Chapter 141: The truth (part 1)

The three people in the room were dumbfounded and fell into a strange state of silence. In the end, it was Song Qingshu who woke up first and quickly ran outside.

Wu Sangui and his son looked at each other, and they all felt that their heads were about to explode, and they also followed suit.

When Song Qingshu returned to the princess’ room, he saw Wei Xiaobao lying on his back on the ground, with a large mass of blood on his chest, and his eyes were wide open, filled with an expression of disbelief. He saw a musket with blue smoke not far away, combined with the loud noise just now, it should be the murder weapon. Although Wei Xiaobao’s soft gold armor was invulnerable to swords, knives and guns, it is a pity that it could not prevent the power of this firearm. (G: Too bad he didn’t have a plot armor.)

Song Qingshu ran over and touched his carotid artery, and found that there was no movement at all, so he had to move on to continue to check the princess’ situation.

Princess Jianning was lying motionless on the table, so Song Qingshu had to move her up and take a look. He saw that her face had become deathly pale, and there was still a trace of black blood on the corner of her lips. Song Qingshu hurriedly sent internal energy into her body, but it was like a stone sinking into the sea. It was hopeless.

Picking up the medicine bottle on the table and smelling it, Song Qingshu’s face suddenly darkened, and he glared at the palace maid who had come after hearing the news, “Where did this poison come from?”

The palace maid replied quickly, “Lord… the princess usually liked to play with these… strange things, so she once sent someone to collect some.”

Seeing the tragic situation in the room, Wu Sangui and his son couldn’t react for a while. They didn’t expect the princess to be so stubborn. She chose the path to the underworld and also brought Kangxi’s favorite minister Wei Xiaobao to be buried with her.

“Could it be that the princess was unwilling to be humiliated and committed suicide. Lord Wei planned to dissuade her, but was shot by the princess in her muddled state instead?” Wu Sangui touched his nose, and tried to reproduce what happened in this room just now.

Who knew that Song Qingshu turned around and gave him a stern look, “It was clearly Lord Wei who wanted to stop Fuk’anggan’s violence against the princess, but was beaten to death by the other party in retaliation.”

“Yes, yes, Lord Wei was truly loyal to his lord. I didn’t expect that ambitious wolf, Fuk’anggan, would be so cruel.”

Wu Sangui knew that Song Qingshu was angry. So, although he knew that the other party was putting gold on Wei Xiaobao’s face, he did not want to oppose it. (G: “to put gold” means “to glorify”.)

Kangxi’s favorite minister, Wei Xiaobao actually died on his own territory like this, and Wu Sangui was starting to feel a severe headache. Thus, in order to reduce Kangxi’s anger, he didn’t mind putting some gold on Wei Xiaobao’s face.

As for the shi*t pot on Fuk’anggan’s head, Wu Sangui’s eyes narrowed, ‘I have already spared his life, which is enough to give Hongli face, so what does it matter if I framed him for one or two charges.’

“General Song, let us discuss a countermeasure for today’s matter first.” It was enough for Wu Sangui to worry about a princess committing suicide after being defiled on his own domain, but now Wei Xiaobao was also dead! 

Wu Sangui was even having an urge to raise troops immediately. But he knew that the time was far from ripe, so he had to suppress that thought and thought about how to explain it to Kangxi with a bitter look.

“Countermeasures?” Song Qingshu glanced at Wu Sangui and coldly said, “We are only guests from afar, and I would like to ask the lord to go back to his manor to discuss a countermeasure. I will return to the capital and leave it to the emperor to decide. Now I have to look after the princess and Lord Wei. I will not be able to accompany you any longer. Someone come, and see the lords off!”

Wu Yingxiong was already very angry. And after seeing Song Qingshu’s stern attitude, he was about to attack when Wu Sangui put a palm on his shoulder and stopped him, “In that case, this king will retire first.”

Returning to the Pingxi Palace, Wu Yingxiong couldn’t bear it any longer, and shouted angrily, “Father, you let Fuk’anggan go, I can understand your concerns to some extent, but this Song Qingshu is nothing, he is just a lowly general, and he dares to act so arrogant in front of us?”

“No matter how lowly Song Qingshu is, after Wei Xiaobao’s death, his authority is now equivalent to the imperial commissioner sent by the imperial court. Unless our father and son rise up in revolt immediately, it would be unwise to offend him at this turbulent time. If he is forced to return to the capital, he might spread some bad words about our father and son in Kangxi’s ears. Most importantly, he is not the culprit.” Wu Sangui glanced at Wu Yingxiong and comforted him softly, “Yingxiong, father knows that you have been wronged today. But father promises you that one day, Fuk’anggan will be punished. I will bring the bast*rd in front of you and grant him death with a thousand cuts!”

“Thank you, Father!” Wu Yingxiong gritted his teeth and said, “This son will definitely kill Fuk’anggan, this dog, in return for today’s humiliation.”

After Wu Sangui and his party left, Anfu Garden became quite deserted. As everyone knew what happened today, whether it was the imperial guards or the eunuchs and maids, everyone was in a panic. They feared that after returning to the capital, the Emperor might be angry and make everyone here be buried with the dead.

Fortunately, Song Qingshu spoke up to comfort them at this moment, stating that what happened today had nothing to do with everyone, and that he was willing to take all the responsibilities alone. 

The eunuchs and palace ladies talked a lot and praised General Song’s righteousness, especially after seeing Song Qingshu standing alone in the room, in a dazed state. As he was staring at Lord Wei in the coffin, there seemed to be tears in the corners of his eyes, and they were even more moved. Everyone knew that Song Qingshu and Wei Xiaobao usually treated each other like brothers. (G: Someone should really give this guy an Oscar!)

Song Qingshu stretched out his hand and gently wiped Wei Xiaobao’s face, closed his eyes, which were stunned, and said in his heart, ‘Brother Wei, don’t blame this brother for being cruel. You were my first real friend since I came to this world, but unfortunately you were too smart. If I didn’t take this great opportunity to get rid of you, I might have been harmed by you in the future. Brother, I’m planning a big event in a few months. Unfortunately, after thinking about it, I felt that there is no way I could deceive you. As they say, if there is an obstacle in the path, one has to get rid of it. I believe that if you and I exchanged positions, you would make the same choice. After all, we’re both the same kind of people, aren’t we…?’

Song Qingshu kept a sad expression on his face at all times. There was not even a smug smile on the corner of his mouth, nor was he brainless enough to whisper the words in his heart to Wei Xiaobao in the coffin.

There were mainly two reasons why he acted this way.

Firstly, because of the fact that he had transmigrated, he firmly believed that there was a soul in this world. It was enough for Wei Xiaobao’s soul to see his brotherhood. There was no need to show his ugly side in front of him, after he killed him. Which may result in endless resentment.

Secondly, Song Qingshu had been greatly influenced by many film and television dramas in his previous life, and he knew that the most taboo thing for a bad person was this monologue at the end. If someone heard it, then the glorious image that he had been building for so long would collapse instantly.

With Song Qingshu’s current attainments, although he was confident that there was no one else within ten feet, he would never take the slightest risk, unless he could be 100% assured. He wouldn’t even feel at ease even if the probability was 99.999%!

Turning around, looking at Princess Jianning’s gray face, Song Qingshu sighed in his heart, ‘In the end, the one I have wronged the most this time is you…’

(G: How did Song Qingshu do it? And when? Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ba…*cough*…in the next chapter of Flower Stealing Master!)

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