Chapter 118: Side Story – Happy Ending (part 1)

I struggled to open my eyes. 

I felt something cold on my forehead. It seemed to be a wet towel that Shael had put on my forehead.

‘Did I pass out?’

I didn’t take care of my body properly and collapsed in front of my family.

I felt sorry for Shael and Ruelle. It might have been a big shock to Ruelle, who was still young.

I tried to quickly get up, and it was then that I felt something small in my arms.


Ruelle was sleeping in my arms. So I should be relieved, but I had no choice but to breathe out a sigh.

Because Ruelle, who always smiled when she slept, was frowning. That meant that she was shocked by my passing out.

‘Let’s try not to wake her up…’

I was trying to get up, but  I felt something again and I lowered my head. A warm stream of mana was emanating from the sleeping Ruelle’s hand.

‘Come to think of it, I heard her say that she succeeded in using healing magic right before I passed out.’

Ruelle was continuing to use healing magic that she had barely succeeded in learning for me. 

‘My daughter, but she is so kind.’

“Hnng, Daddy. Don’t die…”

She was even talking cutely in your sleep! 

I patted Ruelle’s head several times and calmed her mana down. I wanted to stay by The Ruelle’s side, but now I had to check on Shael. With that thought in mind, I got up from the bed.

‘Where is Shael?’

I had collapsed from overwork, so if it was Shael, she would have been as worried as Ruelle. She could have gone to buy all sorts of medicines, worrying a lot for nothing.

‘So I have to find he quickly.’

She wasn’t in our bedroom with me, and it was the same in Ruelle’s bedroom. I also didn’t find her in the garden or in the dining room.

“The Mistress is in the office!”

At last, I was able to find out where she was thanks to one of our maids.

‘Why did she go to the office?’

Maybe she was burning all the documents so that I wouldn’t be able to work in the future. That possibility, was extremely possible. Worried, I hurried to the office and opened the door.


As the maid said, Shael was in the office. She was sleeping with her chin resting on the desk.

Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be any trace of dangerous magic being used.

‘Now what the hell is this?’

A neatly arranged bundle of papers caught my eye. They were the paperwork I had to finish.

And, a large amount of them were placed in front of Shael in a perfectly processed state.

Shael did all the work for me!


I checked one of the documents, and let out a sigh of admiration. 

Shael’s skills were surprisingly good!

I couldn’t pass the documents to anyone because it contained important information, but if it was Shael, I could trust her. Anyway, Shael went through all sorts of hardships because of me.


Shael was drooling in her sleep. And before I could even approach her, Shael’s eyes fluttered open.

“Are you okay?”

“That is something I should be asking you.”

For some reason, her current atmosphere reminded me of the Shael of the past. The atmosphere of a bloody villainess. But ironically, I found the atmosphere to be quite cute.

It was for that reason that I let out a foolish laugh, and asked, “Hmm, then what about the trash underneath?”

“Stop exercising, I ate them all.”

Canned food that contained ingredients which were good for muscles. I had been eating them in the past, but now they were all empty, and piled up on the floor.

‘All my protein is gone!’

* * *

[Ruelle’s POV]

Several years have passed. 

Ruelle’s height grew rapidly, and her magic skills also showed tremendous development.

She has been using healing magic since she was five years old. After several years, she now had the ability to use all kinds of magic.

At the moment, Ruelle was wandering around the Holy Land alone.

‘Daddy and Mom will be worried, but…’

And she already missed her cute younger siblings. But since she wouldn’t be here for too long, it didn’t matter. 

Anyway, Ruelle was safe. She had brought many protective accessories, and in the first place, her own magic skills were excellent.

Today, Ruelle’s goal was something special.

It was the paper that her mother had attached to the top of a huge tree in the Holy Land. Even thought a long time had passed, the paper with the wish written on it should be safe.

After walking for a while, Ruelle finally saw the tree that her Mom and Daddy had visited in the past. 

It was definitely a huge tree. It was an impossible height to reach without using magic.

‘It should be at the very top.’

A smile of anticipation bloomed on Ruelle’s face, and a magic circle appeared on her hand.

Ruelle quickly directed her gaze to the tree. She sifted through a bunch of papers with her vastly improved eyesight, then she tore off the one’s she was looking for.

Finally, there were four papers in Ruelle’s hands.

They were the papers that her Daddy and Mom had written down their wishes on. She did find another piece of paper, but she didn’t pay much attention to it for now.

Ruelle immediately unfolded the papers. 

First of all, there was a wish written in her Daddy’s handwriting that said, [I wish to build a happy family together with Shael.]

Next, a similar wish was written in her mother’s handwriting.

‘Then next!’

It was the time to reveal her Mom’s long-hidden wish. So Ruelle quickly unfolded the paper.

[Please make Eran’s wish come true.]

It was a wish that revealed her Mom’s shy heart. Even looking at her handwriting, it was evident that she wrote her letters in a hurry.

Of course, Ruelle was a bit disappointed. She wanted to know her mother’s embarrassing secret.

Ruelle pursed her lips and returned the three papers to the top of the tree.

Now she wanted to attach her own wish at the top of the tree. She wanted to attach her precious wishes next to the wishes written by her Mom and Daddy.

But before that, there was a pepper she hadn’t opened yet.


She unfolded all the papers that her Mom and Daddy had written. So it was clear that this paper belonged to someone else.

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