Chapter 119: A shameless deal (part 2)

Most of the time, the truth was not that important, what really mattered was the attitude. Of course, there was no need for Emperor Kangxi to tell the officials about these political things.

“We summoned you because We wanted you to find a way to secretly release the members of the Red Flower Society. After all, I have to think of the feelings of the officials, and it is impossible to directly order them to let these assassins go.” Emperor Kangxi glanced over three and finally expressed his plans.

“Let this official handle this matter.” Song Qingshu volunteered.

“Alright, Qingshu, you are the best candidate for this matter considering your martial arts skills.” Emperor Kangxi nodded and said, “Duo Long, you secretly cooperate with him, and if necessary, you can sacrifice a few guards. Also, for the conversation in this room today, We don’t want a fifth person to know about it.”

Song Qingshu and the others felt a chill in their hearts, and quickly said, “We understand!”


After leaving the imperial study, Duo Long quietly asked him, “Brother Song, how do you want me to cooperate with you, just say it.”

“I’ll go to Heavens Prison to see those assassins first.” Song Qingshu thought for a while, and decided to contact the people of the Red Flower Society first, and then think about how to save them—oh no, let them go.

When he came to the prison, the guard informed him, “Master Song, in order to prevent them from conversing, these assassins are all locked in separate cells. May we know which one should be interrogated first?”

“Let’s go to Zhao Banshan first.”

When Song Qingshu approached the room, he saw that Zhao Banshan had already taken off his shirt and was sitting on the ground while sweating all over.

“I say…Fatty, this is quite the hot day, so why did you come to the palace instead of staying at home to enjoy the shade?” Song Qingshu leaned against the door and looked at Zhao Banshan in front of him who looked like a meatball, with an amused look.

“Humph!” Zhao Banshan was too lazy to pay attention to him, he turned around, and continued to fan himself with his fat palms, which caused the chains on his body to rattle.

“It doesn’t matter if you ignore me.” Song Qingshu said with a smile, “You used to be kind to a friend of mine. For her sake, I will get you out of this place.”

“Who is your friend?” Zhao Banshan finally turned around and asked curiously.

Song Qingshu smiled without saying a word, then turned around and left. It was not convenient for him to say the names of Hu Fei and his mother in the prison. In the past, Zhao Banshan was kind to the two of them. Before this, he traveled with Madame Hu for some time, and listened to her sorrows in his spare time. And now, when Song Qingshu saw her benefactor, how could he not have the heart to save him?

Arriving at Wen Tailai’s cell, Song Qingshu didn’t show such a good temper, “Fourth Leader Wen, how does it feel to be in prison?”

“Dog official, if this Wen lives through this, I will definitely kill you to vent this hatred.” When he saw Song Qingshu coming in, Wen Tailai was about to pounce at him, but the chains on his body held him back.

Song Qingshu shook his head, “With your martial arts realm, I’m afraid it will be a bit difficult for you to kill me.” Seeing Wen Tailai glaring at him, Song Qingshu didn’t care, and said, “How about I make a deal with you?”

“Bah!” Wen Tailai said resentfully, “This Wen does not make deals with Tartar Dog Officials.”

“What if this deal is related to the lives of the members of the Red Flower Society, then what?” Song Qingshu looked at him confidently.

“What?” Wen Tailai turned to look at Song Qingshu.

“This Song has always admired the chivalrous character of the leaders of the Red Flower Society. However, this Song didn’t have a choice in the battle of the Inner Palace today and had to fight you all.” 

Seeing that Wen Tailai’s expression had gradually calmed down, he continued, “After several leaders were captured, this Song couldn’t sleep all night, so I decided to rescue you all and get you out.”

“What kind of trick are you trying to play?” Wen Tailai looked at him suspiciously, not believing his words in his heart.

“Of course, these are just some high-sounding empty words to deceive the outsiders.” Song Qingshu’s expression suddenly became very sinister, “That’s why I have come to make a private deal with Fourth Leader Wen.”

