Chapter 117: Side Story – Overwork (part 2)

To be honest, the drawing wasn’t that good. When it came to drawing, Ruelle seemed to have inherited Shael’s talent.

I could see some human figures, but I couldn’t tell who they were.

“You draw very well, just like Shael. Especially, I feel good because you have drawn grandpa quite well.”

“She’s Mommy…”

Duke Jespen’s eyes widened. 

And Ruelle stared at the painting with a sullen expression on her face. 

It was a major mistake on Duke Jespen’s part, so he hurriedly pointed to the other human figure of the picture.

“Ah…it seems that I was distracted by your cuteness. Yes, I will be sure to get it right this time…”

But Ruelle’s mood didn’t improve. 

“Hing!” She made a cute sound and hugged Shael.

Meaning that the Duke had again got it wrong.

Shael glared at Duke Jespen as if she was trying to scold him.

“That, of course, this is Grandma.”

Ruelle’s expression turned more sullen, and she left Shael’s embrace. 

The person where she arrived this time was me.

“It’s father…”

Anyway, it seemed that even Shael couldn’t decipher Ruelle’s picture correctly.

‘My family is a bit unusual…’

After that, I comforted Ruelle with my dessert. Then we went on a picnic with Shael and taught Ruelle how to make dessert. Of course, I was very careful when teaching Ruelle about dessert. I didn’t want to hand over my secret recipe to her.

That’s right, if Ruelle became better at making desserts than I was, controlling Shael’s dessert consumption would become difficult.

As we spent our time, the sun had gone down before I knew it.

Ruelle blinked her eyes and began to doze off in Shael’s embrace.

“Alright, I will now have to take care of some paperwork.”

“Please do your best and come back.”

I stretched my stiff body, and walked towards my office on Baslett Mansion, which was only a short walk away. 

Everything in the office was luxurious. The desk was made of precious wood, and the chair was comfortable. The bookcase was huge, full of many rare books and documents. 

However, my own situation could only be said to be shabby.

I let out a deep sigh. Paperwork from the family was piled up in front of me. It was something that had to be finished within today.

‘Originally, I would’ve made a dessert for Ruelle in advance at this time of day before going to bed.’

But today I couldn’t, because the situation in the Baslett family had been very busy lately. The paperwork was really important, so I couldn’t pass them on to anyone.

Still, I couldn’t shorten the time with Ruelle. Because I wanted to create happy memories that Ruelle, who was still young, would remember even when she grew up.

With that thought in my mind, I started working.

* * *

I suddenly opened my eyes.

‘Did I fall asleep while doing the paperwork?’

Of course, it didn’t matter because the work was completed to some extent. So now  I had to start exercising.

‘Should I start playing with Ruelle right away?’

My body seemed to be screaming from exhaustion. Thinking about it, maybe my body had reached the breaking point, considering that I had been working till dawn every day and exercised in the morning.

And when Shael, and Ruelle woke up, I spent time with my family.


I relieved some of my fatigue by taking a short nap. Until now I had been able to endure thanks to my near superhuman body. So it should be fine today as well.

I was already used to the current routine because it was repeated day after day. It was hard, but I could endure it because the mental happiness was greater than the fatigue.

I made up my mind and started doing familiar things again. I worked out, and then I got ready to see Ruelle and Shael.

“Ruelle can finally use healing magic.”

“Daddy, look at this!”

Today, my body was particularly tired.


Just looking at Ruelle and Shael seemed to dispel that thought.

The corners of my mouth, which had been pointing downward, gradually turned upward, and I was able to open my arms wide as usual.

Nevertheless, it seems that the gradually accumulating fatigue of the body had finally catching up.

“What is…?”

“Oh, Daddy?”

My eyelids were heavy, and my vision was foggy. I couldn’t even reply to my daughter’s worried voice. I couldn’t hear hear anything properly and my lips wouldn’t move.

My eyelids, which I tried so hard not to close, finally completely covered my pupils.

The only thing I could do was surrender myself to the rushing fatigue.

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