Chapter 6: Master of the Dark Sword IV (part 2)

“How have you been? I hope you’re still not hungry…”

Bahamut shook a bowl of dog food with an arrogant voice.

However, before he could pause as before, Isolda hurriedly crawled in front of him.

“Now… I did it wrong… ah.. I won’t do that again… so please… please give me something to eat…”

Isolda began to beg, forcibly squeezing out a few drops of the tear that seemed to have had dried up from hunger.

Bahamut snorted lightly at the sight of her throwing away her former pride.


“Well… if you want it that much.”

With those words, Bahamut put down the dog bowl in front of Isolda as he had done before.

However, unlike the previous time when there was steaming meat, there was only a dried and twisted loaf of bread. Although the size was large enough, it was food that Isolda wouldn’t have even looked at in the past.

However, for Isolda, there was no more energy left to argue about such things.

“Ouks! Ook! Ouk!”

Isolda frantically shoved the bread into her mouth as if she was going to run out of breath the next moment. With her arms still bound, she was bent over, tearing and swallowing bread with her mouth in a dog-like manner.

It tasted like chewing on an old, hard cardboard, but even that tasted too sweet to Isolda.

“Ha ha… ha… ha…”

After swallowing the bread completely, Lee Sol gasped for breath while feeling a little full.

It was only then that she began to feel her mind get fully cleared, and her eyes, which had been blurry without focus, regained some vitality.

“It seems that you really like the food? So, don’t complain about food in the future. You’ll be suffering if you did that anyway.”


At Bahamut’s words, Isolda averted her gaze and her expression hardened.

As her empty stomach was filled, she finally began to realize her humiliating behavior.

‘How dare you make me crawl on the floor like a dog…’

It was largely because of her mind acting up due to the survival instinct, and even if she faced the same situation again, she would have taken the same action. Even so, Isolda began grinding her teeth at Bahamut in her heart.


“Okay then. Since you ate well, you should get some exercise as well right?”

“That… what does that mean… no way.. you mean…”

In the next moment, realizing what Bahamut was about to do, Isolda began to be seized with dread again.

Although this was going to be their second time following the last time he took away her first, her physical condition was completely different from what it was back then.

Although she barely ate the bread, her physical condition was weak beyond words due to the long aftermath of starvation. Her physical strength was just showing signs of recovering from the bottom, and she was mentally devastated due to the pain of continued hunger.

In such a state… it was absolutely impossible for her to do the same intense act as they did last time.

“Ah… no… please… not now… no… please… I’m really weak. If I do the same thing again, then I really… ”



At Bahamut’s show of displeasure, Isolda instantly shuddered.

Her body began to tremble with fear even though he had simply made a sound.

It just proved that the fear of this man had been deeply engraved in Isolda’s mind.

However, while recognizing that fact, Isolda had no choice but to immediately bow her head.

It was absolutely impossible for her to do something like “that” again in her current state.

Isolda had to stop it even if she had to bow her head.

“I was wrong…  so please… please… have mercy… please… please!”

“Hmm… what should I do?”

Bahamut looked troubled at Isolda’s plea.

Seeing that, Isolda prayed earnestly for some merciful word to come out of this man’s mouth.

She used to look down on gods in her lifetime, but at the moment, Isolda desperately clung to god with a heart that was more devout than anyone else.

And… watching her act like that, Bahamut finally made a decision.

“Well then. I’m a little tired today too… so I won’t go that far.”

“Haah… thank you! Thank you!”

Isolda cried out while bowing her head at Bahamut’s words.

However… contrary to her expectations, Baramut’s words were not over yet.

“I won’t go that far. Instead, this time you’ll have to serve me.”

“Muh… what…”

And, Bahamut continued to explain how she would have to “serve” him.

In response, Isolda immediately began to feel a strong desire to lash out.

However, she couldn’t do that.

Looking at it calmly, the fact that Bahamut was willing to be satisfied with something of “that level” was enough  for her to express gratitude.

In a way, feeling a deeper sense of humiliation than she had suffered before, Isolda knelt down in front of Bahamut’s crotch at his command.

And then…

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