“What deal?” Wen Tailai asked in a deep voice.

“I can save you and even a few of your brothers, but I can’t work in vain. Recently, this Song has taken a fancy to something belonging to Fourth Leader Wen. It’s a pity that the Fourth Leader Wen regards that thing as a treasure, and I am afraid he will be reluctant to part with it.”  As he spoke, there was a hint of regret on Song Qingshu’s face.

“Humph! As long as you can save my brothers from the Red Flower Society, even if you ask for my head, this Wen will not frown, and there is nothing that I won’t give up.” Wen Tailai said decisively.

“Then I’ll just say it straight.” Song Qingshu’s expression became a little strange, “In the battle at the Inner Palace, the elegant visage of the Fourth Leader’s wife Luo Bing was unforgettable for this Song from the very first sight. I have been thinking about her day and night. So I wonder if Fourth Leader Wen would be willing to give up his love?”

“You’re shameless!” Wen Tailai rushed towards Song Qingshu, like a furious lion, the chain on his body was stretched straight, and he still couldn’t get close to his opponent.

“Fourth Leader Wen should think carefully about whether he wants his wife or his other brothers’ lives.” Song Qingshu threw a pen and a piece of paper inside and lightly said, “If you come to a decision, write down on the paper that you are giving Luo Bing to this Song. However, don’t think about it for too long, the Emperor has already decided to kill you people tomorrow, and if there is no reply before tonight, this Song will be powerless.”

“Ahhhh!” Wen Tailai’s expression twisted with pain, and he picked up the white paper in front of him and tore it to shreds.

“You are not human!” Hearing the roar from behind, Song Qingshu closed the door with a calm expression and walked towards Yu Yutong’s room. 

Goblin: The protagonist has become really evil. Let us see how far he will go.

I recently visited the novel page at NU and noticed two reviews that may seem a little conflicting in terms of their evaluation of this novel. Both reviewers gave this novel one star, but the reason for the one star was the exact opposite of each other. 

One claims that this novel has no 18 *+ content and the other (who read 312 chapters) evaluated this novel as sof*core p*rn. I’m guessing the first reviewer didn’t read much, because the second reviewer’s evaluation of this novel is right. After around 300+ chapters the author just goes “F*ck all!” and let all his inner evil lose. The scenes become more detailed and graphic, no different than a p*rn*graphic story. Although there is a reason behind it, but the things the protagonist does indeed becomes more questionable. That is when this novel flourishes as a 18*+ tagged novel.

And, it seems that “questionable actions” proved to be too much for the second reviewer, hence he/she gave it a 1 star. So, yah this novel is not for everyone, but our reader community does have people who are not “everyone”.

I hope this clears any confusion you may have regarding this novel.

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        1. This book is more of a fanfiction. But Kl is the author’s own creation. So of course that will be a little better. But I like the female leads of FSM more. And KI doesn’t have hot scenes ?

  1. So basically the good stuff comes in chap 300+? I alaways thought chinese novel, movies, manhwas would be a lot better without restriction or censorship. I shall persevere then, even if currently MC is being taken advantage of by a lot of girls, not unlike a simp.

    1. Yes, that’s basically it. The first 300 or so chapters are used for world building and setting up a foundation for the protagonist. After 300+ chapters the protagonist dominates.

    1. This is not po*rn by the way. But, it does have pretty detailed spicy scenes. It’s overall a kingdom building novel and it has about 2524 chaps…so yah, it has to have some buildup.

  2. Wao, that is really evil. I like it! As for the spoilers, I also believe not everyone should read this novel. Stories can change the characters and developments many times, and those changes might not be of the readers liking. I had seen stories beginning well, but they are ruined in the middle or end. I had seen stories with not so good beginnings, but they are able to change and become something good. That is why I believe a novel is truly good or a waste of time only after reaching the end. Only by that way you can really judge a story. As for how you judge it, that is another issue.

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