Goblin’s Reviews

Hello! Goblin here~

As I decided to do some reviews, I thought that I should give my reading background.

I first came in contact with Light Novel around 2012-2013, through an app in playstore called Bakatsuki. Before that I was already a full-fledged anime guzzler. Anyways, I started with Mushoku Tensei (WN), as it had the most translated chapters, and I have never stopped ever since.

Later, around 2014, a quick google search introduced me with the CN translated novel “A Step Into the Past” (it was a hard*core harem) in cnet, that got me hooked to CN novels. Then in the same place I found novels like “Stellar Transformation”, “Coilliing Dragon” (pre-WW) and the story continued to a future (now) where I would pick up translating myself.

So, yah…I can safely say that I’ve read a lot.

For the ease of understanding, I have created a term called “Soy Sauce Threshold”. This refers to that point in a Light Novel (JP) where the protagonist suddenly craves for Soy Sauce and manages to find one in one way or another. I have observed that most stories begin to go downhill once they cross this threshold. I will be using this term in my reviews a lot.

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