Chapter 115: Side Story – Running Errands I (part 2)

[Ruelle’s POV]


Ruelle shook her head, waking herself up from the reverie of fun.

She had almost forgotten today’s goal while looking at the flowers!

‘I have to buy milk for as an errand!’

However, Ruelle’s goal wasn’t just completing the errand. It included examining the environment outside the Baslett family’s mansion, which she didn’t get to experience that much.

Ruelle increased her speed, trying to somehow engrave the scenery around her with eyes. Suddenly, she saw passers-by passing by.


Like her daddy said, she didn’t skip greetings. The people tilted their heads because she was wearing a luxurious dress, but Ruelle didn’t care. She was just doing her best to follow her father’s words.


[Ruelle, friends are important, so it’s good to try and make friends with good people.]

Ruelle, finally recalling her father’s advice, turned her gaze and looked around her.

“Oh, how are you?”

She tried to talk to the ant that was roaming below, but the ant didn’t talk like they did in the fairy tale.

Ruelle looked around her once more. But she couldn’t see a child her own age.

When the disappointed Ruelle let out a weak sigh, someone came into her field of vision.

It was a girl with brown hair.

She seemed much older than Ruelle, but that didn’t make her an adult.

‘That’s it!’

This was a rare opportunity!

A chance to make a friend. Someone not from another aristocratic family who only valued her for her status.

“Hi! Wh-what’s your name?”

Ruelle cheerfully greeted the girl with great enthusiasm. It was a perfect greeting, even though she almost stuttered her pronunciation.

“I-I’m… Kanna.”

But the answer wasn’t perfect, as the girl responded in a trembling voice, filled with fear.

Feeling strange about the fact, Ruelle raised her head and looked more closely at Kanna. 

Kanna’s gaze was pointing to Ruelle’s dress.

It was only then that Ruelle realized what was wrong.

At the moment, she was wearing a pure white dress with blue frills. It was something that only nobles could afford to wear.

‘What should I do?’

At this rate, it would be impossible to make friends. Kanna wouldn’t even properly look at her, and continued to stand still with a lowered head.

First of all, Ruelle decided to tell a harmless lie to make a friend.

“I-I picked this dress up off the ground!”

“Yes, yes!?”

Admittedly, telling a lie was harder than she thought.


Ruelle took a brief deep breath.

After calming herself down, she looked at Kanna with great expectations, but the other party didn’t seem to believe her words.

Well, a dress she picked up from the ground wouldn’t be this clean. There was no way a dress like this would’ve been left on the ground.

‘What should I do, Daddy?’

She tried to call her father internally, but there was no answer. What she heard instead was Kanna’s nervous voice.

“Are you Lady Ruelle of the Baslett family? I remember seeing a glimpse of you at a festival before…”

Apparently, making friends was quite the difficult ordeal.

However, Ruelle didn’t give up and earnestly spoke up, “I am not Ruelle Baslett!”

In order to make herself sound convincing, Ruelle decided to double down on the lie.

Ruelle looked back at her memories.

‘When Mommy lies to Daddy, what does she do? Yes! She pouts her lips each time and looks away.’

Ruelle was able to figure out right away that it was a lie, but her Daddy, Eran, kept getting fooled.

Ruelle chewed on that fact, pursed her lips, and looked away.

“Duke of Baslett is not my Daddy!”

She even pouted after she said it. It was a perfect lie!

However, seeing that Kanna still didn’t seem to be convinced,  Ruelle took another breath and added more lies.

“My Grandpa is definitely not the Duke Azbel!”

After that, Ruelle gasped for breath. To her, telling lies was more difficult than using magic.

However, there was one other thing that suddenly popped into Ruelle’s head.

[Ruelle, you shouldn’t lie.]

It was something her Daddy used to tell her quite a lot. Because of that, Ruelle had no choice but to open her closed mouth again.

“Actually, my Daddy is Duke Baslett.”

Ruelle’s confident expression went through a drastic change.

“It’s also true that my Grandpa is Duke Azbel…”

In Ruelle’s head, her perfect lie had crumbled to pieces.

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