Chapter 102: Disgust (part 1)

A few minutes passed. 

It was only then that Shael released my eyes.

“Since when have you been following me?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

I didn’t know how Shael knew where I was. However, it was clear that she had the means to track me down, and even if she didn’t, she could easily have followed me.

Anyways, the important question right now was something else…what if Shael had been following me for a long time?

She might know what I did to the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince.

‘Well, it doesn’t it matter even is she knows…’

Besides, Shael might even like it. Because Shael hated the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince as well.


Clie wanted to speak up, but then looked at me and Shael, and remained silent as if she couldn’t find a way out of the situation.

And so, the silence continued, until I broke it.

I pulled out a rope I had prepared in advance. It was a rope so strong that it couldn’t be easily untied or cut even with magic. Of course, Clie, whose body was in a weakened state, wouldn’t be able to do that.

After tying Clie’s wrists with the rope, I tied the other end of the rope to a sturdy-looking pole. To guard against an unexpected situation, I also removed all the magic tools and scrolls in the hospital room. It was to keep Clie from escaping while I was away.

“What, what are you doing!”

Ignoring Clie’s plea, I took Shael’s hand and led her outside.


I opened the door to the hospital room and came out. It was necessary to achieve the purpose I had in mind in advance. Currently, due to the Imperial Festival, there were only a few imperial knights left around the hospital.

Of course, it still didn’t make sense that there would only be a few knights in the hospital of the imperial palace.

‘It must be because of the Crown Prince.’

That crazy obsessive male lead would have hated the fact that there were other men in the building where Clie was. That’s why he put Clie in a quiet place such as this one. 

In fact, it would be more correct to call this hospital a building near the imperial palace rather than the imperial family’s hospital. 

That’s why there were no knights except for the entrance. Placing the knights at the entrance was for the purpose of security, and that was the extent that clown could allow.

“Where are we going?”

“I’m looking for something…a door to be exact.”

And, as I had expected, not far from the hospital room, I saw a majestic looking door. 

Even at first glance, it looked like it would be a door of a room used by a high-ranking person. Of course, only the Crown Prince could use this room. 

I opened the door, easily dispelling the protection magic. And I was able to achieve my purpose as soon as I entered the room. 

It was a diary.  

A diary that seemed to have been written by the Crown Prince was lying on the desk. In the diary, there should be names of people close to Clie, as it was in the original novel.

‘As expected.’

I found a list full of some familiar names, along with their relationship with Clie . There were also names that were crossed out. The owners of those names were people who had “disappeared” due to unknown reasons. As expected of that idiotic male lead, he was ki1ling men who had a close relationship with Clie one after another.

[Eran Baslett.]

It had my name as well. 

The names that were not yet crossed out belonged to the people the Crown Prince judged dangerous to deal with, or he would deal with later. Anyways, the information would be useful. But, I couldn’t take the diary with me, so I wrote the names of people close to Clie on paper and kept it with me.

I was also quite surprised with how he wrote the nature of my relationship with Clie in the diary. He seemed to have thought that we were quite close.

Of course, that couldn’t be more far from the truth.

Anyways, I was doing something suspicious, so I expected that Shael might ask what I was doing, but she just stood next to me in silence.

I was a little touched. It meant that I had her unconditional trust.

“That should be enough. Let’s go back to the hospital room.”


Unsurprisingly, Clie was still confined to the hospital bed. Now I would have to make her unconscious and take her to the Baslett family for further punishment.

“Ah, ugh!”

I was about to untie the rope, but had to stop, because there was an intruder.

Tak! Tak! Tak!

No one was supposed to have access to this place, but it seemed someone still came here. 

Before long, a voice was heard from outside.

“Clie, are you feeling well? I brought some good food to help with the fever.”

It was a voice I knew. It was Kaeson, the leader of the Imperial Knights, one of the most outstanding knights in the Empire. 

From what I saw in the prince’s diary, he was a man who was quite close to Clie. He still some use to him, so the Crown Prince hadn’t ki1led him yet.

“Ka, Kaeson!”

“I heard voices in the hospital room, so I though you woke up.”

If I don’t think of a solution soon, Kaeson would probably open the door and come in.

As if to prove that statement to be true, Kaeson’s knocking on the door intensified.

‘As expected, there were quite a lot of people she had seduced.’

Anyway, the situation was dangerous. 

I wouldn’t lose to Kaeson, but if I had someone to protect, the situation would change.

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