Chapter 1: There is a Beauty on my Bed

“Hhhmm…” I stretched and slowly opened my eyes. 

I subconsciously used my hands to pick up the clothes next to me, but they were blocked by something. Out of curiosity, I wanted to touch and see what it was. But the moment my hand touched that thing, I felt an electric shock, which made me freeze on the spot.

It felt delicate, tender, and incredibly elastic. 

I swallowed my saliva and my hands trembled a little, but I continued to explore.

Before long, I found myself holding a massive… ball of flesh. No, to be precise, I only held half of it!

“I must be dreaming…” I chuckled after making that realization.

Everyone knows that when a loser faces the scenario of being intimate with a beautiful woman, there could be only two possibilities. One involved resorting to self-gratification while watching an ad*lt film from a certain island nation and fantasizing about the actresses based solely on their private parts. 

The other was simply a dream.

I had just woken up, and the computer wasn’t even on. Naturally, there was no ad*lt film for me to fantasize about. My hands were free, so it had to be a dream—a beautiful one at that!

Recognizing it as a dream, I heaved a sigh of relief.

It had been quite some time since I’d had such an exciting dream. I needed to savor it, lest I wake up suddenly and regret not enjoying it to the fullest.

With that in mind, my hands began to explore the graceful body once more.


Just when I was immersing myself in the dream, a sudden thought appeared in my head.

Despite my extensive exploration, I still hadn’t seen the girl’s face. So I carefully lifted the corner of the quilt, eager to discover the identity of the heroine in my erotic dream.

Since I was convinced it was a dream, I felt much bolder than usual.

Normally, I wouldn’t expect to see the girl’s face clearly, but reality had other plans.

The word “beautiful” no longer seemed adequate to describe her. Her features left me at a loss for words. 

I didn’t know what words to use to describe her facial features.

She was simply… stunning!

Although the eyes were closed, I was attracted by the closed eyes. Her long, tousled black hair cascaded over her shoulders, adding to her allure.

Her face was pure and cute, yet it exuded an inexplicable sensuality that involuntarily drew me in.

However, my curiosity shifted from her face to her figure. 

Humans were naturally inquisitive beings, always seeking answers to the unknown.

So, I boldly removed the quilt entirely, revealing a perfect body before me…

If I were to describe the na*ked girl in front of me, I’d say she had an angelic face paired with a devilish figure. 

The girl lay on her side, her body slightly curled up, and her hands strategically covering the essentials.

“What a shame… it’s just a dream…” I sighed regretfully.

Just as I was about to move her hand and unveil the most mysterious part, the girl suddenly opened her eyes and sleepily asked, “What are you doing?”

Her voice, like the sweetest music, brought an end to my sinful thoughts, leaving me feeling embarrassed. 

“Uh, I… this… I…” I stammered, attempting to explain myself. 

But before I could, the girl’s eyes widened, and she kicked me off the bed.

“Holy crap!” I yelped as I landed on the ground. 

I was 1.85 meters tall, and although I was slender, I still belonged to the category of taller individuals. The moment I hit the floor, the intense pain made me scream. At that moment, I felt that I should really become a tenor, maybe it would be a promising future.

“I must be incredibly unlucky if even my dreams…” I started to say, but then I froze. 

Dreams shouldn’t cause pain, and the bone-chilling sensation coursing through my body indicated that this was far from a dream.

There really was a beautiful woman with a stunning body lying on my bed!

However, the shock was not over yet. 

The girl sat up on the bed, her face flushed like a ripe apple, and she glared at me with anger. 

I tried to say something to explain, but the next sight stopped me in my tracks.

Two white fox ears had sprouted from the girl’s head, and nine white fox tails swirled behind her, forming a protective barrier in front of her and leaving only her head and legs exposed.

“De…de…mon!” I gazed in horror, unable to utter a word. 

My brain felt starved of oxygen, and the world darkened as I passed out.

When I regained consciousness, I found myself back in bed, not on the floor as before. 

So I chuckled weakly, “It seems I’m still dreaming…”

Just as I finished speaking, a voice as melodious as a songbird’s filled the air, “What else do you think you’re dreaming about?”

Under normal circumstances, such a voice would have delighted me, perhaps even leading me to discreetly retreat to the bathroom for some personal time. But this was no ordinary circumstance. The voice belonged to the nine-tailed fox girl from my dream. 

