Chapter 95: The Kingdom Project XXXI (part 1)

Nothing was free in this world. 

But there were surprisingly many ways to make the target feel positive and good about a certain thing or someone. Although it seemed quite complicated, it was often quite effective. At the same time, there was a disadvantage that inevitably required giving up some of the benefits right in front of you. 

Nevertheless, among merchants who left their mark in history, the method was known as one of the best ways to trade. The reason was that it was the best way to win the favor of the customers. 

In other words, it was one of the best ways to win people’s hearts.


“So…are you saying that you killed him in the end?” Bahamut asked with a voice full of regret. 

Regarding the matter, King Mohichi told him with an apologetic expression on his face.

“I am really sorry. Originally, at Mr. Bahamut’s request, we were going to hand him over alive, but we made a mistake while managing him, he…”

“Hrmm…” Bahamut let out a breathing sound filled with disappointment at the King’s words. 

Seeing his reaction, King Mohichi experienced a variety of complex emotions at once, ranging from embarrassment and apology to sadness and, a sense of deep disappointment.

‘To think that…my daughter would do something like that…’ 

It was a fact that Gerard found out during the interrogation of Iscal. 

They found that the princess, Leira Matani, whom King Mohichi loved the most, had in fact worked with the Sakiel Knights to plot a secret plan for the destruction of Hangury.

Upon hearing the information for the first time, the King, of course, was furious and tried to deny it. He thought that his kind and innocent daughter could not do such a thing and tried to dismiss it as simply the nonsense of Elder Sakiel. 

However, as the elder said, evidence of Princess Leira’s wrongdoings were overflowing from his mansion, and King Mohichi had no choice but to admit it. The fact that his beloved daughter actually tried to sell her own country and people who were more precious than anything.

However, after learning the truth, Gerard had cut Iscal down with a single strike of the word to keep his mouth shut, and King Mohichi, who grasped the truth, decided to come to the same conclusion. 

The fact about Princess Leira being a traitor had to be buried as a secret that only they knew. It wasn’t just because she was the King’s beloved daughter. 

King Mohichi succeeded in defending Hangury without much damage from the invasion of a powerful foreign enemy named the Sakiel Knights. Due to this overwhelming yet brilliant victory, the Hangurian nobles, who had been in a power struggle for so long, recognized the power of the royal family and were now bowing their heads one by one in front of King Mohichi, whom they had underestimated.

At this point of time, when the scattered national power was gathering as one again, revealing the fact that none other than Princess Leira did such a thing was no different from pouring cold water on the current situation that was going smoothly. 

So, for Hangury, which had to gather strength once again and prepare for a leap forward, and for the heart of her father, who nevertheless still loved his daughter, Princess Leira remained simply a poor woman who was attacked and killed by the Sakiel Knights during the war.

‘Yes, but because of this, another problem arose with Mr. Bahamut…’ 

Bahamut was someone who had been supporting Hangury with both mind and heart. Most of the cost of rebuilding the Black Legion, as well as the cost of this war, came from him, and thanks to him deceiving Elder Sakiel and releasing false information, the Hangurian side was able to win easily without much damage. 

In addition, although Princess Leira was killed, thanks to the efforts of him and the adventurers, the lives of nobles and royalty, especially Crown Prince Robert, the heir more precious than the life of the King, were preserved.

From King Mohichi’s point of view, the man was a benefactor that he could not thank enough even if he bowed his head in gratitude. Bahamut was a person he wanted to make his son-in-law if not for a series of unfortunate incidents, but everything was ended up being twisted like this because of his traitorous daughter. 

The terms of the deal that Bahamut made with the Kingdom of Hangury was very simple. 

What Bahamut and the Beden Merchant Company had asked for in exchange for helping Hangury was neither money, nor titles, nor even territories…

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