Chapter 148: Marriage

“You killed Li Zicheng?” Song Qingshu didn’t know how to react for a moment.

“Everyone will die. In fact, he should have died in Jiugong Mountain. I just gave him a ride in advance.” Hu Yizhi’s expression was indifferent, and he didn’t think he had done anything wrong.

Seeing the madness flashing in his eyes, Song Qingshu thought about Chen Za for a moment, not knowing how to answer for a while.

Hu Yizhi raised his head and glanced at him, “You didn’t bring your weapon today, and you’re really not my opponent, but since you have a deep relationship with the Hu family, I’ll let you go. If you encounter Little Hu Fei in the future, tell him to come here to find me. I…I will pass on the complete Hu family sword technique to him.”

Song Qingshu didn’t think that the other party was really capable of hurting him, but he also didn’t want to have a pointless fight for the sake of some words. So he smiled and said, “Thank you, senior, for your kindness, and I will definitely bring your words to Hu Fei in the future.”


In the next few days, after the grand burial of the princess, Song Qingshu sent someone to Sansheng Temple to pick up Ake. After saying goodbye to Wu Sangui, he took Wei Xiaobao’s coffin and set off to the capital.

On the way, Song Qingshu approached Ake several times in an attempt to cultivate some intimacy, but unfortunately Ake was full of sorrows due to leaving home and uneasy about her entry into the imperial palace. She ignored Song Qingshu’s attempts at conversation, and after a few times, Song Qingshu’s temper came up, and he didn’t bother to talk to her anymore. The envoy team quickly returned to the capital in silence.

In the Forbidden City, Kangxi Emperor rushed his entourage and guards to a distance, and quietly looked at Wei Xiaobao in the coffin. Because of the secret preservation method of the imperial palace, Wei Xiaobao’s body was not damaged much even after such a long time. Kangxi Emperor looked at the familiar face, and his eyes flashed with a spark.

But he was the Emperor of an empire after all, so he didn’t let his tears fall. He turned around and glared at Song Qingshu, “Tell Us, what the hell happened!”

Song Qingshu told Kangxi what happened in Shanhaiguan that day. Kangxi Emperor stayed expressionless throughout the process. After listening, he spoke up, “As the heir of Prince Bao, Fuk’anggan is a man who has seen all kinds of beauties, and Jianning was not born with the beauty to topple a country, so how could Fuk’anggan take such a big risk!?”

“This…” Song Qingxuan glanced at Wei Xiaobao in the coffin in embarrassment, with a very struggling expression on his face.

Kangxi Emperor was already familiar with Wei Xiaobao’s bold and daring personality, and when he saw Song Qingshu’s expression, he suddenly had a hint of enlightenment in his heart, and said in a deep voice, “Could it be related to Wei Xiaobao and Jianning.”

“The emperor’s eyes can see through all.” Song Qingshu said hesitantly, “Since some things have already happened, why not let it go, and keep…the reputation.”

“Damn!” Kangxi Emperor’s face turned red with anger, “I just need to know the truth.”

Seeing that the time was almost right, Song Qingshu hesitantly said, “Lord Wei and the princess have always had a good relationship. On the way to Shanhaiguan, the two made some mistakes. Later, Master Wei learned that the daughter of the imperial family must be tested for her chastity. In desperation, he had no choice but to resort to this, and was going to put the crime on Fuk’anggan.” Looking up at Kangxi’s face, Song Qingshu quickly added, “Lord Wei was also thinking of completely destroying the relationship between Prince Bao and Wu Sangui. He wanted to contribute to the Emperor’s great cause in the future and thought that he could kill two birds with one stone.”

“What a good plan to kill two birds with one stone!” Kangxi Emperor sneered.

Song Qingshu continued, “How could we know that something went wrong that day, and Princess Jianning… She was really defiled by Fuk’anggan. The princess was also stubborn, thinking that it was Lord Wei who had deceived her. So she shot and killed Lord Wei with a musket, then also took poison and killed himself.”

Song Qingshu deliberately did not tell all this directly to Kangxi as soon as he came back. He knew that if the listener had doubts about you, even if what you said was the truth, it would arouse suspicion. Song Qingshu intentionally waited for Kangxi to ask questions again and again, and then pretended that he couldn’t hide it. He mixed truth with lies to recount the situation of that day. In the process, he kept saying good things about Wei Xiaobao. In this way, Kangxi would not doubt him at all.

“That motherfu*ker! Wei Xiaobao, that bast*rd, he was so daring enough to even put his hands on the imperial princess!” Kangxi Emperor was angry and regretful, “What kind of woman did he want, won’t I give them to him? Why did he have to take the risk and harm himself? He lost his life in vain.”

Song Qingshu wisely stood aside in silence, and listened to Kangxi Emperor vent his emotions.

Kangxi Emperor walked around the room, grabbed a tea bowl and smashed it on the ground, and said bitterly, “Mao Dongzhu, that bitch, not only she harmed my mother, she even gave birth to an evil seed and harmed my right hand, fu*k…”

Song Qingshu saw that Kangxi Emperor had changed the usual royal etiquette and cursed like a commoner, and could not help but sigh at the fact that Kangxi Emperor really regarded Wei Xiaobao as a friend from the bottom of his heart.

After venting a bit, the Kangxi Emperor finally calmed down. He stared into Song Qingshu’s eyes and said, “I don’t want a third person to know about what happened today.”

Song Qingshu bowed and said, “I understand!” 

Suddenly he thought of Ake, he quickly said, “Your Majesty, this time the princess and Lord Wei had an accident in Shanhaiguan, and Wu Sangui was in a panic, so he still made Wu Yingxiong to marry the princess. We offered that it would be best to bury the princess in the ancestral tomb of the Wu family. This official considered that it was not appropriate for the court to fall out with Wu Sangui at this point in time, so he agreed on his own initiative.”

“You did good!” Kangxi Emperor snorted, thinking in his heart, ‘Jianning was a spawn of Mao Dongzhu and a wild man, and she was not a member of the royal family anyways.’

Song Qingshu handed over Wu Sangui’s memorial and said, “Wu Sangui also asked for the removal of his King status and a fine of ten years.”

Kangxi Emperor flipped through it a few times and said with a sneer, “That old turtle knew that as long as he still held the initiative in his hand, I would not agree to this request. He deliberately played with this move, and sure enough, his heart is truly black.”

Song Qingshu knew that if Wei Xiaobao was still alive, at this moment, he would definitely scold Wu Sangui according to Kangxi’s intention, and he would be able to coax Kangxi with a few words of flattery. But it was a pity that Song Qingshu was a modern person, and he would not easily bend the spine on his back. He may sometimes succumb to the situation temporarily, but he couldn’t always be as flattering as Wei Xiaobao. Therefore, he had to speak instead,

“Wu Sangui also said that he should have come to the capital to plead guilty in person, but the war in the north was at a critical point, so he had to send his daughter Ake into the imperial palace as a maid to atone for her father’s crime.”

Kangxi Emperor frowned, and thought in his heart, ‘Wu Sangui is notorious in the hearts of the Han people all over the world. If I accept his daughter, I am afraid that I will lose the support of a large number of scholars…’

After looking at Song Qingshu, he immediately came to a decision and said, “There is no shortage of women in my palace, so I will give her to you.”

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  1. Have to admit, there was a section for a while where the author seemed like he didn’t know what to do with Song other than have him want women and it was a little tough to get through, but it seems that has been fixed. If it wasn’t for the fact that I came to this so late after it had passed that point I might’ve dropped this before.

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