Survival in Another World with My Mistress! (LN) Review

Author: Ryuto

English Publisher: Seven Seas

[Disclaimer: This review is based entirely on my personal opinions and does not contain any sort of bias towards the novel, its origin and the author in general. You are welcome to agree or disagree. And, you can also comment your own opinions in the comment section.]

Reading Status: Volume 3

Rating: 4/5


I’ll be honest with you, my relationship with Japanese light novels has not been going all that great for quite a while now. Especially the recent ones with their cookie-cutter characters and cliche plots had me utterly disappointed. I never quite understood their obsession with dense, asexual, beta protagonists. Or, why would they think that a constant string of misunderstanding is good comedy. I never understood why the protagonists have to be a delicate, angelic yes-man with the willpower of a goldfish. And, I guess I’ll never understand.

However, all is not lost. There are a few authors who stand out with their exceptional storytelling and managed to bind my interest in Japanese light novels with a thin yet durable thread. The author of this novel, Ryuto, is one of them.

As far as I know, Ryuto has published Three novels, one complete and two ongoing. Survival in Another World with My Mistress! — is his most recent work.

Why do I like Ryuto’s novels so much?

The answer lies within this statement from one of his protagonists, “It would be shameful for a man to reject the advances of a woman.” 

This should tell you a lot about the protagonists created by the author Ryuto. In Ryuto’s novels, the protagonist usually gets to have s*x within the first few volumes. Usually, there will be a certain point in the plot where the female protagonist makes advances and the protagonist (unlike others)  will simply accept it, and their relationship will continue to develop from that point on.

It’s the same for the novel Survival in Another World with My Mistress! 

The protagonist is suddenly transported to another world, and he reacts like a normal person. He panics, feels afraid of this strange situation and eventually like any intelligent person, he tries to keep himself calm. He tries to use his knowledge from playing survival games to survive. He analyses the situation he is in and acts in a level headed manner.

Then he suddenly finds his ability, which he tries of analize, find out the logic behind it and test it out in various ways. In simple words, the protagonist is not mindless. He does not immediately believe the person he met for the first time, and takes his time to get to know them first. He uses his brains to make appropriate decisions in times of danger. He is a true survivor. The protagonist does not just slave away passively, everything he does, he has his reasons for it. This is a man who knows how and when to say the word— “NO”.

All the other characters are the same. They can think. They have their own agendas and plans. They take their time to judge and then interact with the protagonist.

The female protagonists didn’t fall in love with him at first sight. They take their time getting to know each other well. The harem forms naturally, and there’s a reason behind it. There’s also a proper structure in the relationship.

There are little to no silly misunderstanding, blueballing, and co*ckblocking. The protagonist is a straightforward man. If he thinks that he should say or do something, he immediately acts on it. It is the same for the female protagonists. And, that’s what makes this novel (and the authors other novels) so different.

The world building is nothing special. It’s got everything a fantasy world should have. The plot itself is nothing revolutionary either. Some might even find it bland. But, it is certainly not predictable, and has its fair share of mystery and surprises. 

Yes, it is not without its flaws but nothing is flawless. What makes this novel stand out is the author’s willingness to break away from the trend and do something different with his characters. And, I greatly appreciate that.

Verdict: Recommended

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