Chapter 135: The master of provocations

“Oh?” Wu Sangui glanced at his son, waiting for his next words.

“If father makes the decision, no matter who he chooses in the end, he will offend either Kangxi or Prince Bao, but what if the choice is handed over to Ake?” Wu Yingxiong said with a smile.

Wu Sangui’s eyes lit up when he heard it, and motioned for him to continue.

“At that time, we only need to declare that the right to choose a son-in-law will be handed over to Ake, and ask Fuk’anggan and Wei Xiaobao to come together, and let Ake choose her husband in person.” Wu Yingxiong proudly said, “Although it seems that It’s fair, but we know Ake wouldn’t choose Wei Xiaobao that little ba*tard, and in this way, Kangxi can’t say anything even if he is dissatisfied with the result.”

“Ake, what do you think?” Wu Sangui turned to look at Ake and asked.

“It’s all up to father.” Ake’s cheeks were flushed, and after she finished speaking in a soft voice, she trotted out of the room.


Early the next morning, King Pingxi sent someone to Anfu Garden to invite Song Qingshu and Wei Xiaobao to the palace for a chat.

Wei Xiaobao was feeling very excited along the way, and fantasized in his heart that he would simply not swim in these dirty waters in the future, he would find a place to hide with Ake, Shuanger and the others, and do some naughty things with Ake every day.

However, when the two approached the palace of Pingxi, the smile on Wei Xiaobao’s face could not help but solidify.

In the hall of the Pingxi Palace, a young man was sitting in the first seat on the left of Wu Sangui. His face was like a polished jade on a crown. He was both elegant and handsome. He seemed about eighteen or nineteen years old. And, there was a piece of beautiful jade sewed in the middle of his hat.

‘You motherfu*ker, do you have to look so handsome and dreamy? I hate people who are more handsome than me. There is already a handsome Song Qingshu by my side. Why do such pretty boys even have to exist? Those faces placed the normies under a lot of pressure.’  The corners of Wei Xiaobao’s mouth twitched, and he slandered in his heart.

Song Qingshu, on the other hand, was staring at the precious jade on his hat. Even from so far away, he could see the beautiful jade shining brightly. He knew it was a valuable treasure, and he couldn’t help but laugh in his heart, ‘You have such a priceless treasure on your head. Are you not afraid of it being cut off by a thief in the middle of the night?’

“Lord Wei, Lord Song, this king will do the introduction. This is the son of Prince Bao, Fuk’anggan. These two are Lord Wei, the emperor’s betrothal envoy, and Lord Song, the general guarding the betrothal.” Wu Sangui got up from his seat and introduced both parties.

‘No wonder I didn’t like this guy at first sight. It turned out to be the bast*rd who robbed my wife from me.’ Wei Xiaobao cursed inwardly, cupped his hands, and casually greeted, “This Wei has been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.”

Fuk’anggan didn’t return the greeting, he put down the tea cup slowly, and lightly said, “Are you the hero who captured Oboi? You turned out to be just a stinky kid. It seems that the rumors are really not something to be believed.”

“You motherfu*ker!” Ever since Wei Xiaobao became Kangxi’s favorite minister, even the princes and other ministers had to be respectful when they saw him. If they dared to be so rude to him, they would have to face the cursing slang he learned from clients in Yangzhou’s Lichun Courtyard. And he blurted one out here on reflex.

Although Fuk’anggan couldn’t understand what he said, but he knew it was definitely not a good word, so his face couldn’t help sinking, and he said in a cold voice, “Zhang Zui!”

“Yes!” A figure, like a swiftly swimming fish, was suddenly in front of Wei Xiaobao in an instant, with his palm raised high.

Wei Xiaobao was stunned in place due to fright, but Song Qingshu was not afraid. He stepped in front of Wei Xiaobao and exchanged a few moves with the figure. After the last punch was thrown, the figure was shocked and turned back.

“Hundred Divine Steps?” Song Qingshu looked at the other side and revealed a look of doubt. Just now, this person performed the movement technique called Hundred Divine Steps, and his martial arts realm was only slightly weaker than Yuan Chengzhi.

