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Yu Ci: (the protagonist) Entered the Shuangxian Sect (Twin Immortal Sect) at the age of 9, escaped at 14 to become a wandering cultivator, and later entered the Lichen Sect under the guidance of his benefactor Yu Zhou. However, he left soon after Yu Zhou’s demise.

Earthly Immortals:

Dao Ancestor: One of the Five Great Divine Lords, born before heaven and earth, independent and immutable, transcending myriad tribulations.

Buddha: One of the Five Great Divine Lords, born before heaven and earth, independent and immutable, transcending myriad tribulations.

Primeval Demon Lord: One of the Five Great Divine Lords, co-ruler of the demons from beyond, with myriad incarnations.

Rakshasa Ghost King: One of the Five Great Divine Lords, with a female form but fond of women, especially notorious for her laziness and pursuit of excitement.

Wu God: One of the Five Great Divine Lords, perpetually dormant according to legend, leading to the decline of the witch path.

Note: There seems to be an error in the mention of six divine lords in Chapter 71. It should be noted that in Chapter 399, it’s mentioned by Fang Hui that “there are still divine lord positions. Since the ascension of Rakshasa Ghost King, the five divine lords in heaven and earth have remained unchanged for twelve kalpas. But now, it is heard that some people are seeking to add a few more positions after the five divine lords, making them six divine lords or seven divine lords. There are always seven or eight people who qualify for this. They are:

Qu Wu Jie: Before the fifth Tribulation, he was the master of the Sword Pavilion. Wielding the Sword of Xingtian. His original name is not this, but because he was hailed by the sword cultivators as the “Sword Ancestor Without Tribulation” at the time, praising his cultivation to the limit of the world, where all tribulations of heaven and earth could hardly harm him, he was named “Without Tribulation,” while his original name was forgotten. He was one of the initiators of the Western Expedition of the eight thousand sword cultivators.

Yuan Dao: One of the nineteen sword immortals of the Western Expedition of the eight thousand sword cultivators, who retreated eastward after the defeat in the West, followed by hundreds of celestial Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, and hundreds of millions of Buddha soldiers, chasing relentlessly. The peerless sword immortal Yuan Dao, wielding the Xuanhuang Killing Sword, single-handedly held off the pursuit from the Western world. Shortly after his return eastward, Yuan Dao fell to a demonic Tribulation and was buried in the Sword Garden.

Zhan Long: One of the nineteen sword immortals of the Western Expedition of the eight thousand sword cultivators, currently trapped in the Eternal Abyss.

Hao Dian: One of the nineteen sword immortals of the Western Expedition of the eight thousand sword cultivators, the former master of the Taiji Invisible Sword, proficient in the art of slaying gods and demons, known as the unparalleled “God-slaying, Demon-slaying, and Monster-slaying.” Originally trapped in the Eternal Abyss, he has now escaped, rebuilt his physical body, and transformed into a five or six-year-old girl.

Lu Chen: The first person after the Western Expedition of the sword cultivators to pass five tribulations, a top-notch figure under the heavens in terms of straightforwardness. In his life, when facing enemies, he always just strikes with one punch, shattering everything, whether it’s a divine body or a sun spirit, all crushed to dust… He once battled with the Demon Sect and, with a blow of the “Primordial Thunder Mallet,” caused a hundred miles of land to collapse into a lake, causing countless casualties among the Demon Sect disciples. Since becoming Dao companions with Lady Huang Quan, he settled in the southern country, built the Donghua Palace, and lived freely without asking about external affairs. However, in his prime, he was invincible in the northern regions, even the top-notch sects like the Eight Sceneries Palace had to give him some face.

Wuliang Xukong: (Immeasurable Void) One of the avatars of the Divine Lords, not included among the six divine lords, but enshrined in the fundamental stronghold “Taiyuan Hall” of the Northern Demon Sect, worshipped by people, and possesses boundless divine powers. Currently trapped in Lu Chen’s palace after being seized by Qu Wu Jie. Later, he was slain by Brother Yu Ci with a single sword.

