Chapter 60: Very good and strong

“Hehe~ Then we’ll be waiting for you and Sisi’s wedding wine.” Li Sicheng laughed.

“Hehe, it’s still early, let’s drink yours first!”

“Don’t worry! I’ll be back in a week. Just after I go back, you’ll get married in two days. By the way, do you want my car to pick you up?” Gu Xia asked.

“Have you bought a car?” Li Sicheng asked.

“I bought it not long ago. Didn’t I say I did last time? I bought a car because I often have to travel to the capital and the train takes too long.”

“Oh, what car did you buy? It won’t be QQ or something, right!?” (G:The Chery QQ is a city car produced by the Chinese manufacturer Chery.)

“Just kidding, how can a big man like me drive such a small car? Your brother bought a Mercedes-Benz with a price of several hundred thousand.” Gu Xia deliberately made his voice arrogant.

“You liar! Your company is making that much money? You actually bought a Mercedes-Benz. And here I thought that you bought a Santana!” Li Sicheng obviously didn’t believe what Gu Xia said. He knew that Gu Xia had started a company with others, but he still thought it was impossible to make so much money in such a short amount of time. (G:The Volkswagen Santana is a nameplate used by Volkswagen for various sedans and station wagons.)

“Why would I lie to you, forget it, you will know when I come to your marriage ceremony.” Gu Xia said helplessly, no one would believe when he spoke the truth.

That was how society was now! No one believed the truth, they tended to believe the lie.

“If you really bought a Mercedes-Benz, then I’ll use your Mercedes-Benz for the wedding car. It’ll save me from renting a wedding car.” Li Sicheng smiled.

“Okay, wait until I get back.”

“Alright, I wanted to have a drink with you, but if you are in the United States, I guess that won’t be possible.”

“We’ll drink when you get married.”


After hanging up the phone, Gu Xia continued to watch a boring TV show. It was really hard to be alone in the United States!

Gu Xia thought about it and went out for a walk. He felt it was too boring to stay at home alone.

After going out, Gu Xia became confused again. He didn’t know where to go. Except for Walma*t, he didn’t seem to have been anywhere before. Gu Xia didn’t understand any of the road signs on the road either.

After thinking about it, Gu Xia came back home. It was the first time that he felt the importance of English as a global language. Unfortunately, it was too late to regret it now.

Gu Xia didn’t even know how he took the high school entrance exam in English. ‘Did I cheat on that exam?’ Gu Xia didn’t remember the exam at all.

With no other options, Gu Xia could only turn to his phone. He played with the mobile phone, cooked noodles at noon, and continued to watch TV and then play with the mobile phone again. Just when Gu Xia felt that he was going crazy, the sound of the key opening the door came.

Gu Xia was excited, ‘Sisi finally came back!’ (G: this dude is acting like a dog.)

When Tu Sisi walked into the door, she found Gu Xia standing right in front of her. She shivered with fright and dropped her mobile phone to the ground.

Tu Sisi patted her chest in a hurry, took a breath, and said, “You’re going to scare people to death! Why are you standing at the door, and you didn’t even make a sound.” After that she picked up her phone, fortunately there was a protective case, so it didn’t break.

“Haha~ Isn’t it because I miss you too much?” Gu Xia laughed.

Tu Sisi rolled her eyes at him and said, “I’m going to take a bath, and you’ll treat me to steak later. I don’t know why, I really want to eat steak today.”

“Hehe~ Okay, let’s go take a shower!” Gu Xia laughed.

Gu Xia was not that excited about eating steak. It wasn’t that he didn’t like it, it’s just that there wasn’t enough of this stuff. All they served was just a small piece of beef, and it was not enough to even dry his teeth. In this era, the steakhouses were not self-service, and there were no fruit drinks. It was quite expensive, and was far less popular than the self-service steak in the future.

After Tu Sisi finished taking a shower, the two walked to the street holding hands.

