Chapter 92: The Kingdom Project XXVIII (part 1)

Iscal, the commander of the Sakiel Knights who was commanding the battle in the highlands, felt a darker shadow begin to fall on his face, which had been quite confident at first.

‘What…what is this…something feels strange…’ he thought.

He was the one who gave the order to attack right after the confusion that Mr. Bahamut had promised him.

The camp of the Black Legion, which had been established in an orderly manner, was in a state of disarray, and even the gates that were firmly closed had been lifted.

From Iscal’s point of view, this seemed like the enemies had literally stuck out their heads, asking for their death.

However, as Sakiel’s offensive had just begun, the Black Legion seemed to have already sorted out the situation. This was clearly evident from the annihilation of the cavalry immediately after.

Until then, he could understand it, albeit with difficulty. Knowing the Black Legion’s strength from the first engagement, it wasn’t unreasonable to think they had quickly sorted out the situation and launched a counterattack.

‘Still, no matter what, the gates were open as promised. There is no reason for our soldiers to lose once they get inside. Street fighting is Sakiel’s specialty…’

In a narrow and complex city, no matter how great an army was, it was impossible to fight effectively as they would on a plain.

On the other hand, for the Sakiel Knights, who made a living fighting in such environments, the battlefield in the city was overwhelmingly advantageous.

Iscal believed that this time, given their greater numbers, they would be able to seize victory.

However, his confidence began to turn into heavy anxiety right after a large army of over 10,000 rushed into the castle.

The castle gate closed with an explosion, and the loud cannon fire that followed was alarming.

Since then, the gate had not opened again, and the allies were surrounded by the Black Legion with the walls and gates intact.

‘Something…something’s wrong! It’s clear that Bahamut proceeded as he said. No matter how much our side lacks war experience, how can this be happening…’

The promise that Mr. Bahamut had secretly made to him had come to pass: the confusion of the Black Legion and the opening of the gates.

With that much, they were sure they would be able to secure a victory. But even though all of that had materialized, the Sakiel’s large army and Iscal were only accumulating damage without inflicting any significant harm on the enemies.

‘That Bahamut…no. There’s no reason to blame him. Actually, he kept all his promises. But why? Why are we being pushed back? Could it be that we were that weak? Even with a large army of 90,000, we couldn’t even deal with the Black Legion of only 20,000?’

He knew that the Sakiel Knights were not bad as an individual force, but their war experience was mediocre.

Despite this, Iscal had no time or method to compensate for that.

While gathering the troops, it was difficult to even agree with the other elders, and even if they reached a consensus, only a few of their plans were actually put into practice.

Most of the Sakiel Knight Commanders objected to the training part, refusing to have their subordinates mix with other knights who were like their enemies. It was an excuse to avoid creating camaraderie that might deter their subordinates from fighting each other later.

‘Even so, I should have forced them to train, regardless…’

Iscal himself had no experience in war and was under the illusion that they would win simply by advancing with brute force. This was because no matter how well you plan your formation and tactics, the results don’t show in just a few fights.

However, through this war, he was paying a very high price for his stupidity, and the settlement of this was still ongoing.


Another sound of explosion was heard.

Iscal looked at it with trembling eyes, and his complexion began to harden again.

The explosion just before had destroyed the bridge the Sakiel Knights were crossing.

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