Chapter 113: Marriage (part 2)

I thanked Duke Jespen and held Shael’s hand.

I felt Shael’s warmth. I could feel the warm support from our parents gazes, and not only that, but everyone at the wedding hall was sending their fervent blessings.

Then we stopped in front of the Bishop of the Holy Land who would be officiating our wedding.

The Bishop opened his mouth to say all the good things he was supposed to say.

Even though it was disrespectful to the Bishop of the Holy Land, my ears were completely oblivious to the words he was saying with such passion. 

The reason for that was all my attention was now set on Shael. That seemed to be the case for Shael as well.

Shael sent me a look, as if she was trying to say something.

[Why don’t you concentrate!]

I was able to interpret the meaning of that look even if I couldn’t hear her.

[Isn’t it the same for you?]

I also told Shael with a lool of my own.

I could see Shael frowning slightly, as if she had understood what I was trying to convey.

[Your face is red. I think you’re really nervous.]

[Speak for yourself.]

We had several more of such conversations that we could convey without words. We could hear the beating of our hearts louder than the voice of the officiant. It must be the same for Shael as well.


And finally, I was able to hear something. To be exact, I only heard one word.

I knew at least that it was time for Shael and I to kiss each other.

I turned her head towards Shael. Shael was already looking at me and raising her head.

At some point, Shael’s and my lips touched. 

Only then did my tense body calm down, and my trembling hands became firm. My ears, which had been unable to hear anything except for the sound of my heart, became so sensitive that I could even hear the flow of air, and even more warm heat enveloped my body.

A sweet and hot kiss. 

A lovely kiss that could fill the pure white Holy Land with the love of Shael and I, full of colors.

It was an infinitely long, satisfying kiss.

* * *

What came after, was a repetition of our happy daily life.

Shael and I were eating dessert together. 

Across from us sat Duke Jespen. In front of him, was a single dessert as Shael had allocated, and in

front of Shael and me, there were piles of desserts.

‘Isn’t this too much?’

I felt pity for Duke Jespen, who was thrilled that Shael had given him a piece of her dessert.

Then Shael handed me a cupcake and she said, “This is delicious. Try it.”

It was as Shael said. In my opinion, these cupcakes were quite delicious.

I also held out one of Shael’s favorite cookies and held it out to her.

Shael took the cookie into her mouth, munching on the cookies as if to savor the sweetness. Then she frowned and shook her body.


There was no way Shael would hate my cookies. In other words, there mush be something was wrong with Shael.

I calmed down and patted Shael on the back. I

Usually, Duke Jespen would’ve rushed to get the Azbel family doctor right away. However, this time his eyes opened wide, and his mouth hung open.

“Ho, maybe…!”

Duke Jespen gasped in astonishment. 

And that astonishment was transferred to me before I knew it. Then a possibility came to my mind.

‘Couldn’t it be a child?’

But that couldn’t be the case. Because Shael and I had put off our family plans.

Except for that one steamy night, she had been on birth control.


But, as if denying my thoughts at once, Shael’s nausea came again.

I didn’t have time to think further. 

When I came to my senses, the Azbel family physician called by Duke Jespen had already arrived.

The results came quickly.

“Good news! It is as the head of the household said, the Young Lady is with a child!”

It was a news with an impact that could make everyone in the Azbel family faint.

* * *

I was sitting on the sofa and looking at Shael’s belly. 

I couldn’t believe that there was a small life in that small place.

We were about to have a child.

I would finally be able to see Ruelle.

I laughed at the happy though. Yes, the family plans that we had planned in advance have been disrupted, but what about it?

The important thing was that I would become a father.

There was just one thing I was curious about. 

As we had planned, we tried to avoid having a child as much as possible.

‘Was it possible to have a child just from one night?’

Anyways, it was a very happy thing. I couldn’t wipe away the smile on my face . 

But still, I asked Shael to satiate my curiosity.

“I am very happy. But haven’t we been using magic tools to avoid having children?”

Shael nodded her head. Certainly, we used magic tools.

“Ah, maybe the magic tool was defective. It would be a good idea to check it in case we need to use it again someday.”

Shael tilted her head, opened her mouth.

“The magic tool is fine.”

‘So you’re saying that I misused the magic tool?’

Shael opened her mouth to respond to me, who was suspicious.

“It must have happened on that night.”

“So the first time we…”

My memories of that night was fresh. That night when we drank wine and lost control. Still, I had maintained a bit of my reason, and had only proceed after Shael had confirmed that it was a safe day.

“Didn’t you say it was a safe day?”

“It was.”

I became even more curious. But seeing Shael nodding her head even now, it didn’t seem like she was telling a lie.

“What could’ve happened?”

When I raised my question, the expression on Shael’s face changed.

The corners of her mouth went up, and formed a naughty smirk. Then she gently stroked her belly, as she shamelessly proclaimed.

“It was a safe day to have a child.”

Honestly it was an enchanting sight. I cherished the scene before me and looked back at our past memories.

[Shut up, you bit*ch.]

It all began with an insult…along with a promise to rehabilitate the wicked woman.

But now, I didn’t consider that woman a bitch.

She was now my one an only wife.

“How shameless…”

I looked down to tease Shael. However, Shael was already asleep.

‘Isn’t this unfair?’

Still, it was a Shael-like thing to do, so it didn’t matter much. Rather, I liked Shael’s shamelessness and found it quite lovable.

I felt the wind blow. So I got up to close the window. I didn’t want Shael to catch a cold.

Out of the window, I could see the horizon stretching far and wide into the distance.

The stars above were loftily emitting light.

Even though it was far away, the starlight coming through the window felt quite soothing.

The starlight enveloped us. As if blessing the birth of a new life.

The window was closed. Nevertheless, the starlight filled the room with a happy atmosphere.

I hugged Shael who was lying on the bed and closed my eyes. It seemed that the warmth we felt at the wedding hall was still covering our bodies. The warmth that would never be lost.

In the future, whenever I look back on the warmth of that time, happy memories will come to my mind.

So, eternal and endless happiness will be with us in the future.

We will have a family full of happiness, and sometimes we will have trivial arguments, but in the end we will laugh and talk.

I was sure…

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  3. aww, this was a cute novel and couple???????????? also, the “It was a safe day… to have a child” is kind of an underrated twist, haha, I loved and love this

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