Chapter 55: Aunt is here

After a long time, the two finally separated. When Tu Sisi saw the crystalline thread connecting their lips, her face turned red in shame. Their lips were also a little swollen. After all, they had been kissing for so long, and it was also a deep kiss.

“I didn’t expect you to be here today, I thought you would come here next year!” Tu Sisi leaned in Gu Xia’s arms and said happily.

“Hehe~ I missed you, I’m always anxious to see you!” Gu Xia laughed.

“I missed you too. Now, let’s go! Come with me, let’s go where I live.” Tu Sisi smiled.


Gu Xia held his suitcase in one hand and put his arm around Tu Sisi who was leaning on him.

Both of them felt some strange feelings sprouting in their hearts. It may have been due to the fact that they had not seen each other for a long time, or that the estrangement in their hearts had finally disappeared.

Tu Sisi lived in a small apartment next to Times Squa*re. This was a high-end residential area where the office workers of the Manha*tan business district lived.

“Haah~ We’re finally here. When I first arrived, I was a little afraid of being shot and killed in the street. Even when I took a taxi, I was a little afraid that the driver would trick me because I didn’t understand English, haha~”

Gu Xia laughed while talking in a joking manner. (G: Yes, it’s a joke…maybe.)

“Fortunately, although most of the people in the US have gun licenses, they would not shoot random strangers on the street unless you have a dispute or have an enmity. So try not to get into conflict with strangers in the US, because you can never know if that person will suddenly pull out a gun and shoot you while arguing.” Tu Sisi also laughed.

“That’s really messed up! It’s really different from our country where except for the police force, no one is allowed to own a gun, so we don’t have to worry about things like this.” Gu Xia sighed.

“Haha~ Sit down, you must be hungry, I’m going to cook.” Tu Sisi laughed.

“I’m not that hungry yet. You can eat first if you’re hungry.”

“I’m not too hungry as well. Then let’s eat later!” Tu Sisi sat on the sofa next to Gu Xia.

“Are you losing weight again? Just look at how thin your hands are!” Gu Xia said as he took Tu Sisi’s hand.

“Why, I didn’t lose weight, I have a standard weight.” Tu Sisi said angrily.

“Standard weight? Let me check it.”

After speaking, Gu Xia groped around Tu Sisi’s body.

“Ah, don’t touch, it’s daytime!” Tu Sisi pushed Gu Xia away with a flushed face, and straightened her clothes and hair that had been messed up by Gu Xia.

“What are you afraid of, no one will come anyway.” After saying that, Gu Xia was ready to pounce.

“No, my aunt is here.” Tu Sisi blushed. (G: Aunt refers to menst*ruation.)


Gu Xia felt a profound disappointment wash over him when he heard her words. It was not easy for his little bro to get a chance to taste some flesh, but unexpectedly her aunt was here.

Tu Sisi saw Gu Xia’s expression of disappointment, and felt a little helpless. She also wanted to satisfy Gu Xia’s needs, but her aunt came the night before.

“Okay, I’ll do ‘that’ to you at night…” Tu Sisi bit her lip and whispered in Gu Xia’s ear. (G: Guess what “that” is. Don’t comment, just guess.)

After Gu Xia heard what Tu Sisi said, his expression turned into one of pleasant surprise. 

What a time to be alive! Tu Sisi would actually promise to give him “that”. This was something Gu Xia had never tried in his previous life. Gu Xia did ask Tu Sisi for that before, but Tu Sisi refused to do so. Unexpectedly, this time she offered to do “that” herself! Gu Xia’s expression suddenly turned full of expectations for the future.


Noticing Gu Xia’s expression with a sly smile, Tu Sisi angrily pinched his waist.


Gu Xia sucked in a cold breath in pain, and kept rubbing the pinched position on his waist with his hands.

This was really heaven and hell!

“Who told you to laugh, hum~ what I just said doesn’t count anymore.” Tu Sisi snorted coldly.

“No, wife, I was wrong, I was wrong. I will accept any punishment!” Gu Xia immediately begged for mercy with a bitter face.

