Chapter 7: Battle (part 3)

The Stone Turtle looked at its summoner with sorrowful eyes. But considering the current situation, Oliver could do nothing to save his summon from being impaled.

And, finally…


The sword pierced the body of the Stone Turtle.

Anna lifted the Stone Turtle that had been pierced by the sword like a skewer, and the beast couldn’t get out of the perilous state no matter how hard it tried

I looked at instructor Oliver. He was looking at his summoned beast with a miserable expression. But he had no choice but to admit defeat.


“I lost.”

“Then our agreement…”

“Alright. You don’t have to come to my class.”

“Thank you.”

With those words, Anna returned to being a symbol on the back of my hand, and the Stone Turtle fell on the floor with a loud “thud”. 

I was prepared to leave this class right away. But as I was about to leave the training ground, instructor Oliver grabbed me and asked.

“Where are you going?”

“Oh, instructor, wasn’t I exempted from the class?”

“Damn boy!”

But it was a fair for me to leave the class, and he had no choice but to let me go.

“Are you going alone?”

“You didn’t get exempted from the class, thought?”

I said that while looking at Syrah who was also blocking my way for some reason. 

Syrah stood aside, and continued to look at me with a sad expression. I mean, if she wanted to leave, she should also get an exemption, why was she bothering me?

After leaving the training ground, I headed straight to the dormitory and changed my clothes. 

Instructor Oliver’s class would last the whole day. That meant I would have the whole day to myself!

Now, I had to go to the library to do some research about the soul stone.


[Instructor Oliver’s POV]


Oliver Crockett stroked the wound where the sword had pierced his summon’s stomach. It was as if he himself was feeling the pain.

The Stone Turtle licked his hand as if to console him, and tell him that it was okey.

Oliver had never expected that Ian had already awakened two Origin Arts.

‘It’s said that one would be considered talented if they manage to learn even one Origin Art by the end of a semester, but… to think he learned two already!’

Ian Clark had talent. He was no ordinary cadet!

Only now did he understand why the principal had told him to keep an eye on him.

Oliver was already feeling a headache at the thought of the grades he would have to give him this semester.

He would probably have to lower the scores of other cadets in order to give that guy a decent grade.

‘It can’t be helped.’ Oliver thought so and got up.

In order to make one hero, it was unavoidable that many others would be sacrificed. 

At that moment, someone approached him. 

It was a girl with purple hair, Syrah Acacia. She was the daughter of the Marquis Acacia.

“Cadet Syrah, is there something you want to say?”

“Instructor, can I also be exempted from class if I manage to scratch your summon?”

“What?” Oliver looked at her with a puzzled expression. 

She wanted to leave a scratch on his Stone Turtle with her Bluebird, a 1-star summoned beast?

“You can try.”

The reason he lost to Ian was because he had a 3-star summoned being. Furthermore, Ian also showed some amazing talent as a summoner.

In this world, if you don’t have the strength to match your opponent, you wouldn’t be able to succeed no matter how talented you are.

“Oh, it’s okay, Instructor. I have one too. A 3-star summon.”

“Is it the summoned beast of the Acacia family?”

“Yes that’s right.”

Saying so, she summoned her summoned being. It was a 3-star summoned beast handed down from generation to generation in the Acacia family.

But Oliver burst out laughing when he saw it, “I guess, I am being underestimated.”

Looking at Shira, who was grinning, Oliver slowly readied himself. 

Although the Stone Turtle’s was still wounded, it was not enough to make it fear freshman who had just become a cadet.

“Are you ready?”

“Anytime… huhh?”

And then, Syrah’s summoned beast was immediately hit by the Stone Turtle and collapsed.

“Shira Acacia, you challenged a strong opponent without any self knowledge. For that, you will reflect on it until the end of this class.”


“It’s meaningless to reflect only with words. Please stand with your hands up until the end of class.”

Hearing that, Syrah was slightly shocked, but she couldn’t refuse the instructor’s words.

‘How did Ian do it?’

Recalling Ian who left the training ground alone, she reassessed the reason why she was defeated.

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