Tyrant Hero and the Black-hearted Demon King

Tyrant Hero and the Black-hearted Demon King: Reincarnated into the Present from the World of a Legendary Trashy Game

Author: Kagari Izayoi

Chapters: 15 (complete)

Translation Method: Edited MTL


Tyrant Girlfriend and Black-hearted Boyfriend?

The battle for love, for the survival of the world, is about to begin!

He says he doesn’t want her to die because he loves her! Your ‘love’ is just too heavy!

Rumi, who works at a university, is always looking for “him” in the crowd. “He” is a character from the legendary game “Ragnarok Fantasy: Dragons’ Battle” and Rumi’s fated lover may have been reincarnated in the modern world. He is the “Demon King” Yuto, the last boss of the game.

Chapter List:

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