Chapter 93: The Kingdom Project XXIX (part 1)

The Sakiels across the river began to abandon their weapons, and those remaining on the other side quickly lost their will to fight. Confusion and fear gripped them as they realized the hopelessness of their situation.

“Uh… what should I do?” Someone asked in panic.

“What else can we do? Of course, we have to run away! If we continue like this, we will end up like that too!” Another replied urgently.

“The Black Legion didn’t even suffer any significant damage after k!lling 50,000 soldiers on our side. Do you think the likes of us would be their opponents?”

Earlier, they had thought of the Black Legion as mere scarecrows, only empty shells without substance. Now, the Sakiel’s viewed them as formidable and terrifying foes. They realized that staying here meant either death or ending up as prisoners.

Terrified, the Sakiels threw down their weapons and began to flee. 

But then, a new threat emerged.

“What… What are those”

“ way…are those reinforcements?”

Ten thousand soldiers bearing different flags than the Black Legion appeared in front of them. 

These were the relief forces requested by Hangurian King Mohichi from other regions. The Sakiels were now stranded, unable to decide on their next move. Behind them, temporary pontoon bridges were being swiftly constructed.

At the same time, the Black Legion soldiers began crossing the newly built bridges, advancing towards the Sakiels. 

Realizing that the object of their fear was right in front of them, the Sakiels made a quick decision.

“Ha…I will surrender!”

“Mo… please spare my life!”

Even though they still had numbers on their side, the Sakiels knew they had no chance of winning. Open resistance would only lead to needless death. 

As the Black Legion soldiers looked on, the Sakiels surrendered. Cheers of victory erupted from the soldiers of the Hungarian relief forces.


“We won!”

“It’s our victory!”

The soldiers expressed their joy fervently, but Gerard, unlike the others, remained vigilant. 

“Commander, we won!”

“All of this is thanks to His Majesty the King and the Commander. And…Mr. Bahamut.”

“No, it’s not over yet.”


“That… what more…”

Gerard’s words were confusing, and the soldiers expressed their doubts. 

Seeing them, Gerard spoke with a serious voice.

“Prepare swift horses and horsemen to follow me. Before the heads of our enemies run away, we must capture them.”


“Okay, I’ll follow you!”

The generals who understood his meaning immediately went into action. 

Gerard, as the commander-in-chief, drew his sword, which he had not wielded properly throughout the war, and smiled with anticipation.

‘Finally, I’ll get to personally cut down one or two enemy soldiers…’


“This… like this…how did it end up like this?”

Watching the surrender of all remaining troops, Iscal fell into deep despair. 

His aides spoke urgently.

“Grand Elder! You must escape!”

“This place is dangerous now! Soon, they will be flocking here too!”


Iscal was torn between anger and despair at his aides’ words. Despite his worst failure, he couldn’t just throw everything away.

‘Yeah… it can’t end like this. It only failed once. I must return to my base, gather my resources, and then flee to another country to regain power…’

As a Sakiel, hiding in the shadows was his second nature. Concealing his identity and going into hiding was familiar to him. He believed he still had a chance to make a comeback, especially with the support of his patron, Princess Elios.

Resolving to escape, Iscal got up and began to leave with his subordinates. 

But then…


“Keep it off!”

“What… what? What’s going on?”

Suddenly, cries of pain and confusion erupted around him.

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