Chapter 118: Side Story – Happy Ending (part 2)

In fact, it would be proper for her to put it back in place without unfolding it, but Ruelle felt a strange urge to read it.

“Eh, I’m curious!”

Ruelle boldly unfolded the paper.

What she found was not some words, but several more sheets of wide paper inside the folded paper.

It was surprising that so many things could fit in the small piece of paper. So it was clear that the person who did it used the space magic. 

However, the moment she saw the writing on the papers, Ruelle opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“My handwriting?”

No matter how you look at it, the writing on her paper was her own. However, Ruelle was confused. She had no memory of doing such a thing.

Ruelle quickly read the papers, feeling the outpouring interest.

First of all, there were a few recipes.

They were recipes for making desserts. Very similar to the ones her Daddy made.

Next, there was an instruction about forging a certain journal.

Ruelle don’t know why, but it said that she had to pass it on to someone.

To forge the said journal, it was necessary to carefully observe a certain someone’s handwriting.

The last one was about a golden pearl.

The pearl was supposed to have a very mysterious ability related to time. The information on the paper was about the location of the pearl, which was said to be the only one in existence, but if you destroyed a certain ‘bracelet with strong holy power’, you could produce another pearl with the fragments.

Ruelle read the paper again as if to engrave it in her head. And soon, a light shone in her eyes.

‘It seems that I can personally observe the beginning of love between my Daddy and Mom.’

Then, Ruelle turned around. She originally wanted to put the paper back on the top of the tree, but it seemed like it had to be postponed for a future time.

No, maybe it would be more correct to refer to it as the past.

* * *

[Daddy Eran’s POV]

I looked at the sleeping Shael with her head tilted at an angle.

The sunlight was shining down on us, and even though my broad frame shaded her, Shael still had a frown on her face.

Therefore, I hugged her and shaded her so she could sleep more comfortably.

‘Where is Ruelle?’

Then I subconsciously thought about Ruelle. She had suddenly disappeared a few weeks ago. Fortunately, she returned safely, but to be honest, there was no guarantee that such things wouldn’t happen in the future.

That said, it didn’t seem like nagging Ruelle would work. Because she was an adventurous kid.

A while ago, she asked me for fragments of the ‘Bracelet of Holy Power’ that I had kept just in case, and she also kept staring at my handwriting every time I worked.

‘Perhaps she’s just being curious…’

It wasn’t strange for her to leave the mansion alone at any time without an escort. So both me and Shael put a ridiculous amount of protective magic circles on her so that no one could hurt our Ruelle, and it was the same for Duke Jespen.

That’s why even if the strongest knight of the empire tried, he wouldn’t be able to harm Ruelle. Moreover, Ruelle herself had excellent skills in casting magic.

‘Now that I think about it, Ruelle also possessed excellent dessert making skills.’

Honestly, it was a bit suspicious.

I did teach Ruelle about how to prepare desserts. However, I didn’t teach Ruelle the proper recipe for my dessert.

But since a few weeks ago, the desserts Ruelle made started to look like mine, and even tasted better than mine.

‘Is it the difference in talent?’

Anyway, it didn’t matter since Ruelle was now within my sight.

“It’s so warm here!”

Ruelle, who was now quite tall, walked over, along with the two other children following behind her.

The first was a girl with blue hair and sky blue eyes, and then a boy with sky blue heir and blue eye.

To me and Shael, they were the most precious treasures. The rewards of our two lifetimes of suffering.

Anyway, I couldn’t believe that Ruelle could stay away from home without my knowledge, leaving such cute younger siblings behind.

“Come here!”

The children ran into my embrace in perfect order.

I showed a satisfied smile. It was because the shade that had been covering Shael had grown larger.


I lowered my head at Ruelle’s cute voice. 

Shael and the other children were sleeping, and Ruelle was giving me a curious look.

“Daddy, did you and Mom have a good relationship from the beginning?”

“Of course. After all, I promised to marry her from the beginning.”

Actually, it was really bad, but I couldn’t tell that to Ruelle. Because it might be too shocking for her

“I see!”

I heard Ruelle’s giggling laughter for some reason, but she ended the conversation by hugging her entire family.

At some point, white clouds began to block the sun, putting us all in its shade.

After some time, Ruelle also closed her eyes, and I started stroking the whole family on the head one by one.

After doing this, I felt rather calm. If someone smiled at my touch, it also made me smile.

“I’m not a kid, so why do you keep stroking my hair?”

Shael woke up at some point and pouted her lips. But contrary to what she said, Shael didn’t reject my touch.

She simply stretched out her hand, and started stroking my hair, as if she didn’t want to lose to me.

We continued our gentle touches as if we were having a competition about who would give up stroking first.

Shael glared at me, and I looked down at Shael with a deep smile.

Shael had a strong competitive spirit, so she wouldn’t give up that easily. But soon she nodded her head and dozed off, then woke up shaking her head as if she didn’t want to lose this strange competition.

The funny actions were repeated over and over again, but in the end, we stopped. There was no loser, as Shael and I both ended up winning the competition.

That’s why Shael and I were able to fall into a blissful sleep, with our smiles as our reward.

Author’s Review:

Hello, this is Odanti.

Rehabilitating the Villainess has finally come to an end.

I still can’t believe this situation right now as I’m writing a review after finishing a novel. I experienced a lot of things while writing the first novel for the first time in my life. 

From the beginning to the end, there were many things that I was unsatisfied with.

Whenever I found something lacking while reading the comments, I tried to note it down, but the amount was disastrously large.

I was worried, but I’m really proud that I finally finished writing the story.

Thank you so much for sticking with me until the end, even though it was a novel that showed my immaturity here and there!

You are supposed to write what you feel while writing a review, but I find it quite difficult.

Anyway, I will just talk about what comes next.

Of course, I will continue to write without folding. I don’t know if I have talent as a writer, but my enthusiasm for writing definitely makes up for what I lack as a writer.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about my next project…(he talks about his plans for his next novel. Not relevant for us.)

I’ll end it here.

I hope to see the readers again someday, and hope that only happy things will happen to the readers. 

Thank you!

Translator’s Review: 

Rehabilitate the Villainess is the first novel I have translated completely since the time I decided to step foot on this path. Honestly, just like the author my head feels empty. I can’t seem to find anything to say. 

For me, this novel is more than just a project. Something more than just written words on the pages. It helped me when I was going through a terrible time of my life by connecting me with some of the most kindest people on earth. Those people decided to support a complete stranger on the other side of the internet, just because they liked to read this novel, just because they wanted to keep a sinking stranger afloat.

So yes. I am without words. I just want to thank you all for your support. I know I say this quite a lot, but I really mean it every time I say it. Every bit of your support have helped, and still helping me survive. So the only way I can express my feelings is by doing a better job, and saying thank you.

Now for the future. I will be removing RTV Level 2 and RTV Level 3 from the patreon page. The RTV Level 1 will be changed into a $5 RTV Appreciation option available on the page for those who wants to keep supporting me.

The next project that will take RTV’s place will probably be– I Picked Up an Amnesiac Witch (IPUAW).

This is an interesting novel with regression, romance and fantasy elements. There is a harem, but it’s quite well written. The romance is a big focus of this novel so I think it will be a good read for the most of us.

See you all at the next chapter release.

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