Chapter 154: Paradise on earth

Song Qingshu used his Wooden Sword to stab people at acupuncture points. The people who were stabbed felt their whole body go numb. They lost their combat effectiveness in an instant, but it did not hurt their vitality. After all, Song Qingshu came from modern society, so he couldn’t just treat human life like it had no value. The significance of Karma in this world could not be taken lightly.

Song Qingshu didn’t care about the alarm bell on the mountain. He broke through three iron gates and finally came to a cliff that was perpendicular to the ground. He noticed a bamboo basket hanging in mid air by a thick rope, and realized that on the top of this cliff was probably the central Chengde Hall of the Sun Moon Holy Cult

Although the bamboo basket had already been lifted up quite far due to the alarm, but it was not difficult for Song Qingshu to reach it. For him, it was easier to have solid soil to borrow strength from than the weak and impermanent water.

He directly used the Cloud-Ascending Ladder and jumped up! When he felt that his strength was about to run out, he touched his toes a little on the cliff, and he could jump up a long way.

On the way, he could see a layer of light clouds floating over his head, and after a while, he entered the cloud and mist, and everyone below could no longer see him.

After taking a few deep breaths in the middle, Song Qingshu finally came to the top of the cliff. The first thing that caught his eye was a huge white marble archway. The four golden characters on the archway “Blessing to all beings (泽被苍生)” shone with golden light in the sunlight, making people feel awe at its majesty.

Song Qingshu secretly laughed, ‘The grandeur of Dongfang Bubai is indeed unmatched in the wulin. The Shaolin Sect and the Mount Song Sect can’t even be compared to this, and the Mount Hua Sect and the Mount Heng Sect could be considered even worse. All of this makes it obvious that she has great ambition in her heart, and is an extraordinary leader as well. I wonder what Kangxi would think of Dongfang Bubai if he sees this place?’

Everyone at the top of the cliff had already been warned, and they all waited in a line in a serious manner. When they saw him come up, they surrounded him in the center. Song Qingshu did not want to fight any more, and loudly said, “Who is in charge here? Come out and answer.”

“This one is Elder Bao Dachu, may I know what is your purpose for coming here?” A middle-aged man came forward from the crowd.

Song Qingshu saw that this man’s breathing was even, his eyes were bright, and his cultivation was probably not under the heads of the Five Sacred Mountain Sword Sects.

“Hey, why haven’t you come out?” Song Qingshu was surrounded by hundreds of men, but he didn’t seem worried at all. After all, if he couldn’t beat them all, he would just go and fly away. He was confident that no one in the Sun Moon Holy Cult could catch up with him except for Dongfang Bubai.

“Are you that traitor Ren Woxing’s subordinate?” When Bao Dachu asked Song Qingshu by mentioning the name of Ren Woxing, the expressions of everyone in the Sun Moon Holy Cult changed.

Seeing that Bao Dachu was calling Ren Woxing by his name, Song Qingshu breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that Ren Woxing and his group had not yet attacked the Cult, and he immediately said with a friendly expression, “It seems that there was a misunderstanding, I am a friend of your Cult Master Dongfang, I hope Elder Bao will pass the news on to him (her).”

Bao Dachu didn’t dare to believe him, and motioned his men to surround him: “If you want to see our Cult Master, you should surrender peacefully.” 

Song Qingshu didn’t want to fight with these men who were loyal to Dongfang Bubai, so he had to find another way. He jumped to the top of Chengde Hall, took a deep breath, and roared with the Lion’s Roar technique, “Dongfang Bubai, I came to help you by crossing a thousand miles, yet is this how you will greet your friend? It seems that you don’t care about the lives of these disciples and elders. If there is any damage, you can’t blame me!” His voice had the effect of a bell, spreading all over the top of the cliff.

“Bold! How dare you call out the Cult Master by his name.” Hearing him shouting in the hall, a group of followers below were furious and were about to jump on the roof to capture him. At that moment a majestic voice was heard from a distance, “Bao Dachu, send him to see this seat.”

