Ask the Mirror

For a long time, I have wanted to work on a pure xianxia novel which will have a true atmosphere of the cultivation world, and the various mysteries that come with it. I wanted to work on a novel with wording and sentence structure that will suit my taste, which leans more towards the classics. I believe this novel meets all the criterias. This is purely a passion project. Maybe not for everyone, but for the few who will enjoy it.

Ask the Mirror – 问镜

Author: Weight Loss Expert (减肥专家)

Chapters: 1828 chapters (complete)

Category: Xianxia

Raw: Zongheng


He was precocious from birth. By the age of seven or eight, he already had some clear personal rules. However, during his five years at the Twin Immortals Sect, he hardly ever did anything willingly. So, after gaining his freedom, he strived to make sure everything he did aligned with his wishes and made him feel at peace. This wasn’t an easy task, but he enjoyed it immensely. 

It’s true that he pursued immortality. But the immortality he sought, or rather, yearned for, was nothing like the ruthless and cruel immortality of the Twin Immortals, Zilei and Chiyin. Nor was it the petty and sordid kind sought by the Day Palace or the Myriad Spirits Sect.

Many times, he would do things that seemed inexplicable to others: unrelated to morality, unrelated to profit, unrelated to right or wrong, good or evil. There was only one sufficient reason behind all this: immortality encompasses all meaningful pursuits.

I have a mirror, reflecting the mountains and rivers of the universe;  

I have a sword, cutting through the realms of human hearts and ghosts;  

I have a city, seated among the clouds of the Nine Heavens;  

I have a heart, smiling through the trials on the path to immortality.

Why do people seek immortality? Because immortality embraces all desires and signifies infinite possibilities.

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