Great Brahma Demon King: The foremost figure of the Blood Abyss and Ghost Mansion, revered as the first disciple of the Primeval Demon Lord, alongside the Immeasurable Void Divine Lord. He is known as the “Supreme Demon King Fulfilling Wishes of Brahma.”

Mother of Tai Xuan Demons: The top figure in this realm, having survived three times four nine-fold tribulations, achieving the status of an Earthly Immortal. However, compared to her cultivation, people in this realm admire more her ability to train disciples. She probably began to recruit disciples towards the end of the last Tribulation. Over a thousand years, she has only accepted three to five disciples, but even the worst among them is at the level of an Immortal. They have made a great name for themselves in this realm, especially her eldest disciple, Yu Qing Xuan, showing signs of surpassing her. After the battle with Rakshasa Ghost King in the Tianlie Valley, she was captured by Rakshasa and used in a transaction with the Great Black Heaven Buddha Mother Bodhisattva to suppress the dynamic changes in the Five Elements Eight Pillars. She was then manipulated by Rakshasa to become a channel connecting the Six Realms’ cycles and the repercussions of backlash, and was asleep in the Bilo Heavenly Palace. Later, an agreement was reached between Fishbone and Lady Huang Quan to consider her the leader of that system.

Ten Directions of Mercy Buddha: One of the Buddhas of the Buddha Kingdom during the Western Expedition of the three thousand sword cultivators. He was defeated but not killed by the sword of the No Tribulation Immortal, but disappeared after one Tribulation, rumored to have been destroyed by the thunder of the Lightning Tribulation Sword Intent, and is now extinct. In fact, he was already demonized and eventually disappeared along with the Great Black Heaven.

Tribulation Immortals:

Fang Hui: The only Great Tribulation Immortal of the Lichen Sect.

Jiang Zhen: The current sect master of the Lichen Sect.

Elder Yuxu: One of the three Tribulation Immortals of the Lichen Sect.

Dong Hou: During the great battle between the sword cultivators and the Western Buddhist sect, he was a famous sword cultivator. He was already a Great Tribulation Immortal before his death, especially skilled in various sword techniques, including some secret transmissions. Dong Hou’s temperament was more open-minded. When he died from his injuries, he bore no grudges, so the arrangements for his tomb were relatively conventional. Anyone who came to worship at his grave had a good chance of gaining insights into sword techniques through the refining of sword intent.

Yu Qing Xuan: One of the most outstanding individuals since the last Tribulation. He achieved the Great Tribulation proficiency after a hundred years of cultivation, surpassing four nine-fold tribulations. When the Great Devil Mother of Tai Xuan seized the Divine Seal of the Jade God Cave from the Upper Clear Sect, she noticed Yu Qing Xuan’s exceptional talent and impulsively decided to take her as a disciple, making her the chief disciple. During the battle between the Great Devil Mother of Tai Xuan and the Rakshasa Ghost King, many powerful beings ambushed Yu Qing Xuan. Among the seven Tribulation cultivators in the ambush was a master of Tribulation, but Yu Qing Xuan swiftly slaughtered them all. Later, she challenged the Great Devil Mother of Tai Xuan while learning from Ye Bin, achieving Earthly Immortality in one stroke. She excels primarily in the Grand Void Shift technique.

Gui Lingzi: (Cultivation level unknown, temporarily categorized under Tribulation) He is the ancestor of the Eastern Branch of the Demon Sect, akin to the renowned “Shadow Devil” Liu Guan, who earned great fame together. Despite being from different regions, they coincidentally shared the same birthdate and time, which led to their acquaintance and mutual respect as senior brothers. When Liu Guan was being toyed with by Lady Huang Quan, Gui Lingzi was the first to stand up for him. This friendship remained strong even when Liu Guan was imprisoned in the Blood Abyss and Ghost Mansion. In the final volume, he sacrificed himself to please the Devil God, achieving the title of “Great Yuan Vow Oath Devil King.”

