Chapter 89: The Kingdom Project XXV (part 1)

Elios’ words made Princess Leira feel as if she had fallen into the abyss. Then she pursed her lips with a contemplative expression on her face.

‘What does that mean? There’s no way my plan failed…’

Obviously there was something wrong. However, Princess Leira didn’t have the guts to ask for an explanation.

Because Princess Leira herself already knew. If she said something wrong, she’d be dead.

And, looking at Princess Leira’s reaction…Elios spoke to her with a creepy smile on her face, “The terms of our contract were the following: you will make Hangury’s power as weak as possible so that we can swallow it easily. And…for your troubles, we will pay you a fair price.”

With those words, Elios unsheathed her sword.

Seeing the overflowing mana on the sword, Leira’s face began to turn pale.

“By the way…I heard something else. Compared to your modest performance of the four years, a certain merchant aided this country that was about to fall apart and brought it back to life. What’s more, he even created such an unfavorable situation for me!”

“Eh! It’s that.. that man…”

The moment she heard those words, she reflexively tried to give an explanation.

Fortunately, Elios didn’t immediately punish her for it.

However, as Princess Leira thought of that person, her face, which was already pale, began to distort even more. Because at this point, there was only one person who could make Elios react like that.

“Ba… Bahamut…that man! How dare that dirty man… ”

Boiling anger began to fill up her heart, but that anger was quickly extinguished in front of Ellios’s chilling anger, which she could still feel on her skin.

“Heh…what’s the use of swearing at him here? That man did everything he could to make his plan a success. It’s your fault for being a stupid b1tch who fell for his trap, right?”


Leira’s expression turned even darker at Elios’ words, which seemed to be defending Bahamut.

While slowly caressing her chin with her hand, Elios spoke in a calm yet cool voice, “You’ve said it before…you were being treated unfairly because you were born as a princess and couldn’t be the heir. I’m saying it now, but it was just bullsh1t from my point of view.”


Ellios grabbed Leira’s chin so hard that she felt like it would break.

As a result, Leira couldn’t open her mouth anymore in terrible pain, and Elios whispered into her ears in a terrifying voice.

“You failed simply because you lacked the ability to get things done. That’s what it sounds like to me. Even so, I thought you might be useful, so I tried to use you…hahahaha! But, after all…garbage is in the end still garbage, right?”

At the same time as she finished her words, Ellios flicked on Princess Leira’s chin.

The impact threw Princess Leira’s body to the ground, and she failed to get up.

Elios said with a calm smile on her lips, “Okay then. Shall we settle things now? All of the money and time we’ve invested so far has gone to waste, so you have to pay us back.”

“Ugh…agh…what…what, how…?”

Princess Leira began to shed tears in unbearable fear.

Seeing her reaction, Elios spoke with an expression that showed no mercy, “Huh.. well? That man named Bahamut asked me to take care of it myself.”

With those words, Ellios lightly waved the sword overflowing with mana.

It was a simple movement, but just the sight of it made Princess Leira feel as if her heart was shrinking.

However, what Elios did next was not to swing that sword.

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