Chapter 14: Clear as ice and jade

Song Qingshu knew that Tian Guinong was the main culprit behind that tragedy, but when he saw this beautiful sister-in-law, he was moved in his heart and subconsciously wanted to stay with her for a while, so he decided not to tell her the truth.

The three came to the vicinity of the White Horse Temple and saw a thin Scholar sitting on the side of the road with leisure. Madame Hu went ahead and asked, “Hello, how can I get to King of Venoms?”

As soon as the scholar looked up, his eyes lit up, and he praised: “What a beautiful little lady!”

Little Hu Fei couldn’t stand other men looking at his mother like this the most. He squinted at his mother, and angrily said, “You are a scholar, yet you’re so frivolous!”

When the Scholar saw Hu Fei, he snorted, “You have strong bones and your martial art is also not bad, you are a good specimen to try that medicine.” After saying that, he reached out and grabbed at Hu Fei. 

Hu Fei had a good foundation in martial arts and he stretched out his hand to block him using the Spring Silkworm Palm. But it was useless before the Scholar’s grasp and he was immediately restrained.

“Fei’er!” Madame Hu was shocked, and a piece of white silk swiftly flew over.

“Huh?” Seeing that the white silk was quick, precise, and its angle also really tricky, the Scholer quickly stretched out his finger and cleverly tapped a few inches from the front of the silk.

When Madame Hu saw this, her expression changed, her wrist shook, and the white silk made a big circle, creating a big hole on the ground behind the scholar.

The scholar grabbed Hu Fei’s shoulders, sealed his acupuncture points, and his footsteps began to speed up. Song Qingshu only saw a blur, and the scholar jumped out of Madame Hu’s ribbon attack circle.

“Your Excellency, why do you know my martial arts techniques?” Madam Hu looked at the Scholar before her.

“The Silver Bell and Golden Lock of the Ancient Tomb Sect specializes in hitting the enemy’s acupuncture points. It really deserves its name, but it’s a pity that your opponent is me.” The Scholar touched his mustache and smiled triumphantly.

“Sister-in-law is from the Ancient Tomb Sect?” Song Qingshu was shocked. He glanced at Madame Hu who was the definition of ice and snow. He then thought in his heart that her appearance and temperament did meet the criteria for accepting disciples of the Ancient Tomb Sect. Wait a moment…since when did the Ancient Tomb Sect have another disciple?

Madame Hu looked more solemn, “There are very few people in the world who know about the Ancient Tomb Sect, and your Excellency actually knows the method to counter the martial arts of the Ancient Tomb Sect?”

But the Scholar shook his head, “I only know some bit and pieces about the most profound martial arts of your sect, the ‘Jade Maiden Heart Manual’ and the sword technique ‘Jade Maiden Swordplay’. It wouldn’t be so easy to counter otherwise.”

“Looking at your demeanor, you must be a master, why are you bullying a child?” Song Qingshu said after watching all this.

The scholar took a look at Song Qingshu, and a lewd smile appeared at the corner of his lips, “Wonderful…wonderful! A pretty widow who is as beautiful as a fairy, traveling with a handsome young man. A man,  a widow, and they are alone. Where there is dry wood, there will be burning fire, really wonderful! Ah…”

“Impudent!” Madame Hu’s pretty face flushed red, and she scolded him before attacking. 

“Be careful!” Song Qingshu saw through the Scholar’s intentions at a glance. He clearly did that in order to make Madame Hu angry and expose her flaws.

Sure enough, Madame Hu only fought him more than ten strokes, and she suddenly screamed, she was hit with a palm strike on her chest. She quickly backed away, and the corners of her mouth were already soaked with blood.

The scholar did not chase, just squeezed his palm and sniffed deeply after bringing it to his nose, saying with a look of fascination, “It feels really good, and it smells even better~”

“You!” Madame Hu was so angry that she planned to attack again, but she couldn’t help but frown because of the wound.

“Sister-in-law, don’t fall for his cunning methods.” Song Qingshu hurriedly went to support her, only to smell a sweet fragrance, even if the current situation was dire, this was unavoidable.

“Hehe, you are lucky today. If I met such a beautiful little widow twenty years ago, hehe, I would have enjoyed first and then killed you, but now I have a big event planned in my mind, so let’s just use your son for that first!” After speaking, he grabbed Hu Fei, and with a flash, he disappeared in the distance.

Little Hu Fei’s scared voice was heard from afar, “You are a pervert, and you actually like men. If you dare to defile me, I will bite my tongue and kill myself…”

Song Qingshu’s expression turned black, and Madame Hu was seething with extreme anger. It affected her chest injury and she suddenly fainted.

Song Qingshu was shocked when he saw this, and he worried that the scholar would change his mind and return, so he quickly picked up Madame Hu and left the place.

Madame Hu was tall, but he did not expect her body to be as soft as boneless, she seemed to have no weight at all. Song Qingshu smelled the faint scent of her body along the way, and sometimes unintentionally touched her skin, only feeling a piece of snowy and tenderness. What a sin! He suddenly thought that he had already bowed to Hu Yidao as a brother, and secretly despised himself, calmed his mind, and looked for a refuge everywhere.

Finally seeing an abandoned dilapidated house, Song Qingshu spread a thick layer of hay on the ground before gently putting Madame Hu on it.

“Urghh~” Madame Hu snorted with a painful expression, probably due to the wound.

Song Qingshu didn’t know exactly where she was injured or how serious the injury was. He wanted to check for her. But, when he reached out and saw Madame Hu’s icy jade-like visage, with a holy aura on her face. He didn’t dare to offend.

Song Qingshu vigorously slapped himself, checking her injury was just an excuse. She was clearly injured on her chest, and he just wanted to find a fair and honest reason to take advantage of her.

But then he thought about it again, ‘As a transmigrator, why do I need to follow the etiquette of this world? Haven’t I seen the body of a woman in my previous life? What’s wrong if I take a look now…’

When Song Qingshu was struggling, Madame Hu quietly woke up, and when she woke up to see only Song Qingshu, she quickly asked, “Where is Fei’er?”

“That Scholar took him away. I saw that sister-in-law was seriously injured, so I had to find a place to heal you.” Song Qingshu was a little embarrassed, because he was obviously afraid that the scholar would return. At that moment, he suddenly felt a little annoyed about why he was such useless now. No, he was totally a burden.

“I’m going to save Fei’er!” Madame Hu struggled to get up, cried out in pain, and sat down again.

“Sister-in-law, how is your injury? It was not convenient for me to probe just now.” Song Qingshu supported her with his arms, and felt that the place where he touched was as warm as nephrite jade.

Madam Hu blushed, and calmly left his embrace, she frowned and said, “I’m afraid my ribs may be broken.”

“Sister-in-law, let’s heal your injury first, and then save Fei’er, otherwise it will be useless to catch up with him now.” Song Qingshu helped Madame Hu to sit down.

“No, let’s chase the scholar directly.” Madame Hu flushed and shook her head. Apparently, she was thinking in her heart that this place was far away from the locality, and she also didn’t know how much time will be lost once again. Besides, as all the doctors in this era were all generally men, how can she let a man touch her…

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Till now I have been updating One chapter every Two days. But, this will probably shake the frequency of release quite a lot.

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