Chapter 57: Depressed Gu Xia

Gu Xia and Hu Chao emptied their glasses, and a bottle of wine was gone in an instant. But, Hu Chao went back to his apartment and brought a box of six bottles over.

“Come on, if you are a man, let’s finish this box today!” Hu Chao shouted.

“I can accompany you to the end, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold on. After all, you are so weak.” Gu Xia smiled.

“It’s easy to only talk about it, come on, drink for real!”

The two men drank one cup after another until the case of wine was gone, and Hu Chao suddenly passed out on the table.

The two drank a total of seven bottles of red wine, and they finished three and a half bottles each. Although Hu Chao had a good alcohol capacity, he couldn’t stand so much wine.

Gu Xia hiccupped, touched his bloated belly, looked at Hu Chao and said, “You want to compare drinking with me? Then drink to death, you dare to try and rob my wife, humph! You annoying prick! “

Tu Sisi looked at Gu Xia, who was acting a little childish, and couldn’t help but laugh. She smiled and said, “Okay, send Hu Chao back, and I’ll clean up the table.”


Gu Xia helped Hu Chao up, smelled the cologne perfume on him, and couldn’t help but curse, “Show off.”

What Gu Xia disliked the most was men spraying perfume. Good perfume was fine, but most people sprayed those inferior quality perfumes. You can smell the pungent smell from two meters away, which is really unbearable. Although Hu Chao must have sprayed a good perfume, Gu Xia still couldn’t accept it. ‘This guy is fair and handsome, and when he sprays perfume, he looks like those hosts in the club.’

Gu Xia never sprayed this kind of thing. He insisted that a man should be like a man. What was the point of being a man if they lost their masculinity? No matter if that masculinity was fragrant or stinky, that was the smell that a man should have.

Gu Xia helped Hu Chao, who was staggering and unconscious, to return home. The door of his house was not locked because he hurriedly went back to take the box of red wine. Gu Xia threw him on the bed, and then closed the door of his house.

Tu Sisi, who was wiping the table, saw Gu Xia coming in and asked, “Are you alright?”

“Well~ my stomach is swollen to death, I want to rest.” Gu Xia slanted on the sofa and spoke while rubbing his stomach.

“You deserve it, who told you to drink so much wine! Wait, I’ll make you a cup of tea and that should help you sober up.” Tu Sisi glanced at him and said.

Tu Sisi went to the kitchen and took out some jasmine tea, which she usually drank. She quickly made a cup of tea and brought it to Gu Xia.

“Come on, have a cup of tea.”

“It’s so hot, let it cool down a bit. I’m going to take a hot bath, do you want to take a bath together?” Gu Xia put down the teacup and said while holding Tu Sisi.

“No, I’ll wait for you to finish first, or it will make me uncomfortable.” Tu Sisi blushed and angrily said.

Gu Xia also remembered that her aunt was here, and couldn’t help laughing bitterly, what bad luck!

“Let’s bath together! I want to have a bath with you, I promise not to move.” Gu Xia hugged Tu Sisi tightly and said.

“Okay! I’ll listen to you.”

Tu Sisi went to the room to get a change of clothes, and took out the clothes in Gu Xia’s suitcase. When she walked into the bathroom, and saw Gu Xia standing there naked, she couldn’t help smiling, this guy was really desperate.

Tu Sisi put water in the bathtub, and then took off her clothes.

“Wife, your breasts seem to have grown a lot, right?” Gu Xia said with a smile.


Gu Xia was lying in the bathtub with his arms around Tu Sisi. The bathtub was quite large. It was just right for the two of them.

The bathtub was full of bubbles, and the bodies of the two were faintly visible.

“I hate it~ I told you not to move around, ah~”

“Uh~ don’t move…”


After taking a shower, Tu Sisi’s face was ruddy, while Gu Xia rubbed his waist with a bitter face, where he was pinched several times by Tu Sisi.

