Chapter 90: The Kingdom Project XXVI (part 2)

However, the feeling of fear began to settle in the hearts of the Sakiel Knights as they were unilaterally being trampled on by their enemies despite being at an overwhelming numerical advantage. None of the Sakiel Knights thought of retreating or running away yet. 

Although they suffered damage, the confidence and advantage of belonging to a large army was not so easily lost. Behind them, a force several times the number of those who had died so far was marching ahead, and they had to move forward as well.

However, even so, it was not easy to muster up the courage to move forward where the cavalrymen were being slaughtered. 

The Black Legion had already annihilated 10,000 allies with deadly momentum. In such a situation, the eyes of the Sakiel Knights naturally turned to the place that seemed like the weakest.

“That way! Let’s go to the side of the castle gate!”

“That…yes! The defenses are so lax over there! Let’s go through the gate and attack the city!”

Recalling that their ultimate goal was to destroy and ravage the city anyway, while at the same time convinced that there would be no space to create such a solid square in a cramped city, the Sakiel Knights’ large army started running toward the castle gate, ignoring the camps of the Black Legion located on both sides.



A young girl’s lively voice was heard.


In response, Prince Robert of Hangury was looking at the miserable situation unfolding before his eyes with a frown. 

After the card game, which had resulted in his constant defeat, the stubborn prince had switched to chess.

‘But to be defeated like this…well, I will definitely win with the next move…’

Still, the Prince was confident in his ability to win. 

However, against this girl named Yuria, he was experiencing the feeling of being a jumping frog and getting eaten by a snake.

‘I thought she was naive, so I wanted to take advantage. Ummm…but I have to counterattack…’

The girl had already taken out all his pieces, and in the end, Robert had only one choice.

‘I have no choice but to give up the flesh and protect the bones.’

Robert moved the queen to block the opponent’s attack. Then, he carefully looked at Yuria’s eyes. She was looking at the chessboard in front of her with twinkling eyes, and for a moment, Robert could feel it—the fearsome hunter’s presence contained within those eyes.

“Good! Checkmate!”


At the unexpected declaration, Robert took a closer look at the chessboard once again. And, he finally came to understand. The act of her clumsily trying to reduce the damage was actually a trap she had set for her opponent.

“What… how could I be so weak in chess…”

“What are you so surprised about? I’m sorry to say this, but your moves were so simple that they were too easy to deal with. You only know the standard moves, and you know almost nothing about the variables. Even when we played the card game earlier, it always felt like that.”

“Is that…so?”

Prince Robert showed some bewilderment at Yuria’s words. 

Seeing his response, Yuria slowly picked up her knight and said, “Your moves are obvious, honest, and straightforward. Of course, that’s not a bad thing. Whether playing games or working in the world, basic rules must be followed. But…”

With those words, Yuria used a knight to knock the king. Then she looked at Robert, who was staring at his king which had collapsed on the board, and spoke in a quiet voice, “After the standard moves, you need to come up with your own moves. In order to survive, you have to compete and take advantage of the situation you are in, right? You need to come up with your own tricks which does not to deviate from the rules. In this way…”

With those words, Yuria shook her knight which had captured the king in her han. 

Hearing her words, Robert put on a dazed expression for a moment. He had only learned what the right path was as a prince who would lead the country. In order to become the ideal monarch and to protect his country, Prince Robert had learned only the standard moves from books and competent teachers. However, to him, the things this girl named Yuria was telling him was something beyond that realm.

‘My road… not just the standard…but the road I thought of and created…’

While Robert was seriously contemplating the issue, Yuria tidied up the chessboard and slowly stood up.

“Anyway, thank you, it was quite fun thanks to you.”

“Ah…are you going to stop?”

Robert felt a bit regretful about her intention to leave. 

Looking at his reaction, Yuria said with a smile on her lips,

“Honestly, I want to play more, but it seems that the situation has come to an end.”


At that, Robert slowly got up from his seat, noticing that it was starting to get a little noisy outside.

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