Chapter 5: Master of the Dark Sword III (part 1)

Deep in the dark dungeon.

There, with both arms tied, the villainess, Isolda Evergarden was staring at something with cold eyes.

So what was at the end of her gaze, that was causing her so much anger and humiliation?

It was… a steaming lump of meat in a dog’s bowl.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you hungry?”

“Kuh… ”

That man spoke in a natural voice while looking down at her.

At Bahamut’s words, Isolda began to grind her teeth, but even so, her gaze didn’t seem to leave the ‘meal’ in front of her eyes.

Three days.

That was the time she had been starving for and due to that, the pain caused by hunger she felt inside her stomach had already reached its limit.

But… nevertheless, her pride couldn’t accept the current situation.

As the head of a wealthy upper-class family, how could she accept such a humiliating treatment?

‘But… I’m hungry… I want to eat… even just one bite is fine…’

It was a situation where her reason began to waver due to already excessive hunger.

In the end, her patience couldn’t overcome her instincts, and Isolda slowly lowered her head toward the bowl in front of her eyes in humiliation.

At that moment.

“Looks like you’re still full. It’s a pity… then I guess I can’t help it!”


The next moment, Bahamut took the bowl away from in front of Isolda, who had her head bowed down.

At his action, Isolda’s face began to turn pale with despair.

“Then I’ll come again next time. At that time, please try to behave.”

“Now… wait a minute… wait a moment…”


Ignoring Isolda’s cries, the iron door fiercely closed shut.

Looking at Bahamut disappearing right in front of her eyes, Isolda’s body collapsed powerlessly.

“I’m hungry… I’m hungry… I’m hungry…”

Isolda crouched down on the cold floor and muttered weakly.

She began to tremble pitifully as the raw pain gnawed at her stomach, and her mind began to fill with remorse for what she had just done.

Until just now, she was proud of fighting back to the best of her abilities.

However, it didn’t take long to realize that it was a pointless fight in the first place.

‘Already… it was over… already… everything…’

Like that, Isolda struggled with the terrible pain she felt as a result of some stupid pride.

A single drop of tear began to flow from Isolda’s unfocused eyes.


Bahamut was sitting in his study and finishing today’s work.

The position of the owner of a high rank merchant company was more demanding than he had previously thought.

He had to take care of management of personnel and distribution of materials. And he had to make sure that the products were sold at appropriate quality and price through sub-stores.

Fortunately, although he didn’t know how the possession worked, but there were no language barriers like he read in many other novels.

But even so, as the scale of a high rank merchant company was really quite large. He had to spend the entire morning reviewing documents that must go through his hands. It was a little comforting that the butler was helping him with the parts that were ambiguous for him to judge, and Bahamut himself was adjusting to the current situation quite well, so his speed was gradually accelerating.

“Haah… it’s finally over.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Master.”

After finishing the matters related to the management of the merchant company, Bahamut had some free time after eating.

However, that didn’t mean that there were no more work to be done, and many important matters that others couldn’t see were waiting for Bahamut.

“Then… I want to hear the results of the things I asked for this afternoon.”

“Yes, Master. There are multiple reports related to it, so I will try to organize them for your convenience.”

“Thank you, then I will take a break and see you later.”

The information that he told the butler to gather, for Bahamut, it could be said that it was an investment that could be used as cheat keys in another way along with nurturing adventurers.

‘It may take some time, but… this is similar to a different version of Kitcoin. If this job is successful, I will be able to lay the foundation for the financial part to some extent in preparation for the future.’

Waiting for the money that he was already starting to smell, Bahamut started taking a walk to cool his head before eating.

‘I always feel quite strange… even though it’s my house, it really is very spacious.’

A large mansion equipped with a garden with a fountain.

From Bahamut’s point of view, who was used to living in a cramped rented room, the fact that this was his home was still hard to believe.

‘I didn’t know that I would really have a day like this… but anyway, things turned quite well. If the next plan is successful, it would be nice to buy a house of my own not only here, but also in another country.’

Unlike Korea, the fact that there was no particular additional tax for home ownership in this world was something that Bahamut was very happy about.

In addition, as he had the ability of ‘knowing’ what would happen in the future, it was absolutely necessary to prepare a place where he could live from time to time.

It happened at the moment when Bahamut was slowly strolling through the garden while lost in his thoughts.


“Eh? What is this sound?”

The next moment, another shout echoed in his ears.

In response, Bahamut felt suspicious and headed towards the sound.


As soon as he figured out what the sound was, an exclamation automatically came out of Bahamut’s mouth.

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  1. bastard he is soo cruel, but i think something is wrong with me too cause I’m feeling disturbed only because she is a WOMAN, If it was a man I wouldn’t even bat an eye.

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