things would only get worse.

‘Da*mn it… in movies, they always come up with brilliant ideas at times like this.’

Despite his thoughts, Bahamut struggled to devise a solution for their predicament.

At that moment…

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