Fuk’anggan stretched out his hand to stop his subordinates who wanted to continue to move forward, shook his head, and spoke with his words full of sarcasm, “This person must be the general Song Qingshu who is so famous these days. The title of General has really become that cheap, and now any cat or dog can call themselves a general.” As soon as he finished speaking, his men couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“This humble Song is naturally inferior to Lord Fu. By the way…” Song Qingshu was not angry, but smiled at Wei Xiaobao, who was still in shock, “Brother Wei, I heard that there is a place in  Yangzhou where men serve others. May I know if it’s true?”

Wei Xiaobao still didn’t quite understand, but he quickly agreed, “Yes, those fat and ugly reckless men like the handsome little pretty face like Young Lord the most, if Young Lord is willing to go to Lichun Palace to sit on the stage, the business is guaranteed to explode. .”

“You!” Fuk’anggan was furious and slapped the table in anger.

“By the way, is Young Lord good at blowing flutes?” A sly smile appeared on Song Qingshu’s lips.

“Hmph, what’s the matter? Even if I dare not claim that I am the best in the world in the art of the flute, I can be regarded as a consummate.” Blowing the flute was a major hobby of Fuk’anggan, and he was really quite skilled. There was even an incident where a girl from wulin took the initiative to give him a hug, which has always been one of the things he was very proud of in his life.

Song Qingshu rubbed his palms and laughed, “Although there are thousands of brothels in the world, they can be roughly divided into two categories, one is called ‘Changchun Courtyard’ and the other is called ‘Lichun Courtyard’, which is said to be derived from a song by Su Dongpo, Lord Fu comes from a noble background, so he must know which poem it is?”

Fuk’anggan came from a line of literary talent. Although he knew that Song Qingshu had bad intentions, he couldn’t help but say, “It must be taken from ‘Flowers sway in Changchun Courtyard, and the lights and candles shine in the city that never sleeps’.”

“I didn’t expect Young Lord to be so knowledgeable!” Song Qingshu gave a thumbs up, his response was do exagerated that Fuk’anggan’s face turned red and white, “The so-called Lichun Courtyard refers to a place for female prostitutes, so the Changchun Courtyard is naturally the oposite. Now I wonder, Brother Wei, I heard that the male servants must train a certain skill after entering the Courtyard. Can you tell us what it is?”

Wei Xiaobao literally grew up in a brothel district, and he surely knew what he meant, and said cooperatively, “It seems that they are trained to hold cucumbers in their mouths every day, and they can only serve customers when they are skilled. There is an elegant saying in the industry that this skill is called ‘Blowing the Flute’.” While speaking, he glanced at the jade flute on Fuk’anggan’s waist.

The people in the scene were all men, and there was no way they still didn’t understand the meaning of it. EvenFuk’anggan’s own subordinates were holding back their laughter.

Fuk’anggan didn’t react at first, but when he saw everyone’s laughter, he suddenly understood and couldn’t help but be furious.

“Everyone, don’t be so agitated. I invited everyone to come here today because I want to explain my little daughter’s marriage.” Although Wu Sangui was happy to see Prince Bao and Kangxi’s subordinates getting into trouble, he couldn’t let the two sides make trouble here.

Fuk’anggan thought that he had to give some face to his future father-in-law, so he just snorted coldly, and unhappily sat back in his seat.

When Wei Xiaobao heard that Wu Sangui decided to let Ake choose her own husband, his expression changed greatly. Song Qingshu also frowned, his eyes swept across Fuk’anggan inadvertently, there was a flash of light in his mind, and his expression suddenly relaxed.

Goblin: I am having some trouble translating the name Fuk’anggan (Fu-Kangg’an/Fukang’an). Honestly this character is one of the author’s manipulations. Historically he was a Manchu noble and general of the Qing Dynasty. He had no relation whatsoever with Prince Bao. In fact, historically Prince Bao (Qianlong Emperor/Hongli) was actually the grandson of Kangxi Emperor. But, in this novel the author used him as Kangxi Emperor’s political opponent.

Now, back to the subject, the name Fuk’anggan (Fu-Kangg’an/Fukang’an) doesn’t have a surname and it is pronounced all at once, just like Hongli. In accordance with Manchu custom, it should be used alone or with titles but not with the family name. But, in the novel the author sometimes used the term “Lord Fu” which takes the word “Fu” as a family name. Which seems very confusing. I think that I am going to keep things accurate and call him Fukang’an, as it is with Hongli and change “Lord Fu” to “Young Lord”.

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