Prologue: Possession

“You have six months left.”


That much time the man had left. He panicked and asked the doctor.

“It’s a joke… right?”


What came first, was denial. He called the doctor a quack and visited every hospital across the country.

“Not possible in our hospital…”

“It’s too late…”

‘All of you are quacks! What did you study for all your life? You can’t even fix this one disease.” As he was wandering around like that, the man met a person who offered to cure his illness.

Of course, it was a scam.

He squandered half of the money he had saved in his life, then locked himself in his room with a gloomy heart and slept all week long.


After starving himself for a whole week, he got back some will to live. After all, after six months, he will be gone anyways, so he ordered pig’s feet and ate it with his hands and shed tears.

“Why do you have to do this to me? Why?”

He even prayed to God. 

“There were a lot of other guys, so why me? Growing up without parents, I worked all my life, and I wanted to be a little happier now, why? Why!”


He drank the whole bottle of alcohol. Perhaps all of his nerves had already died, so he didn’t feel intoxicated even when he finished a whole bottle.

“Yeah, let’s get myself together.”

On the 100th day after he was given the deadline, the man was finally able to accept everything. But accepting death didn’t change anything dramatically. Some say that one should write things like bucket lists at times like this, but he didn’t have any hobbies like everyone else had. The only thing he did do was play mobile games in his spare time at work.

A game suddenly came to mind, and he picked up his smartphone and connected to the game. Games that had been ongoing for a long time were still holding a pickup event for new characters to suck money from the users.

He poured most of the money he had left in the game thinking it would be his last game.

He would spend everything for these three months, leaving only money to play and eat.

By pouring so much into it, he collected all of the 5-star and 4-star characters he couldn’t normally dream of, and that wasn’t enough, so he succeeded in raising all of them to the highest level.

It was a waste of time to work and make a living, so he couldn’t even try to do anything else. But when he reached the top, he immediately felt that he had wasted his resources.

“I want to live.”

The man fell asleep without realizing it as he lay on the bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

And then, he woke up!


There was a loud beeping sound in his head. Hearing that notification that felt like his head would explode, and he opened his eyes.

“Ugh! What…the”

When he opened his eyes, floating in the air in front of him was a square window that he had often seen on his phone screen.

[Attendance Check Reward!]

[You have acquired 100 Soul Power!]

“What is this?”

It was as if he had entered the game!

Goblin: This is going to be my next project. I will make the release regular as soon as I am done with Reborn with my Wife.

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  1. interesante. ya saben si mueres puedes rencarnar en tu gacha favorito XD. seguiré está novela, está muy joven aún .

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