Tu Sisi pointed to a western style restaurant across the road and said, “Let’s go to this one, the food here one not only tastes good, but also has a lot of weight. You always say that there isn’t enough.”

“No matter how much the weight is, it’s still a piece of meat the size of a palm.” Gu Xia pouted.

“You’re wrong, there are three kinds of steaks in this house. The small steak is the same size as a normal steak, the medium steak is the size of a home-made dish, and the large steak is no different from a wok.

This is the only western restaurant in New Yo*k that offers large, medium and small steaks, but the price of this restaurant is also a bit more expensive than other western restaurants.” Tu Sisi introduced.

“Oh~ it turns out that there is such a steak. I want to try a large portion. As for the price, just how expensive can that steak be, it doesn’t matter as long as it is delicious. Let’s go!”

Inside the western restaurant, it was almost evening, and there were already many people dining. Gu Xia and Tu Sisi asked for a booth by the window.

Tu Sisi spoke to the waiter in English, and ordered two black pepper steaks, one large and one small, and a bottle of red wine.

“I didn’t expect that during your stay in the United Sta*es, your English has improved so much. I remember that before, your English was just average.” Gu Xia smiled.

Tu Sisi gave him a look and said, “Why are you talking nonsense? Of course my English is not bad. I’ve been in the US for a few months already. If it’s not good, I’d be considered an idiot.”

Gu Xia heard her, touched his nose and said, “Even if I stayed here for a year, I guess I wouldn’t be able to speak English so well. I really can’t do it.”


Tu Sisi couldn’t help laughing. Gu Xia was notorious for his bad English. She remembered that when she was in university, she taught him English in her previous life. Who knew, this guy would forget it all after just two minutes. At that time, she was really angry and called him an idiot.

Soon Tu Sisi’s small steak arrived. Gu Xia looked at the steak in front of her. There was a piece of steak that was not the size of a palm and a half-cooked poached egg, plus some spaghetti.

Seeing Gu Xia’s expression, Tu Sisi knew what he was thinking, and couldn’t help laughing inwardly. ‘When the big steak comes up, I’ll see how you eat it.’

Within two minutes, two waiters came over with a pot-shaped iron plate, put it in front of Gu Xia, opened the lid, said something word in English and left. Gu Xia did not understand what they said, and guessed the meaning should be “please eat it slowly” or something!

Gu Xia looked at the steak in front of him, became stunned, and suddenly wanted to swear. This steak was really as big as the pan. It was covered with black pepper juice, and the black pepper juice sizzled on the iron plate. There was nothing but steak on the iron plate, no poached eggs, and no pasta. However, the aroma was very good, very strong!

“How is it? Is this enough!” Tu Sisi laughed.

She was also taken aback when she saw this large portion of steak for the first time. At that same time, a fat American man was also eating it. Tu Sisi saw that he kept eating the steak, and showed a defeated expression. Tu Sisi was so frightened that she swallowed her saliva, and sighed in her heart, ‘This steak is really big!’

“Alright, just watch me! Your husband, I will definitely finish it today.” Gu Xia vowed.

“Then I’ll wait and see.” Tu Sisi smiled.

Soon Tu Sisi finished eating her steak, then wiped her mouth, leaned on the chair and watched Gu Xia eat, only to see that Gu Xia had eaten most of the steak.

In addition to the half glass of wine in Tu Sisi’s glass, the rest of the bottle of red wine went into Gu Xia’s stomach.

Gu Xia felt a little overwhelmed. It was the first time he had eaten a steak of this size alone, and he still had not finished eating the steak. Fortunately, the steak was fresh and the black pepper sauce tasted very good.

In order to stay true to his words, Gu Xia finished eating the whole steak. The moment he finished eating, Gu Xia felt that he would lose his appetite just by looking at a steak in the future. After all, he ate too much this time.

Gu Xia leaned back on the chair, touched his round belly, and let out a sigh!

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