Chapter 110: Male or female?

“Big beauty, little beauty, did you miss me?” Returning to his courtyard, Song Qingshu reached out his hand to push open the door and saw that the room was pitch black.

“Whoosh!” Song Qingshu hurriedly dodged, looked at the Golden Serpent Dart sandwiched between his two fingers, and he couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “Forget it, you ladies rest on your own, I’ll just find a place to sleep outside.”

Leaning on the branches of a big tree in the courtyard, Song Qingshu was very depressed, ‘one monk carried water, two monks carried water, three monks had no water to drink… Now I can’t even handle two beauties, so how will I create a harem in the future…’ (Goblin: A Chinese idiom. It equates to the idiom, Everybody’s business is nobody’s business. It means, matters that are of general concern, but are the responsibility of nobody in particular, tend to get neglected because everybody thinks that somebody else should deal with them.)

“Who is it?” A pair of guards passing by on patrol found the figure on the tree by chance, and they all turned pale and asked while unseathing their swords.

Song Qingshu showed his face and spoke out, “Don’t make a fuss, it’s me, the palace is not peaceful recently, so I will stand at a high place at night to monitor whether there is any abnormality in the palace. You guys patrol as usual, you don’t have to greet me, because that would expose me.”

“Master Song is really a role model for us all!” Several guards raised their thumbs and smiled flatteringly.

As soon as everyone left, Song Qingshu immediately lay down on the tree, moved the nearby branches to block it with his hands, closed his eyes and went straight to sleep, ‘Damn it, who has the spare time to help Kangxi guard his house at night? I’m not a dog!”

The next day it was just dawn, and when she heard the sound of the door opening below, Song Qingshu also woke up in a daze. Seeing the two girls in the courtyard were starting to get dressed up, she hurriedly jumped off the tree.

“Good morning!” Song Qingshu flexed his shoulders and grinned.

“Morning,” Xia Qingqing replied lightly, and suddenly her expression turned to a smile but not a smile, “Did you sleep well last night?”

“It was okay, it was okay. It is rare to appreciate the moon and the stars, so I enjoyed it quite a bit.” Song Qingshu snorted.

Li Yuanzhi couldn’t bear it any longer, and burst out laughing, “We heard a loud bang in the middle of the night last night. I wonder if something fell from the tree?”

“Was there such a sound? Why didn’t I hear it?” Song Qingshu said embarrassedly, “By the way, I’m going to meet the guard commander today to see if the hostages from those sects have been sent. I have to go first, and so don’t have the time to chat with you. .” After saying that, he hurriedly fled.

Not long after running out of the gate, he heard the coquettish laughter behind him, and Song Qingshu couldn’t help but stop to rub his buttocks, “I fell so fu*king painfully yesterday, I don’t know how Xiao Longnu did it. She only slept on a rope!”

When he came to the guard commander’s office, he took a cup of herbal tea and rinsed his mouth. Song Qingshu told the guards what he came for, and the guards quickly invited the commander of the army over.

“It turned out to be Lord Song.” The guard commander greeted him enthusiastically. Although his official position and power were higher than Song Qingshu, he knew that Song Qingshu was now a favorite in front of the Emperor, and learned from other sources that Song Qingshu was about to form the “Pole Arms”, and he did not dare to neglect him.

“I greet the Lord Commander,” Song Qingshu bowed and asked, “I wonder how many sect disciples have come to report?”

“According to the roster, there should have been 103 people,” the guard commander opened a roster, “but the deadline for the report has not yet reached, so only 30 people have reached one after another.”

“There are only thirty people?” Song Qingshu was a little disappointed, but after thinking about it, it was barely enough, and his mood improved a little. “I will take them away now, do you have any opinion on the matter?”

“Of course not. The Emperor has issued an edict that we should try our best to cooperate with the work of Lord Song. If Lord Song has any other needs, just say it.” The guard commander patted his chest and said.

“There is nothing for the time being. If there is a need, I will have to trouble you.” After leaving the place, Song Qingshu sighed thinking that power was really a good thing.

But when he saw the thirty or so people before him, Song Qingshu couldn’t laugh anymore.

‘What the hell is all this!’ Song Qingshu raged in his heart, pointing at the group of people in front of him, while trembling all over.

“Wasn’t there anyone else in your respective sects? This one is as fat as a pig, this one…is a hunchback, and you, even more outrageous, you are actually a one-armed, do you think you are Yang Guo? ” (Goblin: Yang Gou is the protagonist of The Return of the Condor Heroes.)

The people who were called out by him quickly nodded and bowed, “Sir, calm down, the rest of the people of our sect are eager to enter the palace to serve as guards, but the imperial edict clearly stated that the sons of the heads of various sects had to be recruited into the capital guards, and those who had no children, has to send nephews to the capital, and if they don’t even have a nephew, they had to send the second-generation chief disciple here. Our respective sects are all strictly following the orders of the imperial court, and I hope the lord will see it clearly.”

Looking at this group of people, Song Qingshu’s mind couldn’t help but think of the maids in “Journey to the West to Conquer the Demons”… these people were the same as the maids, the same rotten onions!

With a spit, Song Qingshu turned around, “You, you, you, and you… come out.”

The few people he named looked at each other and stood up reluctantly.

One was elegant in appearance, one was handsome in appearance, the other was masculine and powerful, carrying a tough guy aura around him, and the other two were twins, and they were also attractive.

