Chapter 70: Discussion

“Then what should we do specifically? Gu Xia, do you have any good suggestions? After all, you also made this project.” Xu Fan asked.

The managers of other departments also looked at Gu Xia. Everyone knew that the food delivery and taxi-hailing software that had not yet been released were created by this mysterious boss who rarely came to the company. It was rumored that he was still studying, which made all the managers feel a little ashamed. They all had graduated from prestigious universities and had only now been promoted to the position of department manager. But their boss, who was still studying, came up with two such profitable projects on his own. It is really astonishing!

“I’ve been thinking a lot at home during this period. Haven’t we been regulating the safety and hygiene of our services? Have any users complained about the food quality recently?” Gu Xia asked.

“Not yet.” Operations Manager Li Ke replied.

Gu Xia nodded and continued, “Since they want to enter the food delivery industry, they must have studied us, so their content must be the same as ours. What we should do is to see if there is anything we can learn from their platform, and make our service better.”

“Thank you.”

Gu Xia took the coffee Li Ke had poured for him, took a sip and continued, “I just mentioned that our platform needs to be optimized. Then which are the areas that require the optimization? You managers should figure it out”

“I think we still need to work hard on the service of merchants and riders.” Li Ke, director of operations, suggested.

“I don’t have any suggestions, I’m only responsible for optimizing the platform.” Xiong Xiong spread his hands and commented. As a technical talent, he didn’t understand these business matters at all.


The four department managers all expressed their opinions one by one. Gu Xia nodded, they all got to the point. Gu Xia then turned to Xu Fan with a smile and said, “Brother Xu, do you have any good suggestions?”

“I also think that service is the most important thing, but food safety is also very important. I have been thinking about this recently. I come from a real estate background, so I really don’t have a clue about these things.” Xu Fan took a sip of coffee, shook his head.

“Hehe” Gu Xia smiled and said, “Brother Xu, you just need to control the overall situation. Our company has so many talents, so anything can be solved.”

After finishing speaking, Gu Xia continued, “What you all said is quite good. Let me summarize it. You should remember it well. It will be implemented from tomorrow. First of all, the rider must be strictly regulated. From now on, every rider must go through a week of training. What is the training? It will mainly train their service attitude and time concept. When users order food, what they see is the rider. Therefore, the riders of our company must give people a good service attitude, including the concept of punctual delivery. Li Ke, you can contact the clothing factory and ask them to customize the clothes worn by our riders, both in winter and summer. The clothes themselves don’t need to be too eye catching. Only he logo with the words “Are You Hungry?” must be eye-catching. After the design is finished, send it to me and Brother Xu to take a look, understand?”

“Yes1” Li Ke responded.

“Wang Wei, your advertising department needs to increase its advertising investment. We must make people across the country quickly understand and use our APP.” Gu Xia said to the advertising department manager. After speaking, he turned his head and asked Xu Fan, “Brother Xu, does the company still has enough funds!”

“Don’t worry! It’s absolutely sufficient. Wang Wei, you go prepare all the reports. After Mr. Gu and I read them, you’ll spend all your money on advertising, alright?” Xu Fan had been very anxious because of what happened in the past two days, so he was also in favor of this decision.

“By the way, Brother Xu, don’t you know the bosses of Ten*ent and Al*baba? You can make an appointment to have a meeting with them and add our takeaway to their software. We should try to collaborate with Q*Q or Al*pay. If we can get both that’ll be the best. If it doesn’t work, we can add one. Their traffic is terrifying, and they can give us a huge boost, so you should talk to them about it.” Gu Xia suddenly thought of something, and said to Xu Fan.

Didn’t El*.me and Me*tuan become industry giants relying on the traffic of Al*pay and W*Chat in his previous life?

“Okay~ I’ll make an appointment tomorrow to see if they’re free.” Xu Fan nodded and said.

“Xiong Xiong, you can add a scoring system to the background, not only for merchants, but also for riders, so that users can score directly if they are dissatisfied after eating. That way, we can also know which merchants and riders do well, and those who do not do well, alright?” Gu Xia said to Xiong Xiong, the manager of the R&D department.

“Okay! I promise to complete the task.” Xiong Xiong replied loudly.

Next, Gu Xia gave a few more details about what needed to be paid attention to, and went to his office with Xu Fan. Everyone else went back to their homes, after all, it was already early morning.

“Gu Xia~ You have such talent, why don’t you just stop studying, and take care of this company! I’d better go into real estate and leave this one to you. Doing this thing makes my head dizzy.” Xu Fan told Gu Xia as he poured himself a cup of tea and laughed.

“Brother Xu might be saying that, but aren’t you managing the company very well? I’m just helping out with small things. I wouldn’t be able to do it if I had to manage the company! You are the big boss! You have been running the company and have a talent for managing people. You are better at this than me. It would be better if I still continue studying honestly and come to help when you need me. Also, wouldn’t it be the same when I graduate from university and then come to the company?” Gu Xia shook his head.

“You… how about I find a house for you so that you can move to the capital? That way you can come to the company more often, right? Didn’t you see that guy Xiong Xiong yelling for you to guide their work every day? And the other managers are also very convinced. If you moved here, you could come to the company to have a look when you have nothing to do.” Xu Fan said helplessly, then looked at Gu Xia. 

Gu Xia frowned and began to seriously consider. Looking at that, Xu Fan didn’t push him anymore, and waited as he slowly sipped his tea.

Gu Xia carefully thought about the matter. In fact, the idea was not bad. It would be a good choice for him to come to Shan*hai to study. After all, Shan*hai was much more developed than Jian*bei. If he transferred here, he could not only take care of the company, but also increase his own experience in management and operation. He could also increase his knowledge about the industry. 

Gu Xia had always stayed in Jian*bei in his previous life, where he studied, went to work. He lived there even after getting married. It was time to change his life.

His parents were still young, and the traffic would be developing more and more in the future. He also had a car, so he could go back to see them at any time.

“Alright, Brother Xu, please help me arrange it! I’ll come here to study after the Ch*nese New Year.” Gu Xia said to Xu Fan.

“Good, you are making the right decision. You can meet more useful people in Shan*hai. Shan*hai and Be*jing are the places with the most talented people in the country. Things can’t go wrong here.” Xu Fan laughed.


“By the way, how is my grandfather doing?” Xu Fan asked.

“I haven’t seen grandpa since the holiday, but I went to see him on the day of the holiday. He is in good health. You guys should go visit him more if you have time. He is old and lonely, so he certainly hopes that his children and grandchildren go to see him more.” Gu Xia said.

Xu Fan nodded and said, “Yes! I will go to Jian*bei to visit the old man in two days.”

Gu Xia talked with Xu Fan for a while, and went to the hotel with the hotel key card that Xu Fan had booked for him in advance.

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