“Hmph~ Then you have to go shopping with me, if you behave well, I can think about it at night. Otherwise, you’ll have  to spend the evening with your hand.” Tu Sisi gave him a blank look.

“Don’t worry! I’m sure I can do well…Big Brother is not short of money now, you can buy whatever you want.” Gu Xia patted his chest and said in a nouveau riche-like tone.

Gu Xia was telling the truth. In fact, he really was quite rich at the moment, because Xu Fan had given him another 2 million yuan. Although the company had started to make money now, the money it earned was not yet enough to pay the wages of the employees. Moreover, they also had to use the money to expand their market. Xu Fan had already spent nearly one billion yuan to expand in the national market, and he was still adding more. After the market was occupied by takeaways, it would finally be their time for a bumper harvest.

“Pfft~ let’s go.” Tu Sisi was amused by Gu Xia’s funny words.

Gu Xia accompanied Tu Sisi around Times Squ*are until four o’clock in the afternoon. By that point, Gu Xia’s arms and neck had been covered with a ton of shopping bags, and the money on his card had been reduced by more than 100,000 yuan.

Gu Xia put everything down, then fell straight on the sofa, and said with a look of hopelessness, “Shopping is still as scary as ever!”

“When you women go shopping, it’s like going on a hundred mile marathon, without any chance of rest! I’m about to fall apart.” Gu Xia complained with an exhausted expression.


Tu Sisi smiled. She also knew that Gu Xia didn’t like to go shopping. It was a great improvement that he could go shopping with her for so long today. Knowing that he was exhausted, Tu Sisi went to the kitchen, took out the juice from the refrigerator, and poured a glass for Gu Xia.

“Come on, take a break with a glass of juice, I’ll go shopping for groceries, and I’ll cook something delicious for you later.” Tu Sisi smiled. After she finished speaking, she picked up her bag and went to the supermarket next to her apartment to buy food.

“Wait, I’ll go too.” Gu Xia said, sitting up and drinking the juice in one breath.

“No, aren’t you tired? Just rest here! I’ll be back soon.” Tu Sisi gave him a look.

“It’s okay, let’s go!” Gu Xia finished, took Tu Sisi’s hand and walked out the door.

The two went to the Wal*mart supermarket not far away and bought two full bags of things, including vegetables and snacks.

When they returned to the residence, it was already dark outside, and Tu Sisi turned on the light, and then went to the kitchen to wash and cut vegetables.

“I’ll do it! You can just wait for the cooking to finish. I’d like to show you how much my craft has improved.”

After talking, Gu Xia took out the vegetables and washed them in the washing pool.

“Okay, then I’ll cut the peppers for these ingredients.”

The two became busy in the kitchen, he’d wash this, and she’d cut that.

Tu Sisi turned her head to look at Gu Xia who was washing beef, and felt a warm feeling in her heart. It has been a long time since she last experienced this scene, and it only happened in their past life when they were just married.


Tu Sisi watched Gu Xia work, and accidentally cut her finger with the knife, but fortunately the wound was not deep.

“What’s wrong? Why are you so careless!”

After saying that, Gu Xia put Tu Sisi’s fingers into his mouth and gently sucked it.

“No, I just cut vegetables, it’s dirty.”

Seeing Gu Xia ignore her words, Tu Sisi smiled helplessly, but she was still very happy in her heart.

“Okay, it’s not bleeding anymore. If you bleed some more again, plus the bleeding below, you might have anemia.” Gu Xia smiled.


“Where is the Ban*d-Aid? I’ll put it on for you.” Gu Xia asked with a smile.

“It’s in the TV cabinet.”

Gu Xia found a Ban*d-Aid and put it on Tu Sisi, then dragged her to the living room, pressed her to sit on the sofa and said, “You better sit here and watch TV! I’ll cook.”


Tu Sisi looked at the somewhat domineering Gu Xia and nodded obediently.



Tu Sisi looked at Gu Xia who had finished kissing her and then walked into the kitchen with a smile. And, a happy smile appeared on her face as well.

‘I feel happy!’

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