Chapter 68: During the marriage

When they arrived at Li Sicheng’s house, it was already 11 o’clock.

Li Sicheng got out of the car with Wang Qian in his arms, and suddenly someone sprayed ribbons and fired firecrackers.

Gu Xia got off the car and ran to the side. The sound of the firecrackers was really too loud and they were flying all over the sky.

The sound of suonas, firecrackers, and peoples roars kept pouring into his ears. Although it was very loud, it was also very lively.

Gu Xia followed the crowd to the door of the new house. It was filled with people. Gu Xia didn’t go to join in the fun, and went outside to light a cigarette.

After lighting the cigarette, Gu Xia looked at the zippo lighter in his hand. The names “Gu Xia and Tu Sisi” were engraved on the lighter. This was given to Gu Xia by Tu Sisi when he was in the United Stat*s. Gu Xia gave her a bracelet as a gift, so she also gave him a lighter, so that Gu Xia could look at the lighter when he missed her. The words on the lighter were written by Tu Sisi and then she had them engraved by professionals.

~Who do you think of when you’re alone…~

Gu Xia took out his phone and couldn’t help but smile, it was a call from Tu Sisi. Their hearts were truly connected!

Gu Xia walked to a quieter place to pick up the call, “Hey~ Sisi!”

[Are you in Sicheng’s hometown?] Tu Sisi asked.

“Yes, I came here yesterday. I just finished picking up the bride. They are making a fuss in the new house.” Gu Xia smiled.

[Ah! it’s a pity that I couldn’t go. It would be great if I could go. My best best friend got married, but I wasn’t there. It’s a pity.] Tu Sisi sighed.

“It’s okay, you were unable to attend due to a special situation, and it’s not like you won’t come back. When you come back, just invite Wang Qian and Sicheng to have a meal. They won’t blame you.” Gu Xia comforted her.

[That’s the only way. Originally, I wanted to call Qianqian to give my blessings, but thinking about her marriage and wearing a wedding dress, I stopped. I will call her at night.] Tu Sisi said.

“Hehe, wait for the night when they are in the bridal chamber, when you call, Sicheng will blame you!” Gu Xia laughed.

[That’s right, then we’ll fight again tomorrow.] Tu Sisi nodded and agreed.

“Alright, why are you still not asleep?” Gu Xia looked at the time and asked.

[As soon as I woke up, I thought of Qianqian getting married, so I called you.] Tu Sisi said lazily.

“Go to sleep! It’s very late over there. Staying up late is not good for your health.”

[I can’t seem to feel sleepy now, you should sing me a song!” Tu Sisi said tenderly.

“You…Okay! What song do you want to listen to.” Gu Xia said helplessly.

[You know~]

Gu Xia touched his nose, this woman really liked to listen to that one song all the time, and she didn’t ever get tired of it.

“Your heart is always…”

It was that old song—Who do you think of when you’re alone?

Gu Xia could sing the complete song whenever she wanted to listen. Tu Sisi set it up as her own ringtone, and so that she could hear it frequently. He remembered when he was in the United Sta*es, whenever their phones rang, both of them would look at their phones at the same time.

After singing the song one time, Tu Sisi didn’t fall asleep, so Gu Xia had to keep singing, or she said she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep.

Feeling helpless, Gu Xia could only sing over and over again. He didn’t know if it was the seventh or eighth time, when Tu Sisi finally fell asleep, and Gu Xia could finally rest his dry mouth.

Gu Xia walked into the room and took a bottle of drink and drank it, which made his mouth feel a lot more comfortable.

There was still a lot of noise in the room, and everyone was desperately crowding into the room, trying to see what the bride looked like.

There were tables set up both inside and outside Li Sicheng’s house. Gu Xia roughly estimated that there were nearly 30 tables, which was really a terrifying number! It was proof that there were just that many relatives and friends in Li Sicheng’s family.

Gu Xia grabbed the melon seeds and watched the tables being served one by one. Each table had nearly 20 dishes, including fish, pig feet, spare ribs and more.

These dishes were all natural, grown in the countryside. They were not like the ones grown in greenhouses, and the dishes were fried in a large pot, which was full of fragrance.

Soon, everyone started to come out of the new house as Li Sicheng’s father was calling everyone to dinner.

Gu Xia didn’t go to sit at the table. He was the best man, so he had to follow Li Sicheng later to help him with all the congratulatory wine.

Gu Xia walked into the new room and saw Li Sicheng was pouring Spr*ite into the liquor bottle. If he didn’t do this, he would definitely get drunk later. If it was summer, he could drink beer. Unfortunately, drinking beer in winter was not an option.

When Gu Xia got married, it was autumn, and it was not too cold. So he opted to drink beer, but even after that, he almost got drunk. After all, he had to toast so many people, and he had to accompany relatives, and friends to drink after toasting.

Li Sicheng glanced at Gu Xia and saw him smilingly looking at him. Thinking this guy was going to mock him, he hurriedly explained, “I’m not cheating. My dad said that there are dozens of tables, and the two of us wouldn’t be able to finish our toast, so it would be better to drink Spr*ite.”

Wang Qian and Ouyang Dan, who had put on their toasting clothes, both pursed their lips and laughed.

After Li Sicheng packed the wine, he tidied up his suit, and then walked out hand in hand with Wang Qian. The best man Gu Xia and the bridesmaid Ouyang Dan walked behind them.

“The bride and groom are here to make a toast!” someone loudly shouted.

After toasting, Gu Xia and Ouyang Dan found a table to eat, while Li Sicheng wandered around toasting to the other guests.

“I heard that you’re Sisi’s boyfriend?”

Gu Xia, who was eating rice noodles and meat, nodded when he heard Ouyang Dan speak to him.

“How is Sisi?” Ouyang Dan asked.

Gu Xia swallowed the meat in his mouth and said, “She’s… quite well.”

“Oh~ that’s good.” Ouyang Dan nodded, and seeing that Gu Xia was more interested in eating, she didn’t continue the conversation.

Although Ouyang Dan next to him was very beautiful and had a good figure, Gu Xia felt that she wasn’t more attractive than the rice noodles and meat in front of him, and also, he was a married man. Although he had not married in this life yet, Gu Xia thought so in his heart. It was as they say, the rabbit doesn’t eat the grass on the edge of the nest. Ouyang Dan was the best friend of both Tu Sisi and Wang Qian, so he couldn’t do anything inappropriate! 

Besides, he didn’t really feel attracted to her at all.

The authentic rice noodles and meat were really delicious. Gu Xia drank a few sips of wine, ate rice noodles and meat, and occasionally touched other dishes.

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