No, it wasn’t a dream at all!

The girl, now dressed in a white gown, was crouched beside the bed, studying me with puzzled eyes.

Although her fox ears and tails had vanished, her presence confirmed that this wasn’t a dream. This girl was a fox demon, wasn’t she?

“Who are you, and why are you in my house?” I stammered, huddled in the bed, my voice trembling with fear. I had just read about the legends of fox spirits, tales of them imitating the cries of babies to lure people in and then devour them.

There was also a version where fox demons would transform into beautiful women, seduce men, and then, when the men were infatuated, they ripped out their livers to consume it. The image of the naked girl on my chest flashed through my mind, and I wondered if she had done the same to me.

I couldn’t recall doing anything particularly wicked in my life, except for that one time when I was twelve and peeked at the neighbor taking a shower…

The more I thought about it, the less it made sense. I might not be a saint, but I certainly wasn’t evil. Just recently, I gave up my seat to a pregnant woman on the bus. Admittedly, my main motive was to get a better look at her ample bosom, but it was still a good deed!

Could it be that my recent increase in self-gratification had attracted her? 

Ridiculous! I refused to believe that I was the only one indulging in such activities in this vast world.

“You… do you not remember?” The girl looked at me with a hint of disappointment.

I was perplexed. Remember what? I hadn’t a clue.

Seeing my confusion, the girl nodded and blinked her large, innocent eyes. 

In her sweet voice, she explained, “Do you remember the ancient book you brought home yesterday?”

“Are you talking about that awful book that recounted the legends of the Fox Demons?” I recalled the shabby book I had purchased from a street vendor the day before.

The book was only a few pages long and contained information about Fox Demons, their malevolent deeds, and classifications of their strength.

When I had bought it, I had intended to purchase a different book entirely, but the vendor claimed it was out of stock and suggested I buy that one instead. With no other options, I agreed.

To my surprise, when I got home, the book had transformed into “The Legend of the Fox Demons.” 

Feeling frustrated, I had decided to read it anyway since I had paid for it. And, to my amazement, it was linked to the girl before me.

Recalling that, I looked at the girl and said, “Yes, I remember. I even drew nine tails for her. How does that relate to you?” 

I had a habit of doodling in textbooks since childhood. I hadn’t outgrown it yet. When I realized the fox in the book had no tail, I couldn’t resist sketching them.

With a hint of excitement in her eyes, the girl said, “I’m that fox, and you helped me draw the tails, which set me free!” She sighed blissfully, “After five hundred years of imprisonment, I, Su Mei’er, am finally back in the world!”

“Five… five hundred years!” I could hardly believe it. 

The girl before me appeared to be only seventeen or eighteen years old, yet she had a lifespan of over 500 years! 

Wait, even more than five hundred years! 

Five hundred years was just the time she had spent sealed within “The Legend of the Fox Demons”!

Goblin: I recently found this novel while I was looking for new novels to read. The novel came out in 2013, and it reminded me of the good old days, when I used to read novels without a care for the world. The raw was also complete and since no one was translating it, I thought I would pick it up as a side project with a sporadic release.

Just remember, the MC is a highschooler, so some of the things he will do and the way he will act will be fueled by hor*mones. So, please read it with that kind of mindset, and don’t overreact.

Remember, if you don’t like it, you have the choice to not read it.

The chapters will come out mainly on Friday’s based on the amount of time I have on my hand.

Remember, I am translating it as I read, so even I don’t know how it will turn out. Enjoy~

4 thoughts on “Chapter 1: There is a Beauty on my Bed”

  1. Haven’t read your translation in a while, but damn, this is probably the best CN TL I’ve read in a rather long while. It flows so really well, unlike the usual awkward bits that remain with most CN TLs. Are you using anything extra to improve your TL rn?

    1. Haha…I don’t think my translation deserves all the praise.
      Anyways, unlike the time when I began, I really tried to improve my work. All I can say that situation made me improve. The readers are helping me a lot, and I’m trying to do better in return.
      I worked on improving my vocabulary, as well as coherence and cohesion to make the story flow better. And, of course it can’t be compared to the likes of ren and db, but I’m trying.

      Thanks a lot.

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