Chapter 62: The villainess doesn’t listen (part 1)

At a theater with a gloomy atmosphere. 

Shael and I were watching a play with a scary story.

“I liked the theater better before this…” Shael continued to complain with a dissatisfied tone. 

“How many times do we have to come to the theater?”

“I can’t watch this, and you said you would give me dessert as well!”

“Keep that promise.”

Shael was speaking in a rather loud voice. 

There were many people in theater. So of course, talking so much would mark us as a nuisance.

[Ah, it would be nice if we could chat together while watching the play.] (G: speaking in the background.)

“People around us are paying attention, so be quiet!”

As expected, there’s no way that Shael would be considerate towards others and keep quiet. 

She was about to open her mouth to speak again, but I was well prepared, shoved a cookie right into her mouth.

So, she had to close her mouth again.

“If you are going to talk, can’t you speak quietly like me?”

Shael glared at me. Then she began to munch on the cookie immediately afterwards, forgetting all her previous complaints. Of course, was all thanks to the excellent taste of the cookie I had just shoved in her mouth.

Maybe the sweet snack relieved some of Shael’s anger, so she told me while holding back her dissatisfaction, “It would be nice if there were noise control magic tools, so that it would be easier to talk.”

“That’s nonsense.”

If they wanted to do that, they would have to spend a lot of money for just a theater.


“Stop talking nonsense and focus on the play.”

I simply ignored Shael’s words and focused on the play. But that was only for a moment.

Maybe due to being annoyed that I cut her off, Shael began to drink water to cool off.


“Is that the water I was drinking?”

“…” Shael glared at me. 

It was indeed the water I was drinking from the beginning, but it does seem really selfish of me to stop her when she is thirsty.

“It’s a joke, so drink it.”

Well, no it wasn’t. I actually a lied. Blatant lie!

Shael was fooled by my words, drank to her heart’s content.

And when the play came to an end, I told Shael, “Ah, now that I think about it, it was indeed the glass I was drinking from.”


I stood up from my seat while appreciating the surprised look on Shael’s face.

“You did it on purpose!”

“Not at all.”

“Yes you did… you are smiling!”

Shael persistently pursued me. As expected of a villainess who can’t stand her own loss, Shael handed me the water and said, “I won’t lose, so please drink it too.”

“Yes.. yes, I’ll do that.”


As soon as I received the glass from Shael’s hand, I drank it all in a few gulps. I even smirked at Shael, who was embarrassed by my action, while holding the glass to my mouth.

After I was done, I didn’t forget to make fun of Shael, “Does this count as an ‘indirect kiss’?”

“What nonsense!”

I didn’t answer Shael’s words. I just put my mouth on the glass again, and it was exactly on the place shael had put her mouth to drink. 

Of course, there was no way Shael would let it continue. Just because she had a dirty personality, didn’t mean that she had no sense of shame.

“Give it back!”


“You’re strange!”


It was a bit too harsh to call me that, and she was even qualified to call me that.

Because Shael had acted even more stranger than me in the past.

“Who tried to feed me some strange tree sap?”


“Didn’t you try to make me do something strange?”

I didn’t know if that action could be counted as malicious, but it was obvious that it was strange.

“Well, if you really think so, I have a question.”


“Didn’t you intentionally drink from the water glass that I drank from?”


Shael shook her head in denial. She was adamant on proving that I was the one in the wrong but she wouldn’t be able to defeat me with just that.

She had tried to feed me some strange juice in the past, so she did something wrong to me first.

“Then why were you trying to feed me that sap of the tree of obedience that can make someone do anything?”


“To make someone do anything, no matter how I see it,  it’s quite strange.”

“Ah, no.”

As expected, Shael couldn’t confidently say that I was in the wrong anymore.

“Come to think of it, when I asked if you were waiting for me lately, you nodded.”


“Isn’t that strange?”

Shael shook her head again. She was still holding strong. It seemed that the shameless villainess hadn’t let go of her old personality yet.

But the thing I was going to say next, would defeat her for sure!

“We even named our future children.”


“You even insisted that she would resemble you personality more.”

“Shut up!”

As expected, the last one was a threat. 

Normally, I would have stopped here. But I continued to make fun of Shael.

“In the end, I also hope to see my daughter much earlier.”

“I want to see my daughter soon. I think she will be very cute.”

“Say something that makes sense.”

“I was being serious when we gave her a name.”


At that point, Shael’s face had reddened from shame.

I was worried that she’d flare up, so I brought out another dessert.



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6 thoughts on “Chapter 62: The villainess doesn’t listen (part 1)”

  1. Sometimes I feel that the author is contradicting himself … In the first chapters we are told that the Original Eran was docile and obedient, but in this Flashback it is the same interaction that Shael has with the Isekai Eran.
    … Unless there is a Plot Twist, in which we believed that the Novel begins in a Second Time Line, but in reality this novel started in a Third Time Line …

    1. He was docile and obedient at the beginning, but then he changed. And the info we are getting is from the perspective of the character, who got the info from the novel. And, we know by now that the info from the novel isn’t really accurate. So there is no contradictions. I hope it clears your confusion.

      1. if this is really the case, it think you should put a spoilers there.

        in my thought, there’s 2 possibilities. first is like Goblin’s said. second is Eran (isekaied) already there in the previous world and begin his plan to change Shael. and after Clie regression, Eran memories also go back to the moment he transmigrated. so Eran doing it again in mind he just got isekaied there. the rest interaction is butterfly effect caused by Clie Regression.
        well, there isn’t any evidence yet. and I’m not yet implemented the demon lord theories since I’m not sure yet, but I think that have some connections to Clie regression too so I leave it as a blind spot. the possibilities is 40:60 for me since I think the second one is more make sense, unless Goblin’s said the truth and make that as a spoilers.

        1. It’s not really a spoiler, since many things didn’t match the info from the novel up until now.
          For example, Shael isn’t as villainous as she was described in the novel. She’s just a bit naughty.

  2. Im still confused if he broke the necklace or ring (i forgot and too lazy to go back to check) and got those ‘memories’ what timeline we in like is this perspective of the novel protaginst when she read the manga becuz she also transmigrated or she didnt transmigrate and this just some different timeline or future or what i kinda hate when they kess with time stuff im novels becuz most authors cant handle it and it just become a shitshow

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