Hi! I am Goblin.

I am a student and also work part-time to earn a living. I am a huge fan of web novels and wish to share some awesome novels with you all.

First and foremost, let me explain what is a good novel for me:
1. Intelligent characters. Not only the protagonist, but also the female protagonists, antagonists and the notable side characters.
2. Character development.
4. Good and mature writing from the author. He has to be able to write well thought out stories. The character interactions have to be interesting. And give relevant information where it’s needed, with a fair amount of mystery. You know… to keep me interested.
5. No female protagonists should be forgotten. They have to be more than just dolls. They should have brains.
6. World building has to be well thought out. I do like it if it’s a Kingdom building novel.
7. Since it’s a harem novel, the romance between the characters has to be satisfactory. Not some kind of mindless hypnotizing incident, where they fall as soon as they see.
8. The plot has to follow a certain logic. The world within the novel has its own logic, and the plot of the story should follow it.

And that pretty much covers it all.

Currently, I am translating in my free time, but sometimes it gets quite difficult. So, any amount of support I get will help me a lot and keep me motivated. The more motivated I am, the more I will be able to translate. So, please consider donating if you can!
Thank you!

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