Chapter 117: Side Story – Overwork (part 1)


I let out a heavy breath and put down the exercise equipment. It was my habit to exercise just before the sun started to rise.

After becoming a duke, I was very busy, but I still didn’t stop.

“Daddy, I want to go to Azbel Estate!”

“Okay, let’s go today.”

Still, after seeing Shael and Ruelle’s face, the fatigue in my whole body disappeared completely.

“Oh, I want to visit the place where Mommy and Daddy got married!”

“Since it was at the Holy Land, it would be difficult to go there right now.”

Ruelle pouted, then nodded her head and hugged me.

I couldn’t help it. Because I was too busy to go to the Holy Land. Still, I should be able to go as far as the Azbel Estate.

“I want to go…”

“Then, I’ll replace it with a story for now.”

“A story?”

I had prepared many stories to satisfy Ruelle. They were about how we confessed again in front of the statue of the Goddess, and made a wish on a large tree.

I passed on those memories to Ruelle.

Thanks to Ruelle’s lively reply, we were able to have a satisfying conversation with each other.

“What was written on the wish attached to the tree?”

“I wished to start a happy family together.”

Ruelle expressed her admiration with a sparkling gaze. 

Then I suddenly remembered something else. My wish was similar to Shael, but Shael had attached two wishes. Then what kind of wish did the other piece of paper have?

I was curious about the answer. So I looked at Shael with a questioning gaze, and soon after, Shael noticed it.

However, I didn’t get an answer right away.

“I am very curious.”


I wanted to find out somehow. Likewise, it had also sparked Ruelle’s curiosity.

“Mommy, I want to know!”

Shael still respond with a silent refusal. W

However, Ruelle, who was quick-witted, had her won methods when it came to dealing with Shael. Her bright eyes turned teary-eyed, and she said, “Hnng, I’m curious…”

The crying performance was excellent. 

If it were me, I would have given everything to Ruelle while facing such a weapon. 

However, Shael’s personality was strong.

Not even Ruelle’s cuteness could defeat Shael.

* * *

After finishing the happy conversation with my family, we began our preparation to leave the mansion.

I gave some dessert to Shael and Ruelle and climbed the huge Baslett family’s carriage together.

From now on, the day began in earnest.

The first task of the day was a visit from the Azbel family as Ruelle wanted.

The destination was soon in sight, and I looked at the Azbel family’s mansion, which was extremely familiar to me by now. 

Before we even entered the mansion, we found Duke Jespen welcoming us with a wide smile. And his eyes were fixed on Ruelle.


“Ruelle, you have grown so much since I last saw you!”

“Didn’t you see me a week ago?”

“Yeah, that’s right…. but in my world, it feels like years have passed.”

Duke Jespen, who made a sentimental remark, hugged Ruelle. The smile did not disappear from his lips.

At the same time, he used most of his magic to cast a protective magic circle on Ruelle.

Duke Jespen cared for Ruelle to an extreme level, and Ruelle too always reciprocated this with a smile and a display of cuteness.


Madame Enella called Ruelle quietly. Ruelle left Duke Jespen’s hug and went to Duchess Enella.


Even when Duke Jespen called for Ruelle with all his might, Ruelle was already in Madame Enella’s arms.


Then Duke Jespen brought out a thick book, and began to read. It was a book unlike anything I had read before.

Despite such show of effort, I only offered a small silent prayer for Duke Jespen, who had Ruelle’s love taken away by Duchess Enella.

“Ruelle. Do you know what this is?”

Duke Jespen, who put the book away, took out a bribe. In his hand, there was now a box full of drawing tools that Ruelle would love.

“Wow, I heard crayons!”

“Yes, it is a gift, so accept it.”

Duke Jespen seemed to be expecting Ruelle’s happy expression.

Just looking at Ruelle’s smile would give him satisfaction, but it didn’t quite go according to what Duke Jespen had expected.

It was because Ruelle suddenly became busy with the crayons.

While Duke Jespen was depressed, Ruelle was just scribbling here and there on a paper with a crayon.

“It’s done!”

Feeling rising anticipation, I looked at the picture drawn by Ruelle.

“Uh, um… that’s really well drawn.”

“Yes, Daddy!”

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