Lady Huang Quan: (Cultivation level unknown, temporarily categorized under Tribulation) Lady Huang Quan originates from the superpowerful faction, the Primeval Devil Sect. Among the forces known as the “ancestors of ten thousand demons,” Lady Huang Quan stood out as the most striking figure, possessing both breathtaking beauty and formidable abilities. Many powerful figures, including Liu Guan, fell for her charm. She later defected from the sect and married the Eastern King of Demons, Lu Chen. The details provided above are unclear, so let me clarify. Lady Huang Quan is a central figure throughout the entire book due to her innate characteristic of having a heart devoid of any feelings. She began planning to leave the sect while serving as the main celebrant of the Primeval Devil Sect. Her true self was already a master of Tribulation. After leaving the sect, she participated in various schemes involving the Great Black Heaven, Can Luo Ni, and the Rakshasa Ghost King. Later, she married Lu Chen but incurred his displeasure due to her unscrupulous experimentation on her daughter. He sealed her cultivation and imprisoned her in a hut. After escaping, she reincarnated as the illustrious Madam of the Maritime Trading Company, receiving widespread praise. She later willingly joined Brother Yu Ci but was struck down by the protagonist due to the incident involving Lu Qing. However, she didn’t die but was instead suppressed in the void of the protagonist’s heart. Later, after the Equalizing Pearl was perfected, she was suppressed in the Equalizing Heaven.

Liu Guan: Liu Guan came from an extraordinary background and was already a prominent figure in this realm over a hundred years ago. Despite later falling victim to a plot that greatly diminished his cultivation, he still possessed the abilities of a true immortal. It is said that Liu Guan had an extremely high opinion of himself and acted recklessly. He was manipulated by Lady Huang Quan, who used him as a tool in the Primeval Devil Sect, causing him to offend almost everyone. However, he thought he was being clever and wanted to enjoy the favors of beautiful women. Unexpectedly, when circumstances changed, Lady Huang Quan defected from the sect and married the Eastern King of Demons, Lu Chen. Liu Guan’s pride suffered a severe blow, and he sought revenge but was easily injured by the old demon Lu Chen and fled in embarrassment. Under repeated stress, his mind collapsed, and his soul suffered heavy damage. Eventually, he became insane, leading to his abandonment by the divine lord and expulsion from the sect. Now, he has returned with the cultivation of a Great Tribulation. 

True Immortals:

Lu Suhua: A rising star in the cultivation world, known as the Sunshine Fairy, she is comparable in fame to Ye Bin of Half-Mountain Island (Banshan Island). Although she doesn’t have the same level of praise as Ye Bin, she is still undoubtedly a talented individual. She is the daughter of Lu Chen and Lady Huang Quan.

Yang Zhu: Among the three generations of disciples of the Four Bright Sect (Siming Sect), he is the most dazzling figure, brimming with talent and proficient in both Confucianism and Taoism. He is also considered one of the top figures in the entire cultivation world. The first time he appeared in the Northern Region, he had the cultivation of a true immortal. By the third part of “Inquiry into the Mirror,” titled “Sowing the People,” he had achieved the cultivation of a Tribulation law. Later, when the Four Bright Sect encountered demonic corruption, Yang Zhu single-handedly took on the responsibility of preserving the sect.

Cultivation System:

Qi Cultivation, Qi Breathing, Enlightened Apertures, Divine Connectivity, Core Refinement, Void Stepping, True Immortal, Tribulation, Earthly Immortal.

Qi Cultivation: It’s about refining the body through endurance, guiding breath, both internally and externally, to cultivate a sense of qi, known as “refining essence into qi.”

Qi Breathing: This refers to a rich sense of qi, forming internal breath and true energy. Between every inhale and exhale bursts forth immense strength, permeating the body, promoting bodily transformation. At this stage, ordinary people can extend their lifespan to a century and a half, living up to one hundred and fifty years.

