Chapter 53: Departing for the US

For the rest of the time, Gu Xia stayed in the R&D room, discussing things with the R&D staff.

After he was done with his work, the next Sunday night, Gu Xia drove the car back to university after saying goodbye to Xu Fan.


In a blink of an eye, the first semester of freshman year ended, and Gu Xia continued attending his office in the capital in addition to classes.

The “Are you hungry?” takeaway app was also officially launched in the capital for trial operation. Most of the restaurant owners and snack merchants in the capital welcomed it, which immediately caused a strong response, and the people expressed their support one after another, which also led to the increased sale of 4G smartphones. Many Office workers were buying smartphones to download and eat takeout.

The “Are you hungry?” takeaway app reached 100,000 downloads on the first day it was launched. And many news networks also focused on the impact of takeout, and the download volume became even more terrifying.

Now, the takeaway was urgently spreading across the country, and restaurant owners all over the country were eagerly waiting for the takeaway to enter their city.

At the moment, Gu Xia was packing his luggage at home, and the day before he had bought a plane ticket to the US.

“Xia Xia, why do you have to travel to the US! I heard that the US is very chaotic, and many people have guns.” Deng Ling said worriedly.

“It’s okay, Mom, although many people over there have gun licenses, they won’t just shoot randomly. Besides, I’m going to travel, and I’m not going there to stay. Millions of people from China travel to the US every year. Aren’ they okay?” Gu Xia laughed. (G: The irony in this part is quite strong.)

“Anyway, take care of yourself, you understand?” Gu Feng instructed.

“Okay, I know Dad.” Gu Xia nodded and replied.

“Smelly Gu Xia, you aren’t even taking me there, hum~ Mom and Dad, he must be taking his girlfriend to play in the US.” Gu Qin on the side said angrily.

“Xia Xia, have you got a girlfriend?” Deng Ling asked with a smile.

Gu Xia saw that his parents were looking at him questioningly, and glared at Gu Qin who was gloating at his misfortune. Then he couldn’t help smiling bitterly, “We confirmed our feelings just recently.”

“You really got one! Remember to bring her to our house one day, let your Mom take a look, and check her out for you.” Deng Ling said in surprise.

“Mom, we just got together, so how can I bring her to see my parents? Besides, I’m only a freshman, why are you in such a hurry!” Gu Xia said helplessly.

He glared at Gu Qin again, he blamed this girl for prying into whether he was in love every day.

Gu Qin fearlessly stared back, and thought to herself, ‘Serves you right…who told you not to take me to have fun, and not to like Jingjing!’

It turned out that Gu Qin had long known that Li Jingjing liked her brother. When she learned that Li Jingjing was rejected by Gu Xia last Christmas Eve, Gu Qin immediately grieved for her best friend. She always thought that Li Jingjing was her future sister-in-law, so she specially handed Gu Xia over today and revealed the matter about the girlfriend.

“You kids! Don’t worry about Xia Xia! He is also an adult and knows what to do.” Gu Feng laughed.

“Okay, but Xia Xia! You still have to find a time to bring your girlfriend home, you understand?” Deng Ling said with a smile.

“Understood! Mom, I’m leaving, or I won’t be able to catch the plane.” Gu Xia touched his nose and said.

“Alright, go! Have fun.” Deng Ling instructed. She was not worried about whether her son had money or not. After all, she had also seen her son’s company on the news network. Although she didn’t understand what it exactly was, she knew from the news network that it was very good.

“I’m leaving!”

Gu Xia closed the door and walked downstairs with a suitcase.

A gap opened on the door of Li Jingjing’s house on the opposite side, and a pair of dark eyes stared at Gu Xia’s back when he went downstairs. It was Li Jingjing. She received a message from Gu Qin and couldn’t help but secretly look at Gu Xia. During this time she didn’t call or send a message to Gu Xia. Even when Gu Xia came back home, she hid away. Mostly because she didn’t know how to face Gu Xia.

Thinking about that day again, Li Jingjing’s eyes became a little wet.

“Jingjing, are you going out? ” 

Li Jingjing heard her mother’s voice from the room, and she hurriedly wiped her tears and said, “No, I am going to throw the garbage at the door.”

“Oh~ come and have breakfast!”



Gu Xia drove to Jiangbei International Airport and parked the car in the underground parking lot. Parking here cost him ten yuan a day. Although it was a bit expensive, it was safe and convenient. When he came back, he could drive directly back without any hassle.

After Gu Xia parked the car, he brought his suitcase for a security check. After the security check, Gu Xia put the suitcase away, boarded the plane, sat in his seat, fastened his seat belt, and leaned on the seat. He squinted his eyes, getting ready to sleep.

It usually took 20 hours to go from Jiangbei Airport to New Yo*k Airport, which was quite far. It was the first time for Gu Xia to take such a long flight. In his past life, all his flights were to travel around the country and it only took three or four hours at most. His journey to New Yo*k would require nearly twenty hours, like riding a train.

The seats were gradually filled, Gu Xia turned off his phone, then lay back and went to sleep.

When he woke up again, it was already night. Gu Xia ate the airplane meal. The airplane meal was as unpalatable as ever! But he had no other way! 

He asked the flight attendant, and heard that there were still six hours left to reach New Yo*k.

Gu Xia just woke up, and couldn’t fall asleep for the time being. There was heating on the plane, so it was not cold, but it was too boring, and he couldn’t even play with his mobile phone. So Gu Xia could only pick up the magazine in front of him and read it.

When he thought about how surprised she would look when he would meet Tu Sisi later, Gu Xia couldn’t help but smile.

He didn’t tell Tu Sisi that he was coming today just to surprise her.

The journey was quite uneventful.

When he arrived at New Yo*k International Airport, it was ten o’clock in the morning in the US. Gu Xia felt a little uncomfortable. It should be late at night back at home, but it became the morning when he arrived here. The time difference was too strange. It was daytime when he began his journey, and he just sat still for twenty or so hours, but when he arrived, it was still daytime. Wasn’t that really strange?

Gu Xia looked at Tu Sisi’s address, then went out of the airport to take a taxi.

Suddenly he became stunned, he didn’t speak English at all! Moreover, the address of Tu Sisi that he wrote was also in Chinese. How would he get there?

Gu Xia was immediately annoyed at himself for forgetting about such an important matter. He should’ve checked the translation on the computer and wrote it down.

Translation? Gu Xia’s mind flashed, and he took out his mobile phone and opened Guugle. At this era, Guugle had not yet withdrawn from Ch*na, and Baidu had not dominated the search engine industry in Ch*na.

Gu Xia entered Tu Sisi’s address at “Manha*tan Times Square”.

Then he took out a pen and paper and wrote it down, walked to the taxi beside the road, showed him the English address on the paper. The taxi driver said ok, then Gu Xia put the suitcase in the trunk and sat in the car.

It had to be mentioned that the taxis in New Yo*k’s were quite high-end. They used brands like Buick LaCrosse, Ford, Chevrolet and others.

On the way, the taxi driver spoke in English from time to time, but Gu Xia couldn’t understand a word, so he could only wave his hand to indicate that he didn’t speak English.

Poor Gu Xia’s English in his previous life was not good. When he was reborn, he graduated from high school, but still did not know an ounce of English. It was really unfortunate.

It was a matter of great sorrow. One that he couldn’t help even after being reborn.

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