The order had an immediate effect. All the members of Sun Moon Holy Cult put down their weapons one after another, and although they were puzzled, they did not dare to disobey their leader’s orders.

“Honored guest, please!” In all his years, Bao Dachu had never seen anyone dare to speak to the Cult Master like that, and listening to the Cult Master’s tone, he didn’t seem to mind it either. ‘Could it be that he was really the Cult Master’s friend? But I have been in the Sun Moon Holy Cult for many years, and I have never heard of this person.’

A purple-clothed messenger came out to lead the way, and Song Qingshu followed behind. They walked behind Chengde Hall, passed a long corridor, entered a garden, and walked into a small stone house at the west end. The purple-clothed messenger stopped and pushed the wall on the left. The wall moved aside, revealing a door. There was still an iron door inside. The purple-clothed messenger took out a bunch of keys from his clothes, opened the iron door, and revealed a tunnel leading underground. Song Qingshu followed him down the tunnel. A few oil lamps were lit on both sides of the tunnel, and the dim light created a gloomy atmosphere. 

Song Qingshu couldn’t help but secretly alert himself, ‘That old eunuch did say that I will face a catastrophe in the near future. Could it be that young miss Dongfang is still angry about what happened last time, and she schemed to trick me into a dungeon and lock me up for the rest of my life?’

The more he thought about it, the more he thought that it was quite possible. Now, Song Qingshu was secretly annoyed at himself for being too careless, and he began to hesitate whether to go back the way he came. 

However, Song Qingshu suddenly smelled the fragrance of flowers, and his mind became refreshed. When they came out of the tunnel, he actually found himself in a very delicate small garden, with red plums, green bamboo, green pines and green cypresses. The layout of this garden was very ingenious. There were several pairs of mandarin ducks swimming in the pond, and there were four white cranes beside it.

Song Qingshu never expected to see such a beautiful sight, and secretly smiled in his heart, ‘No matter how majestic Dongfang Bubai is, it seems that she is still a woman at heart.’ 

Passing around a pile of rockeries, he spotted a large flower-bed full of crimson and pink roses, each vying for beauty and elegance.

The purple-clothed messenger had long since taken his leave. Song Qingshu stared at an elegant small hut in the midst of the sea of ​​flowers and smiled, “Miss Dongfang, I heard that the former Master of your cult has returned to wulin, so I came here to help you.”

“Why are you standing so far away? Since you had the guts to break into the main altar of my cult alone, why don’t you have the guts to enter this small hut?” A soft jeer came from the hut, but there was a hint of arrogance in the softness.

“Miss Dongfang is finally willing to speak to me in her original voice.” Song Qingshu was overjoyed and walked forward, “I heard your rough male voice before, although I knew you were a woman, I still couldn’t bear it…”

“Whoosh!” Song Qingshu’s expression changed greatly, and he hurriedly turned over and avoided a deadly needle. Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, as if it had predicted his current position, another silver needle shot forward, aiming to put a big hole in his chest. 

Song Qingshu was lying on the ground at the moment, and he had nowhere to hide, so he had no choice but to roll around like a lazy donkey, dodging the dangerous barrage of needles. 

However, his clothes were now covered with mud. Song Qingshu felt annoyed in his heart, and was about to open his mouth to rebuke her, that’s when the third embroidery needle appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye.

“Humph!” Song Qingshu snorted coldly, closed his eyes, and stood there without dodging.

“Huh?” There was a sound of exclamation from the hut, and another silver needle shot out and suddenly hit the previous embroidery needle. 

Song Qingshu’s face twitched as he looked at the stone where the two embroidery needles were inserted, as if the stone was rotten wood.

“With your martial arts, you could have obviously dodged it! Then why did you stand still?” The curtain at the entrance of the hut lifted, and Dongfang Bubai angrily asked while standing at the door.

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