Chapter 52: Tumultuous Events VIII (part 1)

“That… so… uh… how much was it sold for?”

“That… that’s…” The attendant stuttered.

“Ah! Speak quickly! How much did it sell for?”

“It was…220… per box…” Meekly replied, clearly afraid of their reaction.

“2… 220!?”

“You mean they sold that many spices for 220 talets?”

“Erm…in fact, even that is the minimum price. When supplies ran out at the last minute, there were even people who called for 300…”

“Ah… ah…”

At the final news brought by the attendant, the members of the Merchant Alliance let out a sigh. 

A staggering amount of spices sold for at least 220 talets per box. Although some were burnt and reduced to ashes, but, they were less than 20% of the total amount. Considering that the average price of spices was around 100 talets per box, the profits the Uranus Merchant Company reaped far exceeded their imagination. 

‘It’s over…now the Merchant Alliance has no future…’

‘What do I do? Should I kneel in front of Bertina?’

‘Yes… that’s the only way. I have to survive. If I tell them it’s these guys’ schemes, at least I’ll be able to save my life.’

Contrary to their expectations that she would suffer a huge blow, Bertina had become even stronger. 

In response to that, the merchants of the Merchant Alliance, who risked their life and death on the scheme, began to devise a way to save their own lives right away, putting the meaning of the term “Alliance” to shame.

However, those who punished them were neither Bertina nor her ally Bahamut. 

It was the many unrelated merchants from other countries who had to taste an unexpected amount of loss in their profit due to the incident. Even those who participated in the collusion turned the arrows of their dissatisfaction towards the Merchant Alliance, who had caused this situation, and now became no different from a paper tiger. 

In the end, Bertina didn’t even have to step up and make a move.

After a while, the Merchant Alliance and their traces were erased from the continent forever.


“Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!”

“We won!”

Bertina and Bahamut burst into cheers of joy. 

Even though they were driven into a situation which seemed like a dead-end, it ended up in their favor in the end. And now, the two were experiencing the feeling of flying through the sky.

“Congratulations, Lady Bertina! Lord Bahamut! We really made a huge profit!”

“Both of you, thank you for your hard work.”

“Yes, everyone has worked hard too, Tilda and… Ophelia.”

As they exchanged greetings of joy, their attention soon began to turn to the final gains from this transaction.

“We sold various spices at prices close to two to three times the market price. This is arguably the highest price ever!”

“The basic margin alone is hundreds of times more than that. The numbers are enough to make your head dizzy. But I feel good just by thinking about it.”

The one who finished the calculation the fastest was, of course, Bertina.

“12.86 million talets…even though we only sold 60% of all trade items, we still profited this much.”

Many gasped in surprise. It was only natural, considering that the amount was far beyond the imagination of anyone present at the scene.

‘12.86 million… that’s an amount that’s hard to even imagine. It’s like we won the Kitcoin jackpot…’

The fact that he made so much money caused Bahamut to be so excited that his head felt dizzy.

Although more than half of them were supposed to go into the hands of small and medium-sized merchants who had invested, but even so, it was unmistakably a huge amount, and with that amount of funds, it would be possible to spread the influence of Beden and Uranus Merchant Companies across the continent.

‘In addition, our reputation must have increased through this incident. I’m sure the credit I’ve acquired will be of great benefit in the future.’

There was a common saying among the merchants—while selling the goods, you also sell your name. 

If you have a good reputation, it would be easier to make a bigger profit. In that respect, this incident had raised the position of the Uranus and Beden Merchant Companies to the next level, rather than simply ending with earning a lot of money.

“I can’t just stay still on a good day like this! Let’s go out! Today I, Bahamut, will give you a big bonus! Let’s invite all the top staff and have fun!”

“Great. I’m with you too. Tilda, call the people. Prepare the alc*hol and food. Make sure we are not lacking anything.”

“As you command, Lady Bertina!”

Enjoying the joy of victory, the four of them went outside and began to fully enjoy the present moment with the other members of their companies. 

The banquet lasted for hours, and it finally came to an end the next morning when everyone was physically exhausted.

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