Chapter 61: An impatient villainess (part 1)

(G: This chapter might seem a bit confusing to some, but trust me there is a reason why its written this way. Everything will make sense by chapter 63.)

Baslett Mansion.

It had the usual bright atmosphere all around.

And, the ducal family was having a conversation in the dining room, as usual.

“Is it true that you succeeded in mastering the Aura, Eran?”

“Yes, Father.”

My father looked at me proudly. Even my mother, who was next to me, was looking at me happily.

Then my mother opened her mouth, “How did you end up mastering it?”

“I can’t say that…” I can never say it! The fact that I succeeded in mastering the Aura while being angry at Shael’s provocation.

“As I said, I mastered my Aura while thinking of Daria. Then you…”


At the same time, my father smiled and looked at me. The reason he brought out that fact in this situation was simple. He meant that the success of my Aura had something to do with Shael.

I couldn’t help but nod my head. Because it was true.

“As expected.”


“Go to Shael quickly.”

I was kicked out without much resistance.


“You are late.”

As if thinking back to what happened last time, Shael mocked me and accused me of being late. 

I, of course, didn’t take it seriously and just answered causally, “I’m not that late.”

I mean, I really wasn’t that late in the first place.

“How long are you going to speak to me that way? You’re not a child.” She complained.

“Do you not like that about me?” I asked in return.

Of course she wouldn’t like it. If you want to be respected, you have to respect the other person first. 

However, that wasn’t the case when it came to Shael, my fiancée.

She had a personality worthy of being called a villainess. She had all kinds of eccentric hobbies, and she also had a strange mindset.

I couldn’t help but think back to the past.

[How are you feeling today?]

[I was feeling quite good. Seeing you made me feel sick.]

[I see…]

It was a time when I was being harassed by this wicked woman on a regular basis.

From sudden insults, to utter disregard of my feelings. She used to act rude to the extent that it was hard to believe that she was the daughter of a Duke.

The villainess Shael treated me as a target for venting her anger. And, she did it for one entire year!

So I decided to change as well.

[Please stare at the wall today.]

[Fu*k you!]

[…. what did you… just say?]

[Can you keep your mouth shut? If that’s difficult, should I sew it with my sword?]

Thinking back to that time made me laugh. Because Shael’s reaction was really interesting.

[Wha… what!]

[I’m not good at sewing, but if I do it with a sword, I think things will go well. After all, I am quite adept at the art of swordsmanship.]

The day, I expressed my anger at the villainess for the very first time. 

And starting from that day, everything changed.

It was quite difficult at first, but after some time, I got used to the role.

If Shael wanted to bully me, I would bully her back, and sometimes I did it even before she could.

It took us a while to get to the state of relationship we currently had with each other.

If there was problem… it would be that Shael and I both had strange tastes.

In other words, we were a perfect match… and it didn’t take us long to became closer and closer. 

It was really something absurd.

“So, what is your wish?”

“What wish?”

“You said that if I succeed in mastering the Aura, I will have to grant you one wish.”

‘I didn’t forget. But to think she actually forgot.’ Thinking that to myself, I laughed at Shael.

Shael, unaware of my thought, said with a grin, “First, make me some dessert.”

“Didn’t you say you found a dessert shop that has a dessert that tastes similar to mine?”

“It wasn’t exactly the same. And, a commoner I dislike goes to that dessert shop all the time.”

So she wasn’t going to go the anymore. In that case, I should just give her the dessert as a reward.

As usual, I brought out a dessert for Shael.

“Is that enough?”


While eating the cupcakes, Shael muttered something to herself and then shook her head.

“You’re acting like that again.You should have given me some. What a pig.”

“Then drink this.”

Shael handed me a bottle of strange juice. 

The juice had a color that made you feel the bitter taste just by looking at it.

‘What is this?’ Anyway, whatever it was, I was sure that would never like it.

“I don’t want to.”

“Drink it.”

‘Was it something poisonous?’ Nope, that’s not the case either. I already applied poison detection magic, but I couldn’t feel any poison.

In fact, it was impossible to detect high-level poisons with my level of poison detection magic, but… there was no reason for Shael to poison me in the first place. 

She might be wicked woman with strange tastes, but after I changed my method, our relationship had gotten much closer in its own way.

If I died, no one would make desserts for her.

‘Ah, would she go to the dessert shop that she said has a similar taste to my dessert?’

But even that would be impossible. Because my dessert would still be better! 

It was a fact I was very certain of from Shael’s reaction.

“Yes, give it to me.”

Shael handed me the bottle full of juice. 

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 61: An impatient villainess (part 1)”

  1. actually, it’s not that confusing. rather my brain go wild with stray theories.
    ah, there’s one that little confused me. this…

    ‘So she wasn’t going to go the anymore, well, I should just give her the dessert.’ (typo..?)

    btw, somehow what came to my mind first is that juice actually bitter gourd juice. my theories going wild for sure.

      1. I mean, yeah I understand what it supposed means somehow. I just a little confused with the sentence ‘going to go the anymore’. I still get the whole paragraph means though. it’s not a big deal.

    1. Flashback. The Eran Isekai had mentioned that the Original Eran could use Aura since he was little, so it must have been in the time that his mother was still alive.
      …I have a theory that this was the time the Original Eran died, and that his Mother and Father made a deal with the Demon King to revive him, leading to the arrival of the Isekai Eran to revive the body…

      1. This is obviously a timeline with the mother,
        Shael and Eran engaged, alive at the same time. Which is… confusing, as in this timeline his mother already died.

        1. If it really was a deal, it’s likely that the death of the mother is because of that, and that the deals with the Demon King transcend time paradox.

  2. My theory is that Clie, the tower mage and the prince along with Eran and Shael tried to battle the demon king where Eran died trying to protect Shael and she is blamed for his death. His parents made a deal with the demon king to revive Eran. Clie also went back in time now and is now interested in Eran after seeing how strong aura is.

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