Enlightened Apertures: Although there are no major breakthroughs in the physical body, nourished by True Qi, the soul of the individual grows stronger. Gradually, the spiritual apertures open, leading to some miraculous spiritual responses. At this level, with the right materials like cinnabar and peach wood, supplemented with symbols, spells, and shamanic practices, one can perform feats like controlling the weather and summoning thunder and lightning.

Divine Connectivity: It involves the clear understanding of the structure of the soul, refining its nature, elevating its level, until the Yin soul is refined and the spirit can travel outside the body.

Core Refinement: It’s the fusion of the soul and vital energy, merging form and spirit, undergoing nine cycles of refinement to form the golden core. This leads to rebirth, refining the form and spirit to the human limit, extending lifespan to three hundred years.

Void Stepping: At this stage, cultivators can fly without relying on external objects. It’s also the beginning of “shedding the mortal shell.” From this realm, one begins to cultivate the “essence of the void,” gradually increasing lifespan, nurturing the “true form.” On the level of the soul, the transition is from the Yin soul to the Yang soul.

True Immortal: Achieving the “true form” and “Yang soul,” aside from tribulations like warfare and slaughter, one’s life and death are indefinite, with an extended lifespan. However, usurping the laws of heaven and earth and stealing the natural vitality inevitably draws the envy and Tribulation of heaven.

Tribulation Immortal: Any true immortal who survives a heavenly Tribulation can be called a Tribulation practitioner. At this level, tribulations constantly assail, but with each one overcome, one’s supernatural abilities grow. Small tribulation grant small powers, while great tribulation bestow great powers.

Earthly Immortal: After enduring at least one cycle of the great heavenly Tribulation lasting three thousand and six hundred years, those who survive with their cultivation intact have reached the pinnacle of cultivation. The heavenly tribulations can no longer affect them, theoretically allowing them to share the same lifespan as heaven and earth.

These six realms constitute a clearly marked path to immortality. Divine Connectivity, Core Refinement, and Void Stepping are the “Three Steps to Ascension,” while True Immortal, Tribulation, and Earthly Immortal represent the “Three Difficulties of Longevity.” Combined with the initial mundane cultivation stages of “Mundane Three Obstacles,” it forms a comprehensive system of cultivation realms.


There are standards for evaluating cultivation levels: Scholar, Confucian, Sage, Philosopher, and Saint, corresponding respectively to Divine Connectivity, Core Refinement, Void Stepping, Tribulation, and Earthly Immortal realms.


Buddha is comparable to Earthly Immortals and Divine Lords; Bodhisattvas and Arhats are counterparts to Tribulation Masters. Both achieve enlightenment and the ultimate fruition of great powers.

Extradimensional Demons

They form their own system, different from cultivators. In the cultivation world, they are classified by threat level into the categories of No-Birth Thought, Aggregated Yin Evil, Heavenly Exterminators, and End Dharma Lord, or simply as Thought Demons, Shade Demons, Tribulation Demons, and Demon Lords. This classification also corresponds to the inner demons cultivated by cultivators, with Heavenly Exterminator Demons equivalent to top-tier True Immortals.

Formless Heavenly Demon is the highest among heavenly demons, transcending material existence, effortlessly evolving. While individually not weak in combat, they rarely engage directly. When provoked by human thoughts, they seize the opportunity to infiltrate, residing in the mind, targeting its weaknesses. Moreover, they can rely on the external appearance of humans, harnessing human power for their own use.


True Realm

The True Realm is one of the vast worlds within the Great Thousand Worlds. Within the True Realm, there are relatively independent cave heavens and secret mansions. The True Realm is in contrast to the Outer Domain, details of which are unknown, but it likely includes other Great Thousand Worlds and Minor Thousand Worlds. Typically, various worlds are separated by void space, where countless demon lords roam. The worlds most closely linked to the True Realm are the Blood Abyss and the Ghost Mansion. In the Tianlie Valley, there are two world passages that bypass the void directly. Additionally, the Heavenly Sword Immortal once traversed the Garden of Swords, slashing through three thousand worlds, forming numerous fragmented world passages.

