Chapter 85: A Loan Shark (part 2)

“No, don’t look at it!”

I failed to read the explanation because Shael hurriedly covered the sign with her body.

It was a bit suspicious to say the least, but then again, she often found it fun to needlessly disturb me.

Still, I was a bit intrigued because of her sudden intense reaction, but I didn’t try to check it forcefully.

I planned to check it again someday, but right now, I wanted to spend time holding Shael’s hand.

I couldn’t even open my mouth because of the atmosphere and grabbed Shael’s hand. However, Shael naturally opened her mouth as if she had completely forgotten about the incident from just before.

“It took you long enough…”

Again, she said something that was beyond my scope of comprehension, and before I could ask, Shael added.

“You have to pay the interest…you have to pay it back.”

‘So it was about a ki*ss.’

She had asked me to repay my so called “debt” in ki*sses before. But I put it off because of her blushing face.

“It was ten ki*sses, and roughly five hours passed….if the amount doubles every hour, then…”

Feeling bewildered at Shael’s words, I couldn’t help but ask, “Less than four hours have passed. Even so, why the hell does the amount double every hour?”

I did promise to pay her back with interest. But that didn’t included the fact that the amount would double in an hour.

Shael didn’t care and just ignored my question. She seemed to be too focused on the calculations as she opened her mouth.

“The amount should be 320.”

‘320!? Where did she get that from?’ 

Well, it was not an impossible amount. But, kissing someone 320 times sounded a bit absurd.

‘Won’t our lips wear out?’

However, Shael continued talking as if she didn’t care about my worries, “Hmmm…the number 320 is a bit inconvenient…”

The expression on Shael’s face changed, and at first glance, I identified it as the classic sneer of a villainess. 

However, it still seemed quite cute smile in my eyes. Nowadays, Shael would often glare at me from time to time as well, but I thought of them as her own clumsy way of expressing her affection.

As I was lost in my thoughts, Shael opened her mouth, “1,000 times would be nice.”

Her words prompted me to look at Shael with a bewildered expression. As I was taken aback by the unexpected claim, Shael spoke up as if she was making an excuse.

“As they say, more is better.”

“There is also a saying that too much can be bad.”

Shael didn’t respond to my words. She just continued to stare, and before I knew it, the distance between us had gotten smaller. And adding to that, Shael also stuck out her face.

It was the kind of situation where I was unable to refute Shael’s words anymore.

It was also the moment when 1,000 ki*sses turned into 999 ki*sses.

The atmosphere was quiet and warm, and a thought passed through my mind in that warm silence.

Whatever the situation, if Shael asked for it, I wouldn’t hesitate to ki*ss her.

Shael should have known that too. And so, she had created this situation.

It was because she was shy. So she decided to go through so much trouble so that she could ask for a ki*ss while enduring the shame.

It was an absurd way of thinking. But even that made me feel that she was cute.

Shael carefully removed her lips and locked her eyes with mine. Then she showed a sweet smile. 

I, too, couldn’t help but smile in return.

“There are still a lot of them let…”

Then she approaches me as if urging me to pay her back.

Then I suddenly had a strange thought, ‘It would be better to call her a loan shark than a villainess…’

As if to prove me right, Shael suddenly added,

“Ah, that number is 2,000 now. Because it feels like six hours have passed.”

Of course, there was no way that six hours had passed. So naturally, Shael was lying.

It was like that before, so I’ll try to put it aside. But, where the hell did the ki*ss we just finished go?

It was clear that Shael had intentionally ignored it.

This time, Shael initiated the ki*ss. And again, our lips locked.


It was a debt that turned from ten to two thousand in a matter of hours. I was also not allowed to do any kind of protest. Also, any amount that I paid back would be ignored.

That’s right, Shael was a vicious loan shark. It was so absurd that it didn’t make any sense.

But the one in debt was me. So of course, I had no choice but to welcome it with open arms.

‘Two thousand ki*sses.’

She already had my heart.

Since I had already given her everything, I had nothing to offer as collateral. 

But…I must pay her back.

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