Chapter 7: Master of the Dark Sword V (part 2)

In response, Bahamut put on a dazed expression again, and Ophelia, who had already become way too excited, continued to speak.

“I… saw… last night… in the basement… what the master did to that slave…”

“Eh? Now… wait… if you saw what happened in the basement… no way…”

The next moment, Bahamut began to be seized by the feeling of being hit in the head with a hammer.

If he had to express how he was feeling, it would be something like the moment when he had reached his climax while watching po*rn, his sister suddenly opened the door and came in.

‘Ah… this… is crazy… no… did she see that scene?’

The only reason Bahamut let himself go wild like that was because it was Isolda, a villainess who he didn’t need to show any mercy. However, he ended up showing a side of him to the person he didn’t want to show the most. It was something he could do alone in a locked room where no one was watching.

That fact was giving Bahamut a huge headache.

“Ahh… ”

Afterwards, he felt the harsh reality that he would have nothing to say even if Ophelia treated him as a complete perve*t.

For the first time since Bahamut came to this world, his face turned bright red and he began to suffer from shame. 

Then… someone grabbed Bahamut’s hand that was covering his burning face.


The next moment, what Bahamut saw was Ophelia tightly holding his hand.

Contrary to what he had expected, there was no contempt in her eyes. What Ophelia’s expression was showing, was desperation. What her her eyes contained in it, was purity. 

And… a desire that was burning like the sun above.

“Ah.. Ophel..lia?”

Ophelia blushed slightly and said to Bahamut, who called her name with a sense of wonder.

“Can’t you… do that… to me too?”

Ophelia had an unexpected request.

“Eh… why… such a request so suddenly?”

In response, Bahamut, feeling that his mind seemed to be crashing a lot lately, made a blank expression again.

“Lord… I… this Ophelia…longed for… you… ”

“Is that so?”

Ophelia had said something unexpected again.

In response, Bahamut unknowingly spoke up with a serious tone, and Ophelia, seeing him like that, began to speak with tears in her eyes.

“Ugh… ah… I know… I know.. I know that this… this is something unacceptable. But… but… if a slave in that basement is possible… then maybe… even me, as lowly as that woman, has a chance. Ugh… sor… sorry.. but… but… but… it’s just…”

Ophelia was a woman who had been embraced by many men against her will.

However, she also knew that it was something that had to be done only with the person she loved. But she never had a chance to do that.

She was someone who had never been treated with love by anyone, far from it, no one had ever treated her with the simplest form of kindness.

It wasn’t even clear to her what could be called love, or even what level of kindness could be associated with the word, love.

However, one day, she became interested in someone for the first time.

The first person to recognize her hard work.

The first person to compliment her.

And for the first time… she found that having meals was a matter of happiness, not for survival.

That person taught her the warmth of life.

Ophelia wanted to convey her feelings to that man, but she didn’t know how.

Just saying that, she loved him.

And having a physical relationship.

Those were the only two ways she knew how to express her feelings.

However, one day she saw the man she loved embrace another woman… a woman who seemed to be a lowly human being similar to herself.

After that, Ophelia, fueled by a little jealousy, decided to express herself as far as she could think of.

And, right after hearing the clumsy confession of her feelings, Bahamut again became speechless for a moment.


To Bahamut, Ophelia’s words felt earnest and sincere.

Although her sentences were intertwined and mixed with cries, Bahamut could get a rough idea of what she was thinking about.

‘It’s a very clumsy feeling, but… did I… really get a confession? Even though I don’t have and affection gauge, I don’t think there’s any dishonesty in her feelings.’

He had treated her like a human being for a short period of time.

He gave her compliments, gave encouragement, and laughed as they ate together.

However, for this woman named Ophelia, his actions had a much greater meaning than he had thought.

Bahamut, who knew the original plot, could vaguely understand why.

‘Right… come to think of it, Ophelia gave her life for her malicious master just for the simple reason that he had accepted her…’

In that way, Bahamut realized that Ophelia’s actions were not at without logic.

Because she was so pure, she was also very simple, and single minded.

It was very a short time, but she easily fell for the person who accepted her and wanted to give him her everything— her body, that she had originally had to sell to other men in order to survive.

When it came to her heart, she had no hesitation in giving it to the person she loved, right away.

‘To put it in a bad way, you could say she’s an easy woman… but once you’ve gotten her heart, it’s rare to find someone as faithful as she is.’

Knowing the situation, Bahamut carefully reached out and touched Ophelia’s chin.

It felt warm and soft to the touch, and her face began to look more beautiful than usual.

“Alright… if you really want to…”

And, in a situation where a woman like that said that she loved him.

At the same time, it was also a woman he himself wanted to keep by his side.

Bahamut had no reason to refuse her.

“Do you want to come to my room tonight?”


The moment she heard those words.

For the first time since she was born, a sincere smile of joy appeared on Ophelia’s face.

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  1. I mean gotta do what you gotta do. At least she got paid and wasn’t r*ed but willing did it to survive. Though im guessing she was r*ed when she was younger which is why just started selling herself rip

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