Chapter 91: The Kingdom Project XXVII (part 2)

The Sakiel Knights, who had completely let go of the tension that had been keeping their formation together until just now, began to completely lose discipline.

Moreover, the phenomenon began to spread to others who arrived after them.

“What’s going on?”

“They said they picked up treasure! I think they found it on the floor?”

“What are you talking about? Why is there treasure in a place like this?”

“I don’t know, maybe the Hungurians ran away and left it behind…oh! That guy over there found something again!”

“Damn it, we came all this way through hardships, but only those guys got their share? What’s this!”

The Sakiel Knights complained about the leading group that unexpectedly made a fortune in one stroke.

At that time, the faces of some people who got treasure and were smiling in glee began to come into the Sakiel Knights’ view.

“What is that guy…aren’t they guys from the Bayern area in our neighborhood?”

“He used to be our enemy, and now look at him smiling like that…”

The moment they thought that far, another thought suddenly popped into their heads.

Even though they were temporarily allied, they would have to oppose each other again over their interests after the war was over. But now, their would be enemies had their hands full of treasure instead of spears and swords.

Shortly after reaching that point, the Sakiel Knights looked back at the faces of their friends around them and nodded.




“What… what is it?”

“Arrgh…what are you doing!”

The Sakiels of Bayern expressed their bewilderment at the sudden surprise attack of their allies.

And, a cold smile began to bloom on the lips of the Sakiel Knights who attacked them.

“Shut up, weren’t we supposed to kill each other in a few days anyway? We’ve occupied the castle. This flimsy alliance ends here!”

“Damn! These dirty bast*rds betrayed us!”

“K!ll them all! We can’t die here!”

The Sakiel Knights suddenly started fighting among themselves over the treasure. It was a situation that was not particularly strange as they used be enemies from the start, and their belief that they had broken through the gate and achieved their goal made them express their hostility toward the other factions that had been suppressed in the meantime.

“What the hell are those guys doing?”

“Looks like they’re fighting over the treasures?”

“Hey! Someone go and stop it, now we’ve only crossed one gate, but what is this…”

There were quite a few who started to fight in such a way, oblivious to the present situation.

The lack of restraint among the allies was enough to draw the attention of the Knight Commanders. However, before they could do anything to get their forced back into formation…




A sudden loud noise was heard.

The Sakiel Knights turned their attention away from the battle, but it was already too late.

What they saw was the scene where the gate they had just passed through was closing. The gunpowder planted in advance exploded and automatically closed the gate, and a heavy feeling of fear suddenly began to settle in the hearts of the Sakiel Knights.


“K!ll them all! Begin the attack!”

Hangurian palace guards and militia appeared from roofs and walls with shrill voices. In their hands were spears, bows and arrows, as well as cannons!

However, before they used them to attack…


“This…what is this again?”

“Fuuarhgh…gunpowder! There’s gunpowder under our feet! Aaagh!”

Gunpowder and explosives suddenly started to explode everywhere.

The soil under their feet was exceptionally black compared to other places, and the smell was also unusual. It had gone unnoticed due to the treasure and the chaos among the allies.

However, when they noticed this, it was already too late.

The gunpowder that started exploding as the castle gate was closed began to turn the plaza in front of the gate into a sea of fire.

At the same time, shells and countless arrows poured down from above. After about 10 minutes, not one of the Sakiel Knights who had entered the castle was still breathing.


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