Chapter 91: The Kingdom Project XXVII (part 1)

When it comes to doing things, human beings are instinctively drawn to what seems easier.

Of course, there are many people who prefer difficult challenges and feel the thrill in them, but if it is a matter directly related to life and death, unless it is a very unusual case, they naturally choose the easy and safe path.

In that respect, the Sakiel Knights’ choice at this moment was very natural.

Instead of the solid formation of the Black Legion, which had already sent their 10,000 allies to the other world, they turned to the place where the castle gate was located, which looked much more flimsy.

“Great! After all, those guys aren’t moving at all!”

“What are they doing? Are they stupid? No matter how hard your formation is, if the castle falls, you will be finished as well!”

“It’s really stupid to leave such an important place empty!”

The Sakiel Knights laughed at the Black Legion, which didn’t move at all even when they almost arrived at the gate.

Of the remaining 80,000 men, 30,000 troops had already crossed the bridge, and about 10,000 of them had almost arrived at the gates.

The Black Legion was not able to cover the castle wall with their formation, the side of the gate was empty, and they thought that if they entered it, they would win.

Of course, if any of them were familiar with a large-scale war like this, things would be a bit different. If there were a certain number of people who could calmly question the current situation without being swept away by the atmosphere even a little bit, they would probably have stopped and questioned the current situation.

The Black Legion had annihilated 10,000 of their allies without much damage even though they were numerically inferior. Until now they were showing an overwhelming force, so why did they become so disoriented all of a sudden?

It was definitely not the influence of the chaos that the elder had said. Clearly, something else was on the agenda. They must have their own strategy, which meant that the current situation was likely to be a clever trap set up by the enemy.

Those who thought so were not rare among the Sakiel Knights. But, in spite of that, they could not act to stop their comrades or halt their own steps.

Small-scale battles and gang fights in narrow alleys, or at most, large-scale scuffles in the square, were their usual fare. They had never experienced moving with tens of thousands of people, not even dozens or hundreds of people, and they didn’t know how to act in such a situation.

No matter how strange they felt, what could they do?

Even when they tried to stop, other Sakiel Knights clad in armor were already swarming in front and behind, shouting endlessly. Their voices could not be heard, and even if some were stopped, the risk of being crushed to death by tens of thousands of allies rushing from behind was greater.

No matter how many warnings were flashing in their heads, they had no choice but to run forward in silence. They hoped their hunch was wrong, praying that the Hangurian soldiers were really stupid and there was nothing in front of them.

Unfortunately, their ominous premonition came true very precisely.

After the relentless march, the forces of the Sakiel Knights finally entered the wide plaza right in front of the lifted castle gate. At that moment, what they saw in front of their eyes as they rushed inside expecting a certain amount of resistance was…

“What…what is that?”

“That…no way…no!”

What they saw was nothing like soldiers setting up camp.

It was gold coins, silver coins, and jewels and other precious treasures were lying on the ground. There was even expensive silk and jade.

As a result, the Sakiel Knights in the lead rushed towards them, throwing their weapons aside with eyes wide open.

“That…it’s a gold coin! It’s really gold!”

“Why are all these things, from silver coins to jewels, scattered here?”

“Who cares! Let’s pick them all up! We’re going to wipe it out before more come behind us!”

In the next moment, the Sakiel Knights ran frantically toward the front.

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