“You are too ruthless! You want to murder your husband.” Gu Xia cried out strangely, looking at the red flesh on his waist.

“Who told you to move so much? Humph~” Tu Sisi gave him a blank look.

“Should we go to the bedroom? You said you would give me that or something at night.” Gu Xia rubbed his hands together and smiled.

“What? Did I say that?” Tu Sisi squinted at him and said.

“Sisi, how can you forget your own words? It was all settled during the day.” Gu Xia said with a sad face.

“Then you also said just now that you wouldn’t move, but what did you do?” Tu Sisi said with a sneer.

“My dear Sisi, you are the most benevolent in the world!” Gu Xia flattered.

Now he regretted why he didn’t control his hand just now. He wanted to touch them so badly, and finally Tu Sisi agreed to it, and the result…

It was really like stealing chicken without losing rice! No, it should be more like— picking up the sesame seeds and losing the watermelon!


Tu Sisi snorted coldly, but looking at Gu Xia with a sad face, she couldn’t help laughing in her heart.

In the room, Tu Sisi was lying on the bed in her pajamas, watching TV.

Gu Xia had just finished drinking tea and walked into the room. Seeing Tu Sisi wearing a silk nightgown with her exposed fair skin, Gu Xia felt a fire burning in his heart.

Rubbing his hands, he squeezed beside Tu Sisi, and hugged her. Before he could wrap his arms around, Tu Sisi’s cell phone rang, and Tu Sisi quickly patted his hand away. With a “shh”, she motioned at the phone.

Gu Xia glanced at her mobile phone screen, it was her sister Tu Fangfang’s number.

“Hello, sister.”

[Sisi! Are you asleep?] Tu Fangfang’s voice came through the phone.

“Not yet, sister, you should have just woken up!”

[Well~ I’m still in bed, by the way, how is your condition? Do you still feel ill?] Tu Fangfang asked.

“No, I haven’t been ill for more than a month.”

[That’s good, you must listen to the doctor, you understand?]

“I know, sister, how are you? Are mom and dad okay?” Tu Sisi glanced at Gu Xia after speaking, and glared at him when she saw that his hand was stretching out to her chest.

Gu Xia Sansan withdrew his hand, and had to watch the bubbly love drama on TV.

After half an hour.

Gu Xia looked at Tu Sisi who was still on the phone, pouted, and continued watching TV.

While watching, Gu Xia fell asleep. He was indeed a little tired today. He had never stopped to rest since he got off the plane. He looked for food everywhere, went shopping with Tu Sisi, and even cooked food.

“Okay, sister, goodbye!”

“Alright, bye~”

Tu Sisi hung up the phone and turned to look at Gu Xia, who was huddled and asleep, with a warm smile on his face.

This guy must’ve been too tired, otherwise he wouldn’t have gone to bed so early. If he wasn’t tired, he would be pestering her even at this time.

Tu Sisi covered him with the quilt, then got up and opened his suitcase, helped him hang all the clothes in the closet, and put away all the daily necessities. Suddenly, a small pink box at the bottom of the box attracted Tu Sisi’s attention.

Tu Sisi picked up the pink box and opened it, and saw that there was another small red box inside. This small red box, which Tu Sisi was all too familiar with, was a box for rings.

Tu Sisi thought that this must have been bought by Gu Xia for her, and was very moved.

Tu Sisi guessed right, there was a diamond ring in it. Gu Xia bought it in Sha*ghai. He wanted to see Tu Sisi and put it on her finger with his own hands, but he was so busy today that he forgot.

Tu Sisi didn’t open the box to look at it, and she didn’t know that it was a diamond ring. She only thought it was a gold ring. After all, diamond rings were still very expensive in this era.

Since Gu Xia wanted to give her a surprise, she didn’t open it. Tu Sisi smiled and put the box back in the suitcase, then went back to the bed, looked at Gu Xia who was sleeping, kissed his forehead, and then turned off the light.

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