Chapter 15: Fighting with Zhou Feng

I didn’t know when my palms became so sweaty. Honestly, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t feeling nervous. 

I was originally a loser. Yes, I had seen a lot of group fights, but never did I participate in one myself. 

Not even once!

The last time I fought with Zhou Feng, I was so frightened that if it weren’t for the power Mei’er gave me, I would have been beaten to death, and it wouldn’t have been as simple as just staying in the hospital for a few days! 

As soon as we left the school gate, we saw a crowd of people standing not far away. 

Everything they held in their hands were shining under the sun.

Hold on! 

Zhou Feng actually brought more guys with him in order to fight me this time. 

Seeing the scene, I couldn’t help but feel my legs go a little weak.

I glanced at Wang Hu and Zhang Yu next to me, and found that they were not nervous at all.

Wang Hu turned his head and said to the two boys carrying oversized schoolbags, “Split it up!” 

Upon hearing that, the two boys threw the schoolbags they were carrying on the ground, and unzipped them. 

What I saw were steel pipes…and even mac*hetes!

I was stunned speechless. It was the first time I saw such a serious weaponry!

“Brother, take it and chop that idiot to death!” 

Wang Hu handed a mac*hete to me. 

I couldn’t hold the thing steady and almost dropped it to the ground. Then I looked at Wang Hu with a very uncomfortable expression, “Brother Hu, do you really want me to use this? What if someone ends up dead?” 

I admit, I was scared.

“This mac*hete has a dull edge, it can’t cut anyone.” After saying that, he gave Zhang Yu another mac*hete. 

Looking at the high-spirited look of the people around me, I also felt a rush of blood. 

Of course, Fatty was an exception.

I spat, emboldened myself, and shouted, “Fuk him!” 

With that, our group walked towards Zhou Feng.

Zhou Feng wasn’t very surprised when he saw our group. Wang Hu went to find us so openly, so it would be strange if he didn’t get the news yet!

Zhou Feng had a cigarette in his mouth, as if he was very relaxed, and said to Wang Hu with a smile on his face, “Brother Hu, you’d better leave this matter alone. It would be bad if our relationship is strained for the sake of an outsider.”

Wang Hu also smiled, put the mac*hete on his shoulder, lit a cigarette, and also smiled, “The problem is, he is not an outsider, he is my brother!”

Zhou Feng’s face turned a little ugly, “Your brother disabled more than a dozen of my brothers!”

Looking at Zhang Yu’s reaction, Wang Hu smiled even more happily, “If you hadn’t been looking for trouble with my brother, would he have done it? My brother is very honest!”

“Brother Hu! You know that this matter had nothing to do with you! Are you sure you want to meddle in this matter?” Zhou Feng snorted coldly. 

Wang Hu smiled, “I just don’t care! What can you do?”

“Then there’s nothing more to say!” Zhou Feng said, then he lifted his mac*hete and slashed at me. 

When the boys on both sides saw Zhou Feng’s move, they all rushed forward.

Zhou Feng’s mac*hete was aimed directly at my head, as if he really wanted to kill me. 

I gritted my teeth, lifted the mac*hete, and swung it at him.

There was only a “ding” sound, and the two mac*hetes hit each other. It was a head-on collision, but how could Zhou Feng’s strength be compared to me, who was at the foundation establishment stage?

The mac*hete in his hand was knocked away, and I took advantage of the momentum and rushed forward, intending to directly maim Zhou Feng, but another mac*hete slashed towards my shoulder. 

I quickly took a few steps back, and dodged. 

Then I breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that this foundation building not only strengthened my strength, but also made my reaction much faster.

“Fuk you!” I cursed and kicked the person who had just slashed at me with the mac*hete to the ground. 

Then holding the mac*hete, I approached Zhou Feng.

The mac*hete in Zhou Feng’s hand had gone who knew where. And when he saw the fierce look on my face, he quickly stepped back, but shouted out, “Stop him and chop him to death!”

As soon as he said these words, three or four gangsters slashed at me with knives. 

I quickly backed away, but suddenly there was a pain in my back. I turned around and saw that at some point, a gangster had already appeared behind me, and managed to land a hit. 

I endured the pain and hit the gangster’s hand directly with the mac*hete. Since the mac*hete was not sharp, his hand was not cut off, but my mac*hete directly broke his bone!

There were four people in front, and the rest were restrained by Wang Hu’s gang. 

I gritted my teeth and fought hard! 

Instead of retreating, I advanced, turned my mac*hete and slashed down. The four gangsters were frightened by my appearance and were stunned for a moment. 

While they were stunned, I had already knocked one of them down.

I didn’t dare to stop, and I kicked another one over. Only then did the remaining two come to their senses, and they raised their knives to chop at me. 

I quickly took a few steps back. As soon as I stood firm, I sensed a cold breeze coming from behind me.

I quickly lowered my head, and the gust of cold wind flew past my scalp. 

I turned my head in surprise, and directly kicked the gangster who had not yet restrained his strength and knocked him to the ground. 

At the same time, I spotted Zhang Yu, not far away.

“Be careful!” Zhang Yu looked at me and shouted. 

Only then did I feel calm, and remembered to provide support. I turned around and slashed at the people Zhang Yu was fighting one by one.

The fighting power of Wang Hu’s brothers was obviously not as good as Zhou Feng’s. Many people on Wang Hu’s side had fallen, while on Zhou Feng’s side, apart from the people Zhang Yu and I defeated, Wang Hu could only bring down one.

“Zhou Feng, you fukkar!” When I saw that Zhou Feng was about to run away, I cursed and rushed towards him.

Zhou Feng was definitely not as fast as me. I caught up with him within a few steps and kicked him to the ground.

“Aren’t you going to chop me down!” I said and gave him another kick. 

Later, Zhang Yu arrived and also gave him a kick, but now I was completely enraged, and couldn’t contain myself at all.

“Don’t you want to chop me? Go ahead chop! Chop!” 

After saying that, I gave him a few more kicks. 

Zhang Yu didn’t say anything, he just picked up the mac*hete and started to chop. 

Zhou Feng was stunned, but he didn’t scream from beginning to end. He just gritted his teeth and endured it. 

I suddenly felt that Zhou Feng’s reaction was unnatural. The few times Zhang Yu slashed him, although the blade was not sharp, the pain it would cause couldn’t be that light. 

Moreover, I also stamped on him a few times. After I completed my foundation establishment, my strength had increased quite a lot. So it should’ve hurt more than being hit with a mac*hete, but this guy was just getting beaten up and didn’t say a word!

Just when I was about to increase my strength, I suddenly heard Wang Hu’s shout, “Brothers, hurry up! The police are coming!” 

As soon as he finished speaking, the sound of siren was heard. 

Zhang Yu and I looked at each other. 


After saying that, we all scattered and ran away.

I ran to a different direction, but suddenly a car blocked my way. 

A man in his thirties walked out, wearing a black suit and sunglasses. 

I thought it was one of Zhou Feng’s men, and panicked. Looking at his outfit, he was obviously a gangster!

But I had rushed too hard and couldn’t run anywhere else. So I gritted my teeth and jumped up from the ground with all my strength. 

I thought I wouldn’t be able to jump over, but who knew that not only did I jump over, but I jumped over his head! 

I glanced at the man in mid-air, and saw a flash of surprise in his eyes, but it only passed by for a moment, and it immediately returned to normal. 

I didn’t have time to pay attention to the man’s strange reaction, and after landing, I hurriedly ran in the direction of my rental house.

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