Chapter 93: The Kingdom Project XXIX (part 2)

Hearing the screams coming from behind, Iscal’s face began to turn pale. 

And… the person he saw right after that…

“Are you Iscal?”

“You… yes…that…that’s right…”

A middle-aged man with a large body, holding up a half-dead Sakiel Knight, asked in a chilling voice. 

Who he was, Iscal already knew very well.

“You…you…Gerard? How did you…get here…”

“Of course I came to catch you.”

With those words, Gerard threw the Sakiel Knight, who he was holding on the ground. Right after that, Hangurian generals rushed out from behind him and surrounded Iscal and his entourage.


“It is over now. If you come quietly, your life will be spared.”

Iscal was perfectly surrounded with no room to escape. In this situation, where it seemed that all of his bodyguards had already been slaughtered, he threw the sword he was holding onto the floor, recognizing that any further resistance was futile.


Hangury’s capital Budipet. 

At the result of the war, which ended in victory, the whole city was filled with cheers. 

Some of them took up arms to defend their country. Some of them were earnestly praying for the victory of their country at home. But at the moment, everyone was enjoying the joy of victory as one. 

Cheers and songs resounded through the city, and voices of praise for the heroes who led the war to victory were raised.

“Hurrah! Drink, drink! Today it’s all on me! A1cohol and meat are all good, so just go ahead!”

“Who is this! Aren’t they the soldiers of our proud Black Legion! Come on, come and sit down! If you want something to eat, do so to your heart’s content! Money? What money will I want from the heroes who saved their country? Enjoy your day to the fullest!”

People celebrated the current situation to the fullest, escaping from the situation where they felt so anxious and tense, and at the same time they felt deep joy. 

However, there were also those who were not able to enjoy the current victory comfortably even in the situation where everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves.

“So… you couldn’t save the princess in the end?”

“Sorry, Your Majesty!”

“Please punish us!”


The soldiers kneeled in front of their King and apologized.

Looking at them, the King wiped the tears from his eyes, trying to suppress his sadness by any means.

“How… how could this be? Now everything is back to normal…now all that remains is to enjoy this victory to the fullest…how can such a tragedy…”

King Mohichi lamented in a voice of pain. The report of the search party’s failure, which he put on his last hope, forced him to accept the current situation.

The Sakiel Knights’ detached unit broke into the royal castle during the war. They kidnapped Princess Leira and subsequently tried to slaughter other nobles and royals, but thanks to Mr. Bahamut’s intervention, they managed to kidnap only the princess and then escaped.

In response, the King tried to find the princess with all possible means, but in the end, all he found were the princess’ accessories and the hem of her clothes found in the ashes. 

As a result, the king had no choice but to accept the words of Mr. Bahamut and his servants that the princess was killed by the Sakiel Knights who were enraged by their defeat in the war.

‘I’m sorry… I’m really sorry, my daughter… I couldn’t protect you as a father…’

The King shed tears while hugging the hem of his daughter’s coat, who was no longer in this world, and Bahamut left the King in such deep sorrow and left the hall. 

Even though he was in a position to know the whole truth, Bahamut personally felt some sympathy for the king.

‘I know the pain of losing a family member. Even if she was a traitor who deserved to be ki1led ten thousand times, at least she was the king’s only precious daughter…’

After feeling a little confused with that thought, Bahamut started moving towards somewhere without caring about Princess Leira anymore. 

The war was over, but he still had a lot of work to do. 

And one of them was…

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