Chapter 143: Peerless beauty

It’s just that Wu Sangui termed it politely. After all, he had to take care of his face at the very least. If he said that he would directly give his daughter to the emperor as an addition to the imperial harem, he would be ridiculed by the world.

“Ake?” Thinking of her beautiful face, Song Qingshu was a little reluctant to let her be sent to the imperial harem. After thinking about it carefully, he very clearly understood the stakes, then he nodded and replied, “That would be good,Your Majesty really has the demeanor of a true official. In just a few moves, such a cataclysmic catastrophe has been wiped clean.”

Wu Sangui’s tense face finally revealed a smile, “I hope that after lord Song returns to the capital, he will have a few more good words about this King and his son in front of the emperor.”

That would be much more valuable. Wu Sangui had to bleed a lot in order to quell this catastrophe.

“Your Majesty is loyal, and the lower officials naturally know what to say when we go back, we will definitely tell the emperor every truth. That the culprit is Fuk’anggan, that degenerate.” Song Qingshu did not reject the other party’s bribery. Isn’t it okay to be happy for the moment? As for what he will tell Kangxi when he goes back, that was his own business, can Wu Sangui still bite me after that?

“Then, we will be depending on Lord Song.” Seeing Song Qingshu accepting his gift box, Wu Sangui finally felt relieved. Just when he was about to breathe a sigh of relief, a guard outside suddenly rushed in, in a panic.

“Your Majesty, it’s not good, the princess ran away from home!”

Wu Sangui was startled, he just said he was going to send Ake to the palace, but she ran away. Wouldn’t that make it a big deal?

Seeing Wu Sangui’s eagerness to explain, Song Qingshu said, “Your Majesty, you should go and deal with the matter of the princess. This lower official will stay here to wait for the lord to come back.”

Wu Sangui originally wanted him to go out and wait, but as Song Qingshu had already opened his mouth, he could only nod and say, “Then Lord Song should rest here for a while, and this King will return when he is done with this matter.” After speaking, he hurried out.

Seeing Wu Sangui disappear at the door, Song Qingshu put away the smile on his face, then turned around and carefully searched the study.

After searching for a long time, he found nothing, not even a hidden compartment. But, Song Qingshu did not give up and pulled the white tiger skin carpet, and the floor below was also solid. 

‘In the original book, Wei Xiaobao found the “Sutra of Forty-two Chapters” on the desk at a glance, and I even watched the place in the TV drama. But I still can’t find it, do I really not have the luck of a protagonist?’

Looking at the room full of things, Song Qingshu muttered to himself with a headache, “It would be great if I could use CTRL+F.” Hearing the sound of Wu Sangui’s return, Song Qingshu had no choice but to stop searching. (G: I’m pretty sure you guys know this. “Control+F” is the keyboard shortcut for the Find command.)

“I’m really sorry for making Lord Song wait for such a long time.” Wu Sangui apologized as soon as he entered through the door.

“Your Majesty, you’re welcome, has Princess Ake been found it?” Song Qingshu asked.

“Although I didn’t find her, this King has already found out where she is now. It’s just, just…” Wu Sangui suddenly became hesitant to speak more.

“Could it be that Your Majesty has something he can’t speak of? If you require the help of this lower official, Your Majesty just has to open his mouth.”

As he was a man full of pity and honor. After having just received a generous gift from Wu Sangui, Song Qingshu was not willing to take it for nothing. (G: Yah right!)

“I’m afraid Lord Song really needs to help out this time.” Wu Sangui said with a wry smile, “The place where Ake is in, is a place that is inconvenient for this King to go, and it’s also the same for my subordinates as well.”

“There is such a strange place in Shanhaiguan?” Song Qingshu glanced at Wu Sangui in surprise.

Wu Sangui had no choice but to explain, “Ake’s mother has a special status. Not long after she gave birth to Ake, she went to the Sansheng Temple outside the city to live a life of spirituality. Due to that influence, this King has not seen her for many years, and now Ake is with her. When she heard that she was going to be sent to the palace, she went to Sansheng Temple to find her mother.”

Song Qingshu seemed shocked, “Could it be that Your Majesty is talking about Chen Yuanyuan, the most beautiful woman in the world?”

Hearing another man praise his wife, Wu Sangui touched his nose, laughed dryly, and didn’t speak.

“The people are ignorant and they like to blame the misunderstood. But, this official has always admired Your Majesty’s heroic deeds .” Song Qingshu said with emotion.

An unpleasant expression flashed across Wu Sangui’s face, and he snorted heavily, “Lord Song doesn’t need to be sarcastic.” Even to this moment, the circumstances of his defection to the Qing army was a matter of great humiliation in his life, so when Song Qingshu mentioned it, he couldn’t help but lose his temper.

“Your Majesty has misunderstood, this one is really sincere.” Song Qingshu said solemnly, “The world will only blame Your Majesty for betraying the Han people for a woman, but no one accuses Li Zicheng of being short-sighted. A group of peasant troops know nothing but sabotage and looting. If Li Zicheng could restrain his subordinates and treated Your Majesty’s family well, why would Your Majesty be forced by the situation to defect to the Qing Dynasty and be called a traitor by the Han people? In my opinion, Your Majesty can bear the world’s infamy for the person he loves, and that makes you a true man.”

Wu Sangui’s expression turned from anger, to reminiscence, and then to relief. Finally, he calmed down and said in a deep voice, “Lord Song, now we are all officials of the Qing Dynasty, please be careful about some words.”

“No matter what Your Majesty thinks in his heart, what I just said is indeed from the bottom of my heart.” Song Qingshu cupped his hands, “Then this official will go to Sansheng Temple first and invite princess Ake back.”

“Okay, I shall depend on Lord Song, you can make it clear to their mother and daughter that everything is the intention of this King.” Wu Sangui said.

After coming out of the Pingxi Palace, Song Qingshu rode his horse to Sansheng Temple. As he walked along, he felt extremely unsettled. He frowned, and was secretly shocked in his heart, “Could it be that Wu Sangui has sent someone to lie in ambush on the road to plot against me?” Then slowed down and looked around vigilantly.

Song Qingshu breathed a sigh of relief only when he reached a small temple with “Sansheng Temple” written on the plaque. After pushing the door and entering, he saw that the surroundings were spotless, there were several camellias and a redbud tree planted in the patio, and a white-robed Guanyin was put in the center of the hall. Maybe after staying with the most beautiful person in the world for a long time, even the Bodhisattva has a trace of the beauty? (G: Guanyin is the Bodhisattva of Compassion or Goddess of Mercy. It is called Avalokiteśvara in Sanskrit.)

He heard the sound of footsteps not far away. Not long after, a woman came over and saluted Song Qingshu and said, “This nun has seen Lord Song.” Her voice was soft, with a Suzhou accent. (G: Suzhou is a prefecture level city in Jiangsu.)

This woman was about forty years old, wearing a pale yellow Taoist robe, her eyes were picturesque, and she was unspeakably beautiful. Song Qingshu thought that Ake was already beautiful enough to destroy a country, but this woman was at another level. (G: Mil*f’s rule!)

Ake was standing beside the Taoist nun, holding her hand, and proudly raised her smooth chin to Song Qingshu. Song Qingshu saw two stunning beauties with similar appearances standing together, they looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. And, he became stunned for a moment.

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