Song Qingshu nodded, opened his mouth and said, “Finally, there are still a few decent seedlings. Which sect are you from? Introduce your martial arts.”

“I am Chen Ke from Penglai Sect, and I am quite familiar with the Penglai Swordsmanship,” said the elegant man.

“This one is from the Flying Crane Sect, and I am good at acupoint-pointing skills with the judge’s pen.” The handsome young man said.

“I come from the Divine Fist Sect. I am adept at palm techniques.” The mighty looking man said his words like a loudspeaker.

“Us brothers are from the Iron Palm Sect, and we practice the Iron Sand Palm technique,” said the other pair of twins.

“What kind of experts can these third-rate sects have?” Song Qingshu didn’t care, and replied casually, “If that’s the case, you guys should be responsible for training the rest of the people in martial arts. After everyone has arrived, I will train you all together.” 

At the moment, Song Qingshu was thinking about the battle of the full moon in a few days. After seeing that this group of people was not too good or bad, he didn’t want to bother himself with them for now, so he turned around and left.

“Sir, will we be staying here in the future?” Chen Ke hesitated for a while, but asked anyway.

“Yes, you all will stay in this place for martial arts training during this period of time. The eunuchs will arrange the accommodation and food. Remember not to cross the north side of this place, or break into the inner palace. If you do, it will be a crime serious enough to get yourselves executed.” 

For some reason, Song Qingshu suddenly wanted to see Dongfang Bubai, so after answering the question, he walked to Dongfang Bubai’s residence.

Song Qingshu couldn’t help but be puzzled when he thought of the Sunflower Ancestor’s comment of ‘Dongfang girl’, and then thought of the full and soft feeling he got from her chest that night. 

It seemed that the current Dongfang Bubai had become a woman. But he didn’t know if it was because the Sunflower Manual was too magical, causing men to suffer and change their gender, or if Dongfang Bubai was originally a woman from the beginning.

As he walked closer, Song Qingshu could feel the terrifying aura in the courtyard from a distance, and couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment, ‘After fighting with her that night, she must have already suspected me. If she finds out about it later, thinking of what I did that night, she will definitely kill me. As the saying goes, a tiger’s butt cannot be touched.’

“Master Song is visiting this Dongfang so early in the morning, what’s the matter?” A faint voice came from inside the house.

Listening to the low male voice, Song Qingshu became puzzled again, ‘Let’s go for it, take a gamble.’ 

After making up his mind, Song Qingshu gritted his teeth and asked, “This Song would like to ask Cult Master Dongfang whether he is male or female?”

“What!” With a voice full of anger, a red shadow shot out from the room and stood in front of Song Qingshu, staring at him sharply, “Can you say that again?”

Song Qingshu was full of cautiousness, and he said while guarding himself secretly, “Sunflower Ancestor told this Song that Cult Master Dongfang was a woman, and that made this Song feel a little shocked, so I came here to verify.”

“Song Qingshu, do you really think that I do not dare waste my energy on you just because the decisive battle between this seat and old man Feng is imminent?” Dongfang Bubai sneered.

“I don’t dare,” Song Qingshu secretly sweated, “but Cult Master Dongfang is a smart person, so he naturally knows how to choose.”

“Lord Song, I know that your realm has grown a lot recently, but you are overestimating your own ability. Even if I take your life, it will not affect the future competition.” Dongfang Bubai refused to show weakness.

“Although this Song’s realm is quite low, he never underestimates himself.” Song Qingshu smiled lightly. “If Cult Master Dongfang is as sure as you say, you would have already taken action.”

Song Qingshu stood in front of him with a laid back manner, but his figure was always moving slowly with his qi, making many of his potential attacks invaild. This made Dongfang Bubai quite surprised. If he wanted to win, he was afraid it would really take a lot of effort.

With a cold snort, Dongfang Bubai put away his strength, stood with his hands behind his back, looked forward in the distance and said lightly, “Whether this one is a man or a woman, does it matter to Master Song?”

Song Qingshu had always thought of Dongfang Bubai as a disgusting pervert. Therefore, at the Mount Hua Sect, he did not hesitate to tell Feng Qingyang about Dongfang Bubai’s martial arts and some of the characteristics of his attacks in detail.

Don’t underestimate that information. For a master of his level, Feng Qingyang could get enough information from Song Qingshu’s words, and know himself and his opponent. If he didn’t know anything, and just speculated based on some rumors in the wulin, and if they really fought, he would have suffered a big loss.

When Song Qingshu learned that Dongfang Bubai might be a woman, his stance was shaken. For some reason, he subconsciously didn’t want the female version of Dongfang Bubai to have any misfortune. Maybe he was influenced by the film and television drama of his previous life. Or maybe, it was the softness he had felt in his hands that night that made him so reluctant.

Of course, Song Qingshu did not dare to tell Dongfang Bubai about all this, so he had to reply, “If Cult Master Dongfang is a man, this Song will turn around and leave, and dare not continue to disturb Cult Master’s rest; if the leader is a woman, this Song has some words to tell, it’s a matter of great concern. It will affect the success or failure of the full moon battle.”

Song Qingshu was certain that if the other party was a man or trans woman, with his disdainful personality, he would definitely not be willing to hear what he had to say.

“Let’s hear it.” Dongfang Bubai neither admitted nor denied it, his pretty face that made it difficult to distinguish between men and women did not reveal the slightest emotion.

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