Cultivation Realm

The Cultivation Realm traditionally divides the entire world into “East” or “West” or “North” and “South.” Geographically, this realm is divided into North and South by the Broken Boundary Mountain Range, the Cloud Mountain Range, and the Cang River. The Broken Boundary Mountain Range is adjacent to the Tianlie Valley and serves as one of the boundary markers dividing the East and West Cultivation Realms. It’s also the origin of the two major rivers in the world, the Cang River and the Liro River. The Cloud Mountain Range, situated at the center of the world, boasts the richest cultivation resources. The Cang River originates from the Broken Boundary Mountain Range, flowing from west to east, nearly traversing the entire Cultivation Realm, gathering thousands of tributaries into rivers, ultimately flowing into the Eastern Sea. However, traditionally, or in the consciousness of cultivators in this realm, the so-called “South” is much narrower in scope. It refers to the area south of the Cang River, east of the middle and lower reaches of the Liro River, or the southeastern part of the Cultivation Realm. Similar to the Cang River, the Liro River also originates from the Broken Boundary Mountain Range, and its tributary, the Ba River, flows outside the city of Juebi. As the second-largest river in this realm, it is more winding than the Cang River. Its main stream originally flows eastward but turns southward midway, dividing the geographical south into two. On both banks of the Liro River are two different worlds. On the west bank of the river are the infamous dangerous Great Thunder Marsh and the Six Barbarian Mountains, where monsters and demons abound. On the other side is the southeastern water system known as the “Six Lakes and Three Rivers,” where various crafts flourish, and sects abound. The three lakes in the north consist of the Ringed Lake, the Five Chain Lake, and the Washed Jade Lake from south to north. Especially, the northernmost Washed Jade Lake is a rare source of superior jade in the cultivation realm.

Gale Belt

From about ten to thirty miles above the ground lies the legendary “Gale Belt.” Not only is the air thin and bitterly cold, but the Gale Wind of the Nine Heavens blows fiercely year-round, penetrating through to the bones, invading every pore. Apart from those high-altitude birds born with natural cold resistance and wind protection instincts, ordinary cultivators who have not reached the stage of Core Refinement cannot resist the invasion of the gale wind. Unwittingly, they would be invaded by the gale force, causing fundamental damage. Above the Gale Belt is the “Azure Descent,” a realm known only to groups of Tribulation cultivators who have transcended the Void Walking realm. As for the details inside, even Yu Ci is not clear. According to rumors, cultivators who have not reached the Void Walking realm, let alone fly up, would turn into ashes in an instant if they did, with no chance of survival!

Blood Abyss and Ghost Mansion

The so-called Blood Abyss and Ghost Mansion are places where all the ferocious and murderous aura between heaven and earth condenses into reality. It’s also vast and boundless. Over the past tens of millions of years, countless monsters and demons have been born from this ferocious aura, each cruel and bloodthirsty. They fight endlessly in the Blood Abyss and Ghost Mansion, with no end in sight. In terms of cruelty, the so-called Yellow Springs Underworld pales in comparison. There are nine regions and thirty-six layers. It’s difficult for them to connect with each other.

Garden of Swords

The Garden of Swords is an extremely peculiar place. It is located in the Broken Boundary Mountain Range but extends far beyond the void. Legend has it that it was twisted from the original tomb of two supreme sword immortals using immense divine power. Therefore, geographically, although the range of the Garden of Swords is estimated, the actual size of the space inside is unpredictable, making it difficult to grasp. Surrounding this vast and peculiar space is a unique prohibition, covering the entire Garden of Swords with unimaginable divine power. Anyone attempting to forcefully enter will face the strongest counterattacks from all the residual sword intents buried in the garden, including the power of the two sword immortals! Buried in the Garden of Swords are two sword immortals, fifteen Tribulation masters, and several True Immortals and